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Google releases Glass' roots, warns it may turn specs to bricks

Google has posted what it's describing as “factory system images and the kernel source code for Glass”.
Simon Sharwood, 27 May 2013
The rermote access method

Developer codes VNC-over-GIF tool

However you choose to pronounce GIF, developer Andrey Sidorov has found a great new use for the recently-resurgent-thanks-to-Tumblr file format: displaying a remote device.
Simon Sharwood, 27 May 2013

Forget the word 'cyberwar' says Marcus Ranum

Security veteran and CSO at Tenable Marcus Ranum has made a plea* for the world to stop using the expression “cyberwar”, for the very good reason that there's nearly no way in which it resembles war in the physical world.
A fake tattoo on the leg of Canberra Raiders footballer Sandor Earl, sent by Huawei as an April Fool

Clearwire to pull Huawei from network

US mobile carrier Clearwire is getting ready to draw-down the Huawei kit in its network, in an apparent response to the never-ending story that the vendor is a threat to US national security.
Source: Simply Smile Photography by Georgia Stephenson

CloudEthernet Forum formed to scale networks into virtual age

Nine of the majors in the Ethernet market have joined up to create the CloudEthernet Forum which they say will help the venerable networking protocol adapt to the challenges of large-scale cloud services.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad receives news of the successful 'Omid' launch

Iran fingered for attacks on US power firms

Iranian hackers are launching state-sanctioned attacks on US energy firms and hope to sabotage critical infrastructure by targeting industrial control systems, according to American officials.
Phil Muncaster, 27 May 2013
Pidora Logo

Fedora cooks up new Linux for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi users have another operation system option, after the folks behind Fedora Linux changed their recipe and issued a “remix” of the OS for the tiny computer.
Simon Sharwood, 27 May 2013
Better Place green 'leccy

Better Place electric car outfit goes titsup

Better Place, the battery-powered car company founded by spurned SAP CEO aspirant Shai Agassi, has filed to wind itself up.
Simon Sharwood, 27 May 2013
Lenovo Smartphone S2

Lenovo planning US smartphone push as PC sales stall

Lenovo is set to take aim at the US smartphone market within a year.
Phil Muncaster, 27 May 2013
The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People jaunt back to the airwaves

VIDEO Seminal seventies science fiction show The Tomorrow People is jaunting back to television.
Simon Sharwood, 27 May 2013
The Register breaking news

WikiLeaks party flirts with Oz law by taking Bitcoin gifts

Any hope Australian 'net libertarians might harbour that the crypto-currency Bitcoin somehow dodges electoral donation rules is a delusion.
The Register breaking news

'Chinese hack' scoops plan to Oz spook HQ

Australia is in the grip of a hacking scare, with its national broadcaster airing claims that Chinese attackers obtained copies of the plans for its new spooks' headquarters.