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Zynga deactivates 500+ employees in major layoff

Online gaming company Zynga is getting rid of 18 per cent of its staff so its remaining employees can have enough resources to stay alive in a mobile device–led world – or so their CEO says.
Jack Clark, 04 Jun 2013

Prosecutor on Private Manning's Wiki-leaks: 'Arrogance meets access'

The court-martial of Private First Class Bradley Manning has begun in Fort Meade, Maryland, where prosecutors have claimed that the rogue soldier's leaks to WikiLeaks amount to "aiding the enemy," a charge that can carry the death penalty.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2013
Great Wall of China

Websites to 'close' for China's 'Internet maintenance day'

Today, 4 June, is the 24th anniversary of what China calls the “counterrevolutionary riot” in Beijing's Tiananmen Square .
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2013
Brad Anderson arrives Bond-style at TechEd in an Aston Martin

Microsoft: Our clouds don't bleed you to death

TechEdThe battle in the data center a few years back was VMware's ESXi hypervisor and its vCenter console versus Microsoft's Hyper-V and cloudy add-ons to its System Center control freak. And now, the battle is moving out into the cloud.
The Beatles' Yellow Submarine

EU-US nets get 100 Gbps Atlantic connection

The European educational network community is feeling pleased with itself, switching on a single 100 Gbps link across the Atlantic.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2013
'Yes Optus' logo

Optus releases pre-paid 4G handset, new wireless plans

Optus' capacity to dish out voice and data services over its fourth-generation network have reached the point at which it will offer a bargain-price 4G handset and newly-generous wireless broadband plans.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2013
HIV testing kit vial

Petascale powerhouse cracks important HIV code

The Blue Waters petascale computer at the University of Illinois' National Centre for Supercomputing Applications is being credited with cracking part of the code of HIV – and possibly helping point the way to new treatments.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2013

Longer, stronger love starts online, finds 19,000-marriage study

A study that asked 19,000 couples how they met and how long satisfied they are with married life has found that those whose first encounters take place online have stronger relationships.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2013

Unemployed? Ugly? Ugh, no thanks, says fitties-only job website

Ugly people have been banned from a new jobs site which only offers positions to applicants who are easy on the eye.
Jasper Hamill, 04 Jun 2013
Brain virus disk

No FTTH under alternative Oz NBN plan, says Oppn. leader

The last possible imitation of sanity has abandoned Australia's National Broadband Network debate, with opposition leader Tony Abbott accused of abandoning his party's “DIY fibre” policy to save Australians from exposure to asbestos.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Jun 2013

Smut-for-Glass app suffers premature ejection

NSFWGoogle has barred the infamous Tits&Glass application from the app store for its “Glass” tech specs.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2013

Haswell Xeons bring brawn to microservers, media servers, more

ComputexThere are a lot of different ways that Intel could have deployed its 22-nanometer wafer-baking process to cook up the "Haswell" variants of the Xeon E3-1200 v3 processors, but the tactic they chose was to bring the low-power benefits inherent in the Haswell design to bear for entry servers, workstations, and the emerging media-processing system market.

Intel's plan for Haswell, Silvermont, Bay Trail: WORLD DOMINATION

Intel says that its upcoming "Silvermont" Atom microarchitecture, coupled with Tuesday's announcement of low-power, dual-core "Haswell" 4th Generation Core processors, will not only vault it into smartphones and tablets – including detachable tablet-keyboard combos it calls "2-in-1s" – but will also invigorate its low-power efforts in laptops, Ultrabooks, and desktops.
Rik Myslewski, 04 Jun 2013

South African cluster kids represent ENTIRE continent at HPC battle

HPC blogThe 2013 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’13) Student Cluster Challenge (SCC) in Leipzig will be a truly global competition, with universities from Europe, China and the United States vying for HPC bragging rights and, yes, glory too.
Dan Olds, 04 Jun 2013

Buy a new flashy sTec storage box, get a Blue Screen of ... Metro

Flash! Bang! Wallop! sTec is going into the flash-chip filer appliance business with a Windows Storage Server 2012 box - pretty much a first for any mainstream solid-state-drive (SSD) vendor - with its s3000 product.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2013

Review: Philips Hue network enabled multicolour lightbulbs

The Philips Hue lightbulbs are the Internet of Things made real: multicoloured light bulbs with network connectivity and cloud control, with only the outrageous price preventing world domination.
Bill Ray, 04 Jun 2013

No one ever got fired for buying enterprise storage, right?

StoragebodThe concept of enterprise storage - kit sold by large companies who charge very high margins for providing hardware and support services - is more or less done.
StorageBod, 04 Jun 2013

Three's mobile data goes titsup in mysterious spreading outage

Many customers of the UK's smallest mobile network, Three, are without data connectivity this morning as an outage which started last night is spreading with no sign of a fix.
Bill Ray, 04 Jun 2013

Ingram Micro wields axe in management rejig

Ingram Micro has parted with Jon Bunyard, the director of its Advanced Solutions Division (ASD) in a management rejig.
Paul Kunert, 04 Jun 2013
HP Slate 7 Android tablet speakers and micro USB interface

Review: HP Slate 7 Android tablet

The other day Vulture Central was visited by HP with a Google chap in tow. We were treated to a couple of HP products: the new Slate 7 Android tablet and the company’s latest Chromebook, which we’d already seen as it happens.
Bob Dormon, 04 Jun 2013

Dell's Compellent beats Isilon with 85 per cent fewer nodes

Dell has beaten a 56-node Isilon system's file-serving benchmark performance with just eight nodes - and flash file access punch.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2013

LOHAN team regroups for second pop at SPEARS

Fans of the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) spaceplane project should mark Saturday 13 July in their diaries, because that's when our elite team will once again assemble in Blighty's Baikonur* for the second test flight of the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) board.
Lester Haines, 04 Jun 2013

Jobs' 'incredibly stupid' prattlings prove ebook price-fix plot, claim Feds

Apple conspired with publishers to increase ebooks prices, costing readers “hundreds of millions of dollars”, an antitrust trial heard yesterday.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Jun 2013

Intel: Haswell is biggest 'generational leap' we have EVER DONE

ComputexAs expected, Intel today took centre stage on the first day of Computex proper to launch its long-awaited lineup of Haswell processors. And Chipzilla heralded the new 2-in-1 form-factor - PCs that can turn into tablets - in which many of these new chips will find themselves.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Jun 2013

Shorteurs rejoice as Vine comes to Android

It's the short film app that has allowed aspiring animators and amateur porn-makers alike to spread their creations across the internet - as long as they own an iPhone.
Jasper Hamill, 04 Jun 2013
Garbage dump (pic from US National archive)

Landfill Android devices set to get 4G, courtesy of Qualcomm

Qualcomm's latest chips will bring 4G LTE to mid-range devices, including Windows RT tablets and medium-priced handsets, as the tech goes mainstream.
Bill Ray, 04 Jun 2013

Cameron eyes 'non legislative options' for more spook snoop powers

Prime Minister David Cameron aims to extend spooks and cops' powers to snoop on Brits' internet activities without bothering to pass any new laws.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Jun 2013

Obama: Just call me Billygoat Gruff the Third, patent trolls

US President Barack Obama is planning to announce a series of executive actions against patent trolls today to stop them from abusing the patent system.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Jun 2013

Phoenix IT group's profits turn to smoking pile of ashes

Managers at the beleaguered Phoenix IT group haven't had much luck in fiscal '13, with personnel changes, accounting woes and the flatlining economy all weighing heavily on them.
Paul Kunert, 04 Jun 2013

Hitchhikers' Guide was WRONG, Earth is not in a galactic backwater

As just about any regular Reg reader knows, the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy states authoritatively that this planet Earth lies "far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy". However, it appears that in this case the Guide is probably wrong.
Lewis Page, 04 Jun 2013
Whiptail logo

Whiptail whips out SME-friendly flash array

Enterprise flash array fettler Whiptail has announced a flash array for the rest of us: the WT-1100, aimed at branch offices and small/medium enterprises.
Chris Mellor, 04 Jun 2013

Michael feels package shrink painfully as Dell freezes salary

Michael Dell may have to hold off on those gold taps for the bathtub in the corporate jet, or set his sights on a slightly less horizon-girdling Texan ranch after seeing his total compensation tumble at the company which bears his name.
Paul Kunert, 04 Jun 2013

Steelie Neelie: Crack down on wicked ISPs so we can Skype

Brussels' vice president Neelie Kroes hopes to stop European ISPs from supposedly being anti-competitive by blocking or throttling rival services.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Jun 2013

Sacked Zynga bods learn their jobs are gone via Facebook

Shares in ailing "social gaming" firm Zynga tumbled 12 per cent on Monday to $2.99, after chief Mark Pincus announced that the company would be laying off more than 500 employees.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Jun 2013

Big Blue blows big green in SoftLayer public cloud gobble

So much for that whole strategy that cloud biz SoftLayer came up with (of building its own cloud controller and basing its server fleet entirely on Super Micro iron): because Big Blue bought SoftLayer today for an undisclosed sum.

Another senior bod leaps overboard from foundering HTC

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is reeling after the departure of another senior executive.
Jasper Hamill, 04 Jun 2013
Toshiba Qosmio X70 gaming laptop

El Reg gets its hands on Haswell fondle-gizmos at posh Tosh bash

PicsIntel Haswell fever today had Toshiba showing off its full range of laptops, some of which featuring the new chips - plus some new tablets to boot.
Bob Dormon, 04 Jun 2013
A typical branch or SMB data closet

Dell crams baby small-biz data center into a tower chassis

It is refreshing to see that someone pays attention in the server racket. It is also annoying that it has taken a top-tier server maker so long to get a true system out the door that is suitable for small and midrange businesses. But Dell may have finally done it with its PowerEdge VRTX.

Mutterings: Lenovo's mystery mobe-market overturn chum is NEC

Market rumours have suggested that Lenovo’s secret joint venture partner for a shiny new smartphone could be NEC.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Jun 2013
There are four sizes of Active Infrastructure stacks

Dell rejigs Active System stacks, wraps up HPC cluster for life sciences

Dell is finally getting around to updating its vStart virtual machine stacks, converting them to Active Infrastructure converged systems while at the same time cooking up a new stack aimed specifically at high performance computing customers.

Oracle and Dell forge worldwide server alliance

Dell and Oracle are teaming up on x86 servers, and Dell is set to develop a new "infrastructure offering" specifically for Oracle's database software.
Jack Clark, 04 Jun 2013

Obama's patent troll proposals: Long on talk, short on walk

CommentThe White House has issued five executive actions and seven legislative recommendations to act against patent trolling. but while the president has done what he can within the limited scope of the executive's powers, it's nowhere near enough and relies on Congress to try and stop the problem.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2013

Facebook's Sean Parker fined $2.5m for tasteless eco-trashing wedding

"Move fast and break things" is the unofficial motto of Facebook engineers, and for original Facebook president Sean Parker that philosophy apparently even applies to centuries-old redwood forests – at least where planning his wedding is concerned.
Neil McAllister, 04 Jun 2013
Salesforce Logo

Salesforce buys into cloud marketing with ExactTarget

Salesforce is a acquiring ExactTarget as the digital CRM company tries to do to marketing what it has done to CRM.
Jack Clark, 04 Jun 2013
Cloudera logo

Cloudera brings Hadoop to the masses with Solr search

Commercial Hadoop supplier Cloudera is adding more methods to extract data stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System by rolling up the Solr search engine and hooking it into its CDH distro.

Compuware teases package for data center performance anxiety

Compuware has developed an app monitoring tech to help admins with performance anxiety spot problems in their infrastructure.
Jack Clark, 04 Jun 2013

Tech aristocracy joins conflab with Secret Rulers of the World

Some of the biggest names in the technology industry are among the guests at the 61st annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group – a secretive talking shop for the top echelons of business and politics or a shadowy cabal seeking to rule the world, depending on whom you believe.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2013
Halo 4

Exclusive Halo game coming to Windows 8 and WinPhone 8

Microsoft is looking to woo gamers over to its latest mobile platforms by releasing a new entry in its popular Halo franchise exclusively for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
Neil McAllister, 04 Jun 2013

Dell bucks PC market tumble with Haswell business systems

PC sales may be tanking around the world, but that hasn't stopped Dell from refreshing its business-class desktop, all-in-one, and laptop lines.
Rik Myslewski, 04 Jun 2013

iPHONES and 'Pads BANNED in US for violating Samsung patent

UpdatedApple is facing an ITC embargo on imports of older iPhone 4 and iPads after Samsung successfully convinced the trade body that Cupertino had infringed on a single one of its patents.
Iain Thomson, 04 Jun 2013

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