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Cisco predicts massive data networking growth by 2017

There are three sure things in life – death, taxes, and the insatiable hunger of people for more and more bandwidth.
Jack Clark, 30 May 2013
Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S

Apple says 'zai jian' to Foxconn, taps Pegatron for new iPhones

Apple plans to widen its supply chain for its next-generation iPhone to include manufacturers other than just longtime partner Foxconn, sources say.
Neil McAllister, 30 May 2013
Rackgo systems include servers, storage, switching, and batteries

Server racket 'challenging' in Q1, says IDC

It is not a fun time to be peddling servers, but it is probably a great time to be buying them, according to the box-counting wizards at IDC.

Russians draw liquid blood from frozen woolly mammoth

A team of researchers from Russia and South Korea claim to have taken the first sample of liquid blood from an adult woolly mammoth that was frozen in the permafrost of the New Siberian Islands.
Iain Thomson, 30 May 2013

Google whips the sheet off new Gmail interface

You've got mail … and Google+ notifications, Android updates and group buying offers.
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2013

Australia's de-facto net filter has ZERO regulation

UpdatedA couple of weeks back, Australia's Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) made a mistake: by trying to take down a Website promoting an investment scam*, it accidentally blocked 1,200 sites using the same IP address as the scammer.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 May 2013

Watch quantum entanglement – IN REAL TIME

It doesn't actually demonstrate any new properties of entanglement, but it's cool anyhow: a group of Austrian physicists have produced a video showing entanglement in real time.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 May 2013

Microsoft links Skype to Lync

Microsoft has connected its consumer voice over IP tool Skype to its business grade unified communications tool Lync.
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2013

Indonesia to build crack IT-trained military unit to deflect attacks

The world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia, is fed up with getting hacked and wants to build a special military defence force to protect the state against online attacks.
Phil Muncaster, 30 May 2013
Hitler and JC Penney kettle

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup

US retailer JC Penney is doing a brisk trade in a designer kettle after someone noticed it bore a certain resemblance to Adolf Hitler.
Lester Haines, 30 May 2013
Nokia Lumia 720 Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone piques CIO interest says analyst

Windows Phones may not be setting sales charts afire, but CIOs like the look of 'em, according to new research from analyst outfit Frost & Sullivan.
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2013

Kaspersky plans source code reveal to avoid Huawei's fate

Eugene Kaspersky thinks Huawei's products contain “some doors, they are not back doors, but somewhere in-between”, but that overall “there is nothing really wrong with Huawei”. The Russian security supremo is nonetheless taking steps to ensure his company doesn't experience the same less-than-welcoming reception Huawei has found in the US market.
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2013
Nokia house, credit Google Street View

Samsung plans new R&D centre in Finland

Samsung has confirmed that it’s opening an R&D facility in Nokia’s home country of Finland.
Phil Muncaster, 30 May 2013

Fancy some mobile filth? New logo tells you when not to bother

Providers of public Wi-Fi services could soon display a form of trust mark to indicate their networks prevent access to pornographic content, the UK government has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 May 2013
Pure GEn 3 HW

Pure says two of the four tiers of storage are set to disappear

Pure Storage is brutally flogging its FlashArray technology, driving it faster and faster. The pace of development in flash arrays is picking up with EMC and NetApp get involved, and startups have to hustle and bustle to stay ahead.
Chris Mellor, 30 May 2013
H.264 image scaling

Never mind your little brother - happy 10th birthday, H.264

FeatureAs technology advances, video codecs come and go naturally enough. But while H.265 is still waiting in the wings, we should pay tribute to the groundbreaking H.264, which is a decade old this month.
John Watkinson, 30 May 2013

Google on advertising-funded cesspools: We don't like them either

Did you know that Lexus marketing money has wound up in the hands of a bestiality video website? I certainly didn't either, and it's a sure bet that Toyota Motor Company, which owns the Lexus brand, didn't mean that to happen. But it's just one striking example of how multinational companies help fund the web's darker side.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 May 2013

Living with a 41-megapixel 808 PureView: Symbian's heroic last stand

ReviewLast year Nokia released to the world a mobile phone that is still unique. It's a smartphone with a 41-megapixel camera sensor, scooping up more detail than some professional DSLRs: it's the 808 PureView.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 May 2013

PayPal denies stiffing bug-hunting teen on bounty

PayPal has denied that it refused a teenage security researcher a reward for finding a potentially nasty bug on the basis that he was too young. The payments processing firm said that while it had denied the 17-year-old a reward, it was because another researcher had already reported the flaw.
John Leyden, 30 May 2013

Hey, O2 punters: Kiss goodbye to 4 MEELLION* Openzone hotspots

O2 customers will be kicked off BT Openzone, the UK-wide public Wi-Fi network, from 1 July.
Bill Ray, 30 May 2013

Belarus becomes world's top country ... for SPAM

Belarus has eclipsed the US to become the biggest single source of global spam, according to cloud-based email and web security firm AppRiver.
John Leyden, 30 May 2013
Pigeon crapping on statue

Tears, laughter and bankruptcy: How not to go bust

FeatureBankruptcy? You don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Steve Bell, 30 May 2013

CRUNCH: 'Drunk' chap cuffed in high-speed car nookie prang rumpus

An Albuquerque man found himself on the wrong end of a cuffing on Monday after cops claimed he had been engaged in drunken rumpy-pumpy behind the wheel. Local police said he had jumped a red light, ploughed into another vehicle and then attempted to evade justice by hiding in a cactus bush.
Lester Haines, 30 May 2013

Japanese SoftBank's $20bn Sprint gobble clears US security hurdle

American authorities have apparently said Uncle Sam's national security will not be jeopardised by Japanese giant SoftBank's proposed takeover of US telco Sprint - clearing the way for the $20bn acquisition.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 30 May 2013

Ruby on Fails: Zombie SERVER army built thanks to Rails bug

A critical vulnerability in trendy web programming kit Ruby on Rails is being abused to conscript hacked website servers into a growing botnet army.
John Leyden, 30 May 2013
Lotus F1 car with EMC logo

EMC inks deal to take Brit F1 racer Lotus to the clouds

EMC is providing skads of storage to Formula One wannabee winner Lotus for a chance at Grands Prix glory.
Chris Mellor, 30 May 2013

Motorola to kick off comeback with US-made Moto X

Motorola is planning a new American-manufactured smartphone to launch its comeback, chief exec Dennis Woodside has said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 30 May 2013
The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System at its rollout ceremony

UN to call for 'pre-emptive' ban on soulless robot bomber assassins

CommentPicture this dystopian scenario. A robotic jet aeroplane takes off on a bombing mission. But this is not one of the "Predator" or "Reaper" drones in use today above Afghanistan - there's no human pilot in constant control as there is with those, and once the jet is in the air there's no way for human commanders to communicate with it.
Lewis Page, 30 May 2013

The good and the bad in Hyper-V's PowerShell

As the great virtual war between Microsoft, VMware and various also-rans has rumbled on, many column inches have been devoted to Microsoft's Hyper-V Server.
Trevor Pott, 30 May 2013
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Multi-billion pound gov tech contracts could end up in toilet - MPA

A raft of government reforms, including eight major IT projects, are at risk of failure, according to a report from the Major Projects Authority (MPA).
Paul Kunert, 30 May 2013

Drupal hacked, resets passwords after millions of accounts exposed

Hackers are believed to have compromised the accounts of millions of users operating or developing the Drupal open-source content management system (CMS).
Gavin Clarke, 30 May 2013

Enta Technologies consults m'learned friends after HMRC spat

Telford-based distributor Enta Technologies is taking legal advice after Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs incorrectly notified the London Gazette that it had issued a winding-up order against the company.
Paul Kunert, 30 May 2013
Boeing 787 Dreamliner first commercial flight with ANA

Microsoft's UK OEM boss swaps Blighty for Singapore

Microsoft's senior UK OEM director Gary Fowle is transferring to the same role in the firm's Singapore operation.
Paul Kunert, 30 May 2013

China denies hacking claims, says it doesn’t need US tech

The Chinese Defense Ministry has rebutted claims in a US government report that it is systematically stealing American military secrets, and points out that China is producing enough of its own.
Iain Thomson, 30 May 2013

Amazon cloud threatens entire IT ecosystem – report

UpdatedThe moneymen have finally looked up from beneath their golden canopies and noticed, hovering above them, a cloud named Amazon that is putting traditional IT companies in the shade.
Jack Clark, 30 May 2013

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of

After weeks of teasing us with vague promises, Microsoft has at last revealed some concrete details of what will be included in Windows 8.1, the update formerly known as "Blue."
Neil McAllister, 30 May 2013

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth: Microsoft no longer dominates PC biz

Ubuntu headman and part-time astronaut Mark Shuttleworth has declared victory over Microsoft's domination of the PC industry, noting that the competitive landscape today is far different from what it was when Ubuntu launched in 2004.
Neil McAllister, 30 May 2013

ACCC settles backhaul price regulation

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced a new – lower – price for regulated backhaul services sold with Telstra's wholesale ADSL.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 May 2013

Rackspace floats virty router and firewall into its clouds

Moving to clouds should mean breaking free of all kinds of specific hardware devices and running as much software as possible on generic virtual machines – which is why Rackspace Hosting is partnering with Brocade Communications to bring its Vyatta vRouter software to its public and private clouds.

NASA: Trip to Mars would exceed 'fatal cancer' radiation risk

NASA has released the results of radiation measurements taken during the Mars rover Curiosity's trip to the Red Planet, and the data show doses received during a such a trip would exceed the space agency's current career limit for astronauts.
Rik Myslewski, 30 May 2013

Mellanox forges fun-sized 40Gb/sec Ethernet switch

Mellanox Technologies is trying to milk its switch-hitting, hybrid Ethernet-InfiniBand SwitchX-2 chips for every dollar possible, and has just cooked up a baby switch that can run at 40Gb/sec or 56Gb/sec using the Ethernet protocol.

'Extremely sophisticated' Apple settles watery iDevice lawsuit

Apple has reached a settlement with iPhone and iPod touch owners who claimed that Cupertino unfairly denied them warranty coverage when their iDevice's moisture sensor indicated water damage.
Rik Myslewski, 30 May 2013

Heroku publishes API for its platform cloud

Heroku has released the public beta of a platform API to help its developers build apps and services that sit on top of its PaaS, which in turn sits on Amazon Web Services.
Jack Clark, 30 May 2013

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