19th May 2013 Archive

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  • I know identity of Bitcoin's SECRET mastermind, says Ted Nelson

    Coiner of 'hypertext' claims to identify the links

    Policy 19 05:31

  • Bureau of Stats releases educational SimClone game

    Hey kids! Why bother with Minecraft when you could play an evidence-based policy sim?

    Government 19 19:04

  • IBM gives a cloudy outlook for COBOL

    Zombie language gets XML, Java support

    Developer 19 21:57

  • Four Anons cuffed in Italy

    Postal Police go postal

    Security 19 23:08

  • EMC vuln gives mere sysadmins the power of storage admins

    Time to patch VNX and Celerra software before non-experts do something silly

    Storage 19 23:45