27th May 2013 Archive

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  • Google releases Glass' roots, warns it may turn specs to bricks

    Tech specs also rumoured to gain Samsung OLED screens

    Hardware 27 May 00:34

  • Developer codes VNC-over-GIF tool

    Remote access gets animated for the Tumblr generation

    Software 27 May 03:12

  • Forget the word 'cyberwar' says Marcus Ranum

    If nobody can win, it's not a war

    Security 27 May 03:20

  • Clearwire to pull Huawei from network

    Chinese vendor caught in takeover crossfire

    Security 27 May 04:03

  • CloudEthernet Forum formed to scale networks into virtual age

    All the kids in the Metro Ethernet Forum want to be members of the new club

    Data Networking 27 May 04:28

  • Iran fingered for attacks on US power firms

    Increased levels of online activity have US spooks alert, just a little alarmed

    Security 27 May 05:29

  • Fedora cooks up new Linux for Raspberry Pi

    Pidora 18 'remix' can reveal a Pi's IP address by flashing LEDs

    Operating Systems 27 May 06:02

  • Better Place electric car outfit goes titsup

    SAP-inspired venture in terminal condition after failing to excite motorists or bankers

    Financial News 27 May 06:29

  • Lenovo planning US smartphone push as PC sales stall

    Winning over the Yanks will take some doing for Chinese giant

    Business 27 May 07:02

  • The Tomorrow People jaunt back to the airwaves

    Seminal British kiddie Sci-Fi earns a sexed-up US reboot

    Media 27 May 07:58

  • WikiLeaks party flirts with Oz law by taking Bitcoin gifts

    Secret political donations not allowed in Oz, no matter what 'currency' you use

    Law 27 May 21:03

  • 'Chinese hack' scoops plan to Oz spook HQ

    Designer of new building breached before building completed

    Security 27 May 22:34