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Garbage dump (pic from US National archive)

Optus: Australian telcos are RUBBISH

Optus has fetched out the hair shirt with CEO Kevin Russell taking the role of public penitent, adding in a scathing attack on the entire telco industry for good measure.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Jun 2013

Destination Korea: an emerging market for IT services

South Korea is being touted as the latest outsourcing market for global IT services firms to target, and could even emerge as an offshoring destination in its own right in the future, according to analyst outfit Ovum.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Jun 2013

Netherlands Supremes squash iPad design patent

If even the ordinary man in the street can tell the difference between an Apple iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, then Samsung hasn't infringed on Apple's design rights, according to a court in The Netherlands.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Jun 2013

Steelie Neelie wants roaming charges gone by Easter 2014

Neelie Kroes, the vice-president of the European Commission with responsibility for its “Digital Agenda for Europe” has called for international roaming charges across the Eurozone to end from Easter 2014.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Jun 2013

Ex-Microsoft man plans brand of consumer marijuana 'fine cigars'

An ex-Microsoft executive plans to establish a chain of retail outlets serving premium marijuana across the US, both to get rich and - apparently - to undermine drugs traffickers.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Jun 2013
iconia W3 acer

Acer kicks off Computex with tabs and phabs

Computex 2013Acer got Computex 2013 off to a less-than-spectacular start this morning with the launch of the world’s first “one-handed” Windows 8 tablet, a 5.7in phablet and a new version of its flagship ultrabook.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Jun 2013

Quantum boffins send data ACROSS TIME AND SPACE

Researchers in Israel have pulled a trick that makes quantum physics seem even stranger than an episode of Doctor Who – they've created a pair of photons that was briefly entangled not across space, but across time.
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Jun 2013
Java logo

Oracle to lop off Java's least secure bits to save servers

Oracle has acknowledged Java's recent security problems and outlined three new security initiatives to set things to rights.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Jun 2013
A rude gnome

How Microsoft shattered Gnome's unity with Windows 95

FeatureThere never will be a year when Linux conquers the desktop, because desktop computers are going to merge into tablet-style touch-driven devices and disappear. But desktop Linux was getting close, until Microsoft derailed it a few years back.
Liam Proven, 03 Jun 2013
Being haunted

Easy rip'n'replace storage using cheap kit? Nooooo, wail vendors

Does your storage sales rep have a haunted look yet? If they work for one of the traditional vendors, they should be concerned about their long-term prospects.
StorageBod, 03 Jun 2013

Spamhaus-style DDoS attacks: All the hackers are doing it

Hackers are increasingly turning to DNS reflection to amplify the volume of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
John Leyden, 03 Jun 2013
management procure6

Think your IT department's parochial? Try selling to SMEs

It’s been a few years since I carried a quota, but over the course of my sales career I have signed some pretty substantial and complex deals in the large corporate space. However, it was the time I spent working with IT channel partners selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems into smaller businesses that I had to think the most.
Dale Vile, 03 Jun 2013

My bleak tech reality: You can't trust anyone or anything, anymore

OpinionVirtually everything we work with on a day-to-day basis is built by someone else. Avoiding insanity requires trusting those who designed, developed and manufactured the instruments of our daily existence.
Trevor Pott, 03 Jun 2013

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits

Matt Smith has announced he'll be handing over the keys to the Tardis at the end of this year, leaving Doctor Who fans plenty of time to speculate over just who will step into the Time Lord's shoes.
Lester Haines, 03 Jun 2013

EVE Online OFFLINE: Wannabe Capt Kirks clobbered in cluster-ruck

UpdatedMultiplayer spaceship game EVE Online has taken its systems offline after it was warped out of shape by a debilitating denial-of-service attack.
John Leyden, 03 Jun 2013
Screenshot of Microsoft promotional video touting Office 2013's cloud integration

El Reg drills into Office 365: User and device management

VidOver the last couple of weeks, our sysadmin columnist Trevor Pott has been digging deep in to Office 365, producing a series of hands-on articles and videos. This, the third of four videos, is about the user and device management features you can find in O365.
Trevor Pott, 03 Jun 2013
Photo of the Keon Firefox OS phone from Geeksphone

Firefox OS: Go away fanbois, fandroids - you wouldn't understand

Hands-onThe Western world's smartphone market has devolved into a duopoly of Apple's iOS and Google's Android. In the rest of the world, however, the mobile story has yet to be written... and this is where Mozilla hopes users will embrace its mobile operating system, Firefox OS.
Scott Gilbertson, 03 Jun 2013

Vodafone set to splurge £2.5 MEELLION a DAY building 4G network

Vodafone's network spending will jump by half over the next year as it builds a 4G network to fill up the 20,000km fibre network it acquired last year.
Bill Ray, 03 Jun 2013

Relax, Hollywood, ARM's got your back: New chip 'thwarts' video pirates

ARM today touted the Mali-V500, its new graphics processing unit for gadgets, which apparently can protect 1080p video from pirates.
Bill Ray, 03 Jun 2013

Apple declares WAR on Spotify: iRadio bags streaming rights

Apple is reportedly finalising plans for an internet radio station that will launch the fruity firm into a bitter conflict with streaming music services offered by Spotify, Google and Pandora.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Jun 2013

Asus boasts of Haswell fondleslab threesome to get Acer hot under collar

Computex 2013Asus did its best to upstage local rival Acer on Monday, unveiling a 3-in-1 notebook-desktop-tablet Android-Windows 8 hybrid - plus a 6in “phablet”, and the world’s first Tegra 4-powered fondleslab.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Jun 2013

Apple in Big Apple dock: iPhone goliath starts ebook price-fix trial

Apple goes on trial today as the last man standing against charges of ebook price fixing brought by the US government.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Jun 2013

Graphene QUILT: A good trampoline for elephants in stiletto heels

Fears that the radical wonder material graphene might not actually be strong enough for elephants to stand supported in mid-air on a thin film of it, on one leg, while wearing stiletto heels, have been disproven.
Lewis Page, 03 Jun 2013

Twitter, Facebook are 'a MENACE to society', says Turkey's PM

Turkey's Prime Minister has labelled Twitter and other social networks as "the worst menace to society" following days of unrest in the country.
Team Register, 03 Jun 2013
Haswell Logos

Inside Intel's Haswell: What do 1.4 BEELLION transistors get you?

FeatureIntel’s Haswell processor architecture - formally called the fourth-generation Intel Core architecture, which is what the chip giant prefers we call it - has been in development for at least five years. Here's everything you need to know right now.
Tony Smith, 03 Jun 2013

Amazon faces its third strike in Germany

Amazon is facing its third one-day strike in Germany over pay and benefits, as trade union Verdi gets workers in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld to knock off work from 5am BST.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Jun 2013

Microsoft opens kimono on Server 2012 R2 at steamy Orleans bash

TechEdMicrosoft is hosting its annual TechEd developer and partner conference in a sticky* New Orleans this week, with a coming out party for the refresh of the Windows Server stack due later this year.

Look out, fanbois! EVIL charger will inject FILTH into your iPHONE

Scientists have invented a dangerous new charger capable of infecting iPhones with any malware they choose.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Jun 2013

Snappers binned, mobe-armed hacks drafted at Chicago paper

The Chicago Sun-Times is training its journalists in iPhone camera work to replace its staff photographers, who were all laid off last week.
Bill Ray, 03 Jun 2013

PowerShell daddy on Windows Server 2012 R2: Cloudy cloud cloud

TechEd“We don’t spend much time on our virtualisation competitors any more. We’ve moved beyond that,” said Jeffrey Snover, Windows Server and System Center Lead Architect, at a press preview of Windows Server 2012 R2.
Tim Anderson, 03 Jun 2013

Ecuador: Let's talk about not having Julian Assange on our sofa

Blighty's Foreign Secretary William Hague is considering an invitation to sit down with his Ecuadorian counterpart - and discuss what to do about their little Julian Assange problem.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Jun 2013
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Beijing cluster brawlers warm up for undergrad cluster tussle

HPC blogChina’s biggest export in June, at least measured by FLOP/s, could likely be the two teams they’re sending to the second annual Student Cluster Challenge at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC).
Dan Olds, 03 Jun 2013

Microsoft SQL Server 14 man: 'Nothing stops a Hekaton transaction'

TechEdMicrosoft’s SQL Server 14 will include a new memory optimisation feature code-named Hekaton, with the potential for huge performance gains – provided your data fits in RAM.
Tim Anderson, 03 Jun 2013

Oi, small biz! Attach our Syncro to your storage, says LSI

It sounds a paradox but LSI says its Syncro technology can make direct-attach storage (DAS) shareable - and it's doing just that to provide high availability for Windows Storage Server 2012.
Chris Mellor, 03 Jun 2013

Microsoft buys InRelease for app building toolbox

TechEdNot entirely satisfied with its application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, Microsoft has paid an undisclosed sum to buy software deployment tools from InCycle Software.

Mars Express' 10th birthday celebrated with Martian atlas

Ten years after the Mars Express first launched into the skies from Asian steppes, the European Space Agency has released a full-planet atlas of the distribution of Martian volcanos, mineral fields, and dust dunes.
Iain Thomson, 03 Jun 2013

Google plumps up one-click mobile cloud

Google is tightening the links between its cloud services and the Android mobile OS to help it woo developers into its rentable infrastructure with a new service for deploying mobile apps onto its cloud.
Jack Clark, 03 Jun 2013
Screenshot of Windows 8.1 showing new Start button

Microsoft touts business features of Windows 8.1

TechEdMuch of Microsoft's marketing push for Windows 8 has focused on consumers, but Redmond took time at its annual TechEd conference in New Orleans to explain that its forthcoming Windows 8.1 update will include lots of new enhancements for enterprises, as well.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jun 2013

Google seeks to calm facial recognition furor with app block for Glass

Google has sought to allay privacy fears by saying it won't be allowing any facial recognition applications to run on its Glass computer spectacles for the moment.
Iain Thomson, 03 Jun 2013

Report: IBM protests Amazon $600m CIA cloud contract

IBM has lawyered-up to protest the CIA's alleged plan to spend $600 million with Amazon Web Services over the next decade.
Jack Clark, 03 Jun 2013
Photo of the Keon Firefox OS phone from Geeksphone

Foxconn signs on to build Firefox OS devices for clients

Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn, best known in the West for assembling Apple's iPhones, has announced its support for the Mozilla Foundation's web standards–based Firefox OS.
Neil McAllister, 03 Jun 2013

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