9th May 2013 Archive

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  • Price cuts, OpenStack transition make Rackspace miss in Q1

    Revenues and profits up, but Wall Street will freak out

    Cloud 09 May 00:05

  • San Francisco caves over mobile radiation warnings

    Controversial carcinogen labeling dropped

    Mobile 09 May 01:12

  • Ubuntu dev proposes new package format for mobile apps

    Faster, less clunky than old-school Linux installers

    Developer 09 May 01:13

  • Domain registrar attacked, customer passwords reset

    Name.com scrambles after data leak

    Security 09 May 01:25

  • How smart does your desk phone need to be?

    IP phones promised the world, did you ever do more than dial?

    Networks 09 May 02:47

  • Standard Model goes PEAR-SHAPED in CERN experiment

    Exotic nuclei point shed light on a mystery of existence

    Science 09 May 02:51

  • Chinese outsourcer sets up at Uni of Wollongong

    Pactera looking for on-campus hires

    Business 09 May 02:56

  • TARDIS materialises in Sydney

    Whovians rather less excitable than Apple fanbois as Who merch store opens

    Bootnotes 09 May 03:03

  • Thai PM's site defaced with smutty abuse

    Shinawatra accused of being worst PM EVER!

    Government 09 May 03:46

  • 'No discernible increase in piracy' from DRM-free e-books

    SciFi imprint Tor UK's verdict on a year without copy restrictions

    Media 09 May 04:24

  • Yes! It's the NFC phone-bonk doorbell app AT LAST

    Knock? Use your phone to call? NO, SCAN the TAG damn you

    Mobile 09 May 05:03

  • Malaysian election sparks web blocking/DDoS claims

    Rights groups, security firms, opposition leaders cry foul

    Government 09 May 05:26

  • New Zealand to bar software patents, again

    New legislation closes loophole, makes it plain Kiwis won't patent code

    Policy 09 May 05:32

  • German court: 'Nein' to Apple 'global consent' on fanbois' privacy

    Keine Weltexposition von Privatendaten, chum

    Cloud 09 May 06:03

  • New 'BLOCKBUSTER' APPLE iTHING imminent - billionaire Einhorn

    Cupertino unicorn farm will reward me, says Mr Unicorn

    Financial News 09 May 06:34

  • M&S shoppers make quarter of a million NFC payments a WEEK

    It's not just ANY bonking, it's posh, food-centric bonking

    Mobile 09 May 07:05

  • Symantec: We 'stubbed our toe' on Backup Exec, but we'll be fine

    New CEO plans to dish out dividends to keep shareholders smiling

    Storage 09 May 07:35

  • Think enterprise software is complex? Check out the licences

    It's simple economics - and you're the simpleton

    Cloud 09 May 08:04

  • Snoopers' charter rests in shallow grave - likely to rise again

    The zombie eyes have it

    Government 09 May 08:34

  • Retro-tech fan seeks cash for Commodore 64 clones

    Project Bread Bin to recreate classic box with modern twist

    Vintage 09 May 09:04

  • Syrian net access falls down some stairs, doing OK now

    Assad regime blames cable fire. No one believes them

    Networks 09 May 09:28

  • Over ONE-THIRD of PCs will have SSDs in 2017 - analyst

    Hang on, will people still be buying computers then?

    Storage 09 May 10:04

  • Boffins' invisible magnetic ring pieces: Next-gen mobe emitters

    Wire aerials? Pah. You need a nanoscale 3D vortex

    Science 09 May 10:18

  • Office Software Checkpoint

    Reg readers speak out on changing requirements

    Cloud 09 May 10:31

  • Microsoft 'poised' to SPAFF A BEELLION on e-book also-ran Nook

    Mobile OS? Check. App store? Check. Books? Oops, not yet

    Cloud 09 May 10:44

  • Sugar daddy beds nurses, plod, firemen software biz with fat wad

    IT channel giant Civica snapped up for £390m

    The Channel 09 May 10:59

  • Brit adventurer all set to assault ex-Reg haunt Rockall

    Plans 60 days atop sacred North Atlantic islet - for charity

    SPB 09 May 11:19

  • Microsoft plasters IE8 hole abused in nuke lab PC meltdown

    Security stopgap follows shock US boffinry attack

    Security 09 May 11:38

  • Office 365 supremo seizes control of Microsoft's purse strings

    Redmond's first female CFO credited with services cash shift

    Cloud 09 May 11:59

  • Creative Suite cloud lurch crushes beret-wearers' cost-slash bid

    No more skipping a generation of Photoshop, cheapskates

    The Channel 09 May 12:27

  • Nokia's debuts new 'Fastlane' UI in $99 flagship Asha 501

    Hopes to prop up ailing low-end biz, fend off Landfill Android™ avalanche

    Phones 09 May 13:04

  • IT'S ALIVE: Groupon stock up, spreadsheets still soaked in red

    Sales better than expected at web deals bazaar

    Financial News 09 May 13:35

  • NEW ITV Player app IS HERE ... for Samsung fandroids only. Ha ha

    Everyone else stuck with working version

    Media 09 May 13:56

  • Brit unis get £7.5m of taxpayers' cash for cybersecurity PhDs

    22 scholarships at Oxford and Royal Holloway up for grabs

    Security 09 May 14:32

  • Apple's head bean counter boasts WORLD'S BIGGEST PACKAGE

    Oppenheimer merrily trousers TENS OF MEELLLLIONS

    Business 09 May 15:04

  • Alleged SpyEye big fish hauled in for US trial

    Suspected banking botmaster extradited from Thailand

    Security 09 May 15:29

  • IT spending squeeze? Are you joking, cackles cash-flush CommVault

    Four years of growth at storage biz? Sure, whatever

    Storage 09 May 15:57

  • Why are scribes crying just 'cos Google copied their books? asks judge

    'A lot of authors would say: Hey, that's great for me!'

    Media 09 May 17:03

  • Seagate CTO hangs up his hard disks

    Gorn fishin'

    Storage 09 May 18:04

  • Bolshy investors launch yet another assault on Emulex board

    Ethernet switch-maker now fending off blows from TWO pissed off hedge funds

    Storage 09 May 19:08

  • 40,000 Chinese workers say low-cost iPhone coming soon

    Massive hiring push by iPhone builder fuels speculation

    Phones 09 May 19:20

  • Tesla earns first profit, Model S wins '99% perfect' rating

    Wall Street brokers left facing financial hole

    Financial News 09 May 19:24

  • MadeiraCloud trousers $1.5 million to explain AWS to bosses

    There's money in ignorance

    Cloud 09 May 19:38

  • Melbourne IT admits hack, says 'twas but a flesh wound

    Report says Oz outfit hacked to harm Twitter's DNS

    Security 09 May 19:55

  • Ban Samsung sales in the US? Sorry, Apple: Tech titans say 'No'

    All except Nokia, that is

    Law 09 May 19:58

  • Fallen flash flogger sTec says direct sales will save its bacon

    Two years of plummeting revenue and a dim light at end of tunnel

    Storage 09 May 20:03

  • Israeli activists tell Hawking to yank his Intel chips over Palestine

    Spokeswoman calls professor a hypocrite over his chip choice

    Policy 09 May 20:50

  • Nutanix getting traction with server-storage hybrids

    The Global 2000 comes a-knockin' – and maybe an IT giant with gobs o' cash

    Servers 09 May 21:34

  • Amazon readying smartphone with 3D DISPLAY – report

    Futuristic mobe part of broader push into consumer tech

    Phones 09 May 21:37

  • Annular solar eclipse LIVE!

    The sun is a mass of incandescent gas and the moon's in the way

    Science 09 May 21:50

  • Google's cloud dumps custom Linux, switches to Debian

    Debian 7.0 wheezes in as GCEL hobbles out

    Cloud 09 May 22:24

  • 'Raining Blooderator' pays tribute to late Slayer guitarist

    Hanneman honored with site-splattering bloody web app

    Bootnotes 09 May 22:43

  • 3D printed gun plans pulled after US State Department objects

    Predictable political panic ignores reality

    Policy 09 May 23:08

  • Nvidia sales and profits rise despite PC slump

    Gamers, high-end notebooks, and supercomputers fill the gaps

    Financial News 09 May 23:47

  • YouTube launches subscriptions with 53 paid channels

    Themed content starting at 99¢ per month

    Media 09 May 23:53