28th May 2013 Archive

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  • SAP launches mostly-free online courseware

    No mention of cheap beer in software giant's offer to 'go back to university'

    Jobs 28 May 00:05

  • Huawei: 'trust us, we are being transparent'

    Security chief advances charm offensive with 'our stuff is made all over' spiel

    Security 28 May 00:50

  • DSD's 'don't be stupid' mitigation strategies still work

    Journos booted from talk in which senior Oz spook says some agencies 'never compromised'

    Security 28 May 00:57

  • China's 'human flesh search' hunts down teen vandal

    Angry online mob identifies shameful defacer of 3,000 year-old Egyptian relic

    Networks 28 May 03:05

  • Tennis pro serves up pic of bad French Open line call

    Racket-smashing made obsolete by smartphones and Twitter

    Mobile 28 May 04:04

  • Stand by for PURPLE KETCHUP as boffins breed SUPER TOMATOES

    Die Überfrüchte

    Science 28 May 05:02

  • Security boffins say music could trigger mobile malware

    Justin Bieber really evil virus theory just got more credible

    Security 28 May 05:27

  • Big Data is bovine excrement says Obama's Big Data man

    You probably have 'medium data' and are paranoid about privacy, says CTO

    CIO 28 May 05:58

  • Symantec retires low-end security software

    PC Tools' security wares won't make it into post-PC era, but PC-tuners safe

    Security 28 May 06:26

  • Hot new battery technologies need a cooling off period

    IBM boffins want to run your car on air - and lithium

    Hardware 28 May 07:02

  • HP's plunging storage revenues could yet be saved

    Green shoots springing up amidst decline

    Storage 28 May 07:29

  • Dialog Bluetooth chip boasts battery life of four YEARS

    We're definitely killing off IR forever with this

    Hardware 28 May 08:03

  • We gave SQL Server 2012 one year to prove itself: What happened?

    The pros, the cons and the fail in Microsoft's package

    Developer 28 May 08:35

  • You're going on a job hunt: Time to catch a big one?

    Four from the reed.co.uk boards

    Jobs 28 May 08:51

  • Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

    What's that saying about knowing the price of everything?

    Financial News 28 May 09:18

  • Google cyber-knight lances Microsoft for bug-hunter 'hostilities'

    While revealing a Windows 0-day security flaw

    Security 28 May 09:47

  • HP veep scrambles for exit as PC unit burns

    Replaced by EMEA grand fromage

    The Channel 28 May 10:14

  • HP, Dell stack up back-end iron for XenDesktop 7 virty PCs

    Turning tablets and thin clients into PCs without the actual PC

    Virtualization 28 May 11:06

  • Mozilla teams up with Foxconn for Firefox 'fondleslab'

    Taiwanese firm holds hands with open source foundation

    Tablets 28 May 11:32

  • Moss reanimates after 400 years in DEEP FREEZE

    Frozen veg shocker: Boffins revive glacier-bound plants

    Science 28 May 11:56

  • My, my Pi, did it spy ya? Bye, bye Pi, did it go higher?

    Stratospheric raspberry-shaped ARM PC in proto-cam test

    SPB 28 May 12:19

  • Bill Gates: Corporate tax is not a moral issue

    I happily coughed $6bn, but firms shouldn't VOLUNTEER extra cash from shareholders

    Media 28 May 12:46

  • Missed the Hyper V Virtual machine migration training?

    It’s here in recorded format for you

    Servers 28 May 12:59

  • Oi, butterfingers! Drop your mobe in a pint? Hope it's not an iPhone

    Samsung, Apple pocket-strokers swim with the fishes

    Mobile 28 May 13:27

  • Opera debuts Chromium-luvvin' desktop browser Next 15

    Replumbed Norwegian browser beta released

    Developer 28 May 14:04

  • Boffins' brilliant plan: CONCRETE COMPUTERS

    Bricked smartphone for real? Return of the walled garden?

    Science 28 May 14:34

  • Danwood axes 200 after discovering 'accounting weaknesses'

    Troubled print biz lost £8.5m in fiscal '12

    The Channel 28 May 14:35

  • SoftLayer sticks with Super Micro servers, ponders Open Compute

    It's all about the supply chain - THEN the price

    Servers 28 May 14:59

  • May threatens ban on 'hate-inciting' radicals, even if they don't promote violence

    Right, so you'll be wanting even more power then?

    Government 28 May 15:26

  • '$6bn money-laundering website' Liberty Reserve kingpin cuffed in Spain

    Feds seize 'cyber-crooks' favourite' dot-com, lay charges

    Security 28 May 16:04

  • Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor hack: 'It's a relief'

    Says he won't be cooperating with the Feds, though

    Security 28 May 16:13

  • Yahoo! ready! to! fling! $600m! at! Hulu!

    Greedy Purple Palace sets its sights on yet another slurp - report

    Financial News 28 May 16:26

  • Transporter upstart Connected Data could will merge with Drobo

    Barrall, beam me up!

    Storage 28 May 18:24

  • ODMs and DIYs chomp x86 server racket

    Shipments and revenues take a dive in Q1 – thanks a lot, EMEA

    Servers 28 May 18:36

  • PC market facing worst-ever slump in 2013

    IDC: Tablets to outsell everything by 2015

    Business 28 May 19:48

  • Microsoft loads botnet-crushing data into Azure

    C-TIP gives ISPs near-realtime access to MARS data

    Cloud 28 May 20:07

  • How God and übergeek Ron Crane saved 3Com's bacon

    History lesson: Persistent perfectionism trumps marketing every time

    Data Networking 28 May 20:31

  • Oz opposition says to stop hackers first stop refugee boats

    Australian opposition says to stop hackers first stop refugee boats

    Government 28 May 20:44

  • Intel nabs mobile GPS business of moribund ST-Ericsson

    Hemorrhaging slowed but not halted

    Business 28 May 20:55

  • ASIO still secure, says government

    China denies scooping plans for new Oz spook HQ

    Government 28 May 23:04

  • First 'adult' app for Google Glass planned 'within days'

    Mom warned it'll make you go blind

    Hardware 28 May 23:09

  • Fedora 19 lands in beta with updates for devs, cloud

    OpenShift Origin stack now bundled by default

    Operating Systems 28 May 23:15

  • Savvis summons swarm of data centers

    Adds two facilities, expands in eight

    Data Centre 28 May 23:52