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Photo of the first-generation Meta augmented reality glasses

Startup hires 'cyborg' Mann for Google Glass–killer project

Watch out, Sergey! A new startup is hard at work on a device that's far more ambitious than Google Glass, and it has just signed on wearable-computing maven Steve Mann as its chief scientist.
Neil McAllister, 22 May 2013

COLD FUSION is BACK with 'anomalous heat' claim

Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi has surfaced again to restate his claim that his E-Cat low energy nuclear reaction kit puts out more energy than goes in. And so it is that the “cold fusion” debate will be re-ignited – this time with new voices in Rossi's corner.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 May 2013

James Bond inspires US bill to require smart guns for all

American gun manufacturers will have to fit smart technology to their products if a new bill from US Representative John Tierney (D-MA) comes into force.
Iain Thomson, 22 May 2013
Opera Logo cropped

Opera rewrite comes to Android

Norway's gift to the world of technology, the Opera browser, is now available for Android in an entirely new version.
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2013
Angry Birds as code

Dev writes comments as limericks and other coding secrets

An anonymous developer has admitted to writing comments in code as limericks.
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2013

Anonymous threat shutters Gitmo WiFi

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, the enclave of Cuban territory leased by the US government, has switched off its WiFi service and cut access to social networks for fear of attack by Anonymous.
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2013
tiny antenna in 240 GHz range

Stand aside, Wi-Fi - these boffins are doing 40Gbps over the air

It won't make fibre-optic networking obsolete anytime soon, but it's still an impressive achievement: German researchers have demonstrated a one-kilometre point-to-point wireless transmission at 40Gbps.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 May 2013

Embedded systems vendors careless says Metasploit author

AusCERT 2013One of the reasons we can't have nice things like a secure Internet is that vendors of consumer kit can't be bothered.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 May 2013

Aurora attack tried to pinch secret list of Chinese spies

The Chinese hackers involved in the Operation Aurora attacks revealed by Google in 2010 may have accessed top secret information on US surveillance targets in the country including suspected foreign spies and terrorists, it has emerged.
Phil Muncaster, 22 May 2013

Garden fertilised by Twitter output wins Gold at Chelsea

A garden conceived by an alliance of psychologists, architects and professors of "social computing" - and enabled by the wondrous power of Twitter - has won a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.
Lewis Page, 22 May 2013

WW II U-boat attacks prompt new US response

May 1943 is held by many to have been the turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic.
Simon Sharwood, 22 May 2013
Doraemon interactive trending map big data

Japan uses big data to map cultural climate change

Big data boffins at Tokyo University have found a novel way to help Japan’s faltering economy: by producing an interactive trending map for manga, gaming and other content producers to see where in Asia their products are most popular.
Phil Muncaster, 22 May 2013
Photo of HTC First with Facebook Home

HTC woes prompts 'leave now' tweet from former staffer

Life just got even harder for struggling Taiwanese mobe-maker HTC, with chief product officer Kouji Kodera walking out the door and another former staffer posting nasties to Twitter.
Phil Muncaster, 22 May 2013

Facebook teens' kimonos - basically never closed

Teenaged kids are handing out more private information on social media than ever before, with little thought for the consequences, a not-so-surprising survey has found.
Jasper Hamill, 22 May 2013

Camby cash crypto-coders Cronto chomped on pronto by Vasco

Swiss software firm Vasco has bought Cambridge-based banking security specialist Cronto in a deal valued at up to £14.5m.
John Leyden, 22 May 2013

The bunker at the end of the world - in Essex

Geek's Guide to BritainKelvedon Hatch is a superb example of absurdist geek life. Not only is the site technically very impressive, it is also completely useless and frequently prompts the question “what on earth were they thinking?”... A tour reinforces this view as the experience now is as enjoyably peculiar as the history behind the place.
Ed Moore, 22 May 2013
Horses in a field

EU boffins in plan for 'more nutritious' horsemeat ice cream

Brussels-funded boffins say they have hit upon a brilliant method of creating "enriched" ice-cream, fortified with "disused" animal products which are normally thrown away by the meat industry as being unfit for human consumption.
Lewis Page, 22 May 2013

Smartwatch face off: Pebble, MetaWatch and new hi-tech timepieces

Product Round-upIf the rumours are to be believed, Apple and Microsoft are both developing "smartwatches" - wrist-worn gadgets that do rather more than simply display the time.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2013
data centre

New Big Blue UK, Ireland exec to give kiss o' life to server sales

It's all change in the upper echelons of IBM's UK and Ireland Systems Technology Group: its vice-president Shaun Coulson has handed control of the unit to Tosca Colangeli amid channel talk of collapsing server sales.
Paul Kunert, 22 May 2013
Acetrax on Samsung smart TV

If you've bought DRM'd film files from Acetrax, here's the bad news

Sky will next month shut down Acetrax, a website that streams movies and offers downloads of DRM-encrypted films to paying punters.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2013

Blue Coat gobbles CCTV-for-network-traffic maker Solera

Web security outfit Blue Coat Systems is buying Big Data security, intelligence and analytics firm Solera Networks.
John Leyden, 22 May 2013
tumbling dice

Stand back, everyone! Dragons' Den ace HAS FOUND THE CLOUD

The wait is almost over for any Brit wanting to take a punt on a homegrown cloud services firm: the UK-based Outsourcery is poised to list on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)* this Friday.
Paul Kunert, 22 May 2013

Slim Shady wannabe Zuck's Facebook 'STOLE' MY SONG - Eminem

Rapper Eminem's song publisher Eight Mile Style is accusing Facebook and its ad agency of (slim) shady dealings with one of his songs.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 May 2013

Yahoo 'won't screw Tumblr'? Then Tumblr will screw its balance sheet

CommentFamously, Yahoo! has promised during its $1.1bn buy of hipster blog site Tumblr not to "screw it up".
Gavin Clarke, 22 May 2013

Ed Miliband brands Google's UK tax avoidance 'WRONG'

Big TentEd Miliband launched a caustic attack on Google today, saying: "When Google goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid paying its taxes, I say it’s wrong."
Kelly Fiveash, 22 May 2013

NetApp: We laid off 100s, profits dived - and it's all YOUR fault

AnalysisStorage giant NetApp has reported unremarkable revenue growth and falling profit for its 2013 financial year. It signals that NetApp is now a mature company and not a high-growth stock.
Chris Mellor, 22 May 2013

BMW offers in-car streaming music for cross-Europe road trips

BMW is to offer access to Brit streaming music service Rara in its new Series 5 motors. Is this the beginning of the end for broadcast radio?
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2013

Bunging servers in disk arrays achieves nothing. There, I said it

Blocks and FilesA while ago in-array compute was going to be a big thing, with apps running inside VMAX and VNX arrays using spare controller engines and getting rid of network-lagged data access latency.
Chris Mellor, 22 May 2013
We don't know if Marissa made this herself

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know

The internet - and especially the recently-sold content sausage machine Tumblr, epicentre of the animated gif rebirth - is reeling today at the news that when referring to image files formatted as .gifs one should pronounce it "jif".
Lewis Page, 22 May 2013
Cloudscaling logo

Juniper, Seagate stuff cash down Cloudscaling's OpenStack trousers

The founders at Cloudscaling - one of the myriad companies trying to become the "Linux of the cloud" by enhancing and commercializingthe OpenStack cloud control freak - have just landed a second wad of cash from investors.

Eric Schmidt: 'Google IS a capitalist country... er, company'

Big TentGoogle is just conforming to the way the global tax system works, the company's executive chairman Eric Schmidt said today as he rejected the criticism levelled at the ad giant by Labour leader Ed Miliband.
Kelly Fiveash, 22 May 2013

Watch out, chaps, it's another storage sync 'n' share produ-ARRRGH

Object-storage flogger HDS has upgraded its object storage platform to provide firewall-guarded file sync 'n' share access to BYOD users.
Chris Mellor, 22 May 2013
Parliament in the clouds

Skyscape bags biggest deal on G-Cloud EVER

Skyscape Cloud Services has fired the first shot into the hearts of large tech integrators that have grown fat off the public sector purse after signing £3m two-year Platform-as-a-Service contract worth £1.5m a year.
Paul Kunert, 22 May 2013

Sony's board debates breaking up with Spider-Man

Sony has said that it will consider a proposal from activist investor Daniel Loeb that the group should sell off parts of its music and movies business, which includes popular franchises Spider-Man and Resident Evil and the weepy ballads of Brit crooner Adele.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 22 May 2013

Citrix halfway to Avalon with XenDesktop 7 desktop and app virtualizer

Citrix Systems is just as eager to cloudify its installed base of customers as is VMware. And so it has taken one step closer to accomplishing that goal with the launch of XenDesktop 7 at its Synergy customer and partner event in Anaheim.

Speaking in Tech: Portland hipsters gagging for yesterday's web tool

Team Register, 22 May 2013

Big Brother security tech gets $20m

Skyhigh Networks has trousered $20m from VC firms keen on the security company's tech for snooping on corporate networks and locking down banned apps.
Jack Clark, 22 May 2013

Press exposure of Federal data security hole leads to legal threats

An investigation into a security slip that left the identity information for over 170,000 users of a US federal government program publicly available online has led to accusations of hacking and legal threats.
Iain Thomson, 22 May 2013

More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Windows 7

For all Microsoft's hype about The Interface Formerly Known As Metro (TIFKAM), more than half of all Windows 8 users ignore the new Start Screen and treat the OS as if it were Windows 7, according to a study by PC management firm Soluto.
Neil McAllister, 22 May 2013

Ethernet daddy: online education poised to transform the world

Ethernet SummitDuring an interview at the Ethernet Innovation Summit in Mountain View, California, Ethernet inventor Robert Metcalfe was asked what surprises were on the horizon due to the ever more pervasive advance of the internet.
Rik Myslewski, 22 May 2013

Microsoft tweaks WinPhone YouTube app to fix Google gripes

Microsoft has issued an update to its YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 that addresses some of Google's concerns over the earlier version, but not all of them.
Neil McAllister, 22 May 2013

IiNet offloads fibre network to NBN Co

In a bit of a game of pass-the-parcel, the fibre-to-the-home network assets that iiNet bought when it acquired TransACT Communications last year has been passed on to NBN Co for a minimum of $AU9 million.
Richard Chirgwin, 22 May 2013

Twitter locks down logins by adding two-factor authentication

Twitter has joined the growing number of companies offering two-factor authentication to prevent logins being stolen – a fate several high-profile users of its service have suffered recently.
Iain Thomson, 22 May 2013

Microsoft floats Azure cloud into China

Microsoft is bringing its Azure cloud to China, although the management of the data center will be done by a local firm.
Jack Clark, 22 May 2013

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