8th May 2013 Archive

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  • Deep inside Intel's new ARM killer: Silvermont

    Chipzilla's Atom grows up, speeds up, powers down

    Hardware 08 May 00:07

  • Nokia shareholder tells CEO Elop he's going to hell

    If you're in a hole, stop digging

    Business 08 May 00:09

  • Isilon OneFS snorts dedupe magic

    Mavericks successor embraces OpenStack

    Storage 08 May 00:10

  • On inertia, garages and the future of ERP

    Disrupting yourself is vastly preferable to having the industry disrupt you

    CIO 08 May 00:30

  • YouTube Trends Map pokes tacky underbelly of American psyche

    'What do women want?' Not what men do, apparently

    Media 08 May 00:45

  • Self-assembling robot inches towards WORLD DOMINATION

    Not a Von Neumann machine but still a genuinely creepy 'bot

    Science 08 May 01:05

  • Net darkness in Syria

    Traffic drops to zero reports Google, Umbrella Security

    Networks 08 May 01:34

  • Windows Blue preview to land at end of June

    Redmond also plans Android access to Office WebApps

    Operating Systems 08 May 02:03

  • FTTN cabinet survives Kiwi car crash

    Malcolm Turnbull's FTTN NBN plan now proven to be physically robust

    Broadband 08 May 02:53

  • Get your very own open source nematode

    Think I'll go and eat OpenWorms, served at GitHub

    Science 08 May 02:55

  • India introduces Central Monitoring System

    Phone calls, texts, emails and even social media all now snoopable

    Policy 08 May 04:04

  • Huge erections - or lots of small ones. Checkmate, mast NIMBYs

    UK gov mulls bigger mobe towers to boost Blighty's signals

    Mobile 08 May 05:04

  • Oz chap blows his own Google Glass

    'FLASS' uses Android, Bluetooth, tiny screen pinched from video goggles

    Hardware 08 May 05:26

  • Seagate: Who us... no flash cred? Check out our PCIe card, suckers

    Joins flash mob in earnest, pushes out SATA and SAS SSDs too

    Storage 08 May 06:03

  • BitTorrent goes straight (to email hell) with 'Bundles'

    New format marries web apps with torrents

    Software 08 May 06:24

  • Wireless goliath bankrolls wireless-free super-hackfest in Blighty

    Telefonica switches to wired LAN for Campus Party London

    Developer 08 May 07:02

  • Secret UN 'ZOD' climate deliberations: UK battles to suppress details

    Lone engineer battles climate science Omertà

    Science 08 May 07:28

  • Good news: Debian 7 is rock solid. Bad news: It's called Wheezy

    If you want to be 20 miles from the bleeding edge, come on in

    Operating Systems 08 May 08:03

  • Coke? Windows 8 is Microsoft's 'Vista moment'. Again

    PCs built for people not designed by data

    Applications 08 May 08:31

  • Review: Crucial M500 960GB SSD

    A consumer-friendly drive with class-leading tech, capacity

    Hardware 08 May 08:58

  • Acronis co-founder slips into driving seat after CEO picks up P45

    Founding exec Beloussov: 'I'm excited to be back'

    Storage 08 May 09:34

  • Attention large Linux workloads

    You may be running on the wrong platform

    Data Centre 08 May 09:39

  • Colombian plods cuff jailbreaker despite on-the-run gender bend

    Hefty Bulgarian airbags fail to distract Barranquilla fuzz

    Bootnotes 08 May 09:57

  • Ex-Murdoch man given new CEO seat at Virgin Media

    Liberty Global appoints Tom Mockridge

    Media 08 May 10:24

  • Has any employer ever delivered the training it promised?

    Personal Development for Dummies? You tell us...

    Jobs 08 May 10:36

  • The Metro experiment is dead: Time to unleash Windows Phone+

    How Microsoft can capture the mobile market - properly

    Applications 08 May 11:04

  • Speaking in Tech: 'You can't NOT look like a douche wearing Google Glass'

    It's an '80s brick mobe now, but one day it'll be like the iPhone

    Hardware 08 May 11:17

  • Queen's Speech: 'Problem of matching IP addresses' to be probed

    Theresa May's proposed Snooper's Charter absent from law-making programme

    Government 08 May 11:38

  • Review: BlackBerry Q10

    Not cheap, but a most excellent Communicator

    Phones 08 May 11:57

  • TalkTalk's tiny package most certainly not 'best value', tuts watchdog

    Oh, put it away

    Broadband 08 May 12:24

  • Larry Ellison forks out over $200m to slurp up sexy Malibu strip

    Neighbours not wanted at coveted 'Billionaire's Beach'

    Financial News 08 May 12:45

  • Teradata boosts DRAM on appliances for in-memory queries

    You don't need no stinkin' HANA or Exalytics

    Data Centre 08 May 13:00

  • Don't use Google+? Tough, Google Glass will inject it INTO YOUR EYES

    And - shock - it phones home to the cuddly ad giant

    Hardware 08 May 13:12

  • Symantec CEO: I'll AXE up to 4 in 10 execs by July

    How the cookie crumbles when profit tumbles 66%

    The Channel 08 May 13:37

  • INSATIABLE black hole in Milky Way's heart crams hot gas into cavity

    Restaurant at the end of the universe...

    Science 08 May 14:19

  • NuoDB gets .NET plugin

    NewSQL pirates hijack SQL on Azure

    Cloud 08 May 14:57

  • Gov tech buyers told to buy from CloudStore first

    Um, good luck with that ...

    The Channel 08 May 15:24

  • Deep, deep dive: Hyper-V

    Yes! It's live free training on Hyper-V 3.0

    Virtualization 08 May 15:27

  • HP knew Autonomy was a duff buy, claim HP shareholders in $1bn suit

    Apotheker ignored accounting irregularities and outdated tech

    Financial News 08 May 16:05

  • Spotify spews 'unencrypted' FREE MP3s all over creation

    Chrome tool could ransack music vault, says coder

    Media 08 May 16:18

  • Fusion-io founders flee, ex-HP hotshot takes the wheel

    Shane Robison becomes CEO of Woz flash firm

    Storage 08 May 16:48

  • Facebook crashes into networking with open switch

    Puckering ensues at Cisco, Juniper, Brocade

    Data Networking 08 May 17:31

  • Groupon's retail chief heads for the door... after just 1 year

    Office supplies... mmm. We hear there's money in that

    Media 08 May 18:03

  • Microsoft: Subscription-only apps? Not for us, yet

    Give it a decade or so, then we'll talk

    Applications 08 May 18:58

  • John McAfee talks of sex, drugs, and bad coding

    Disavows software that bears his name

    Bootnotes 08 May 20:03

  • Does a cloud have to be public, or can it be private?

    Enterprises and Rackspace Hosting disagree with Amazon

    Cloud 08 May 20:15

  • Amazon cloud floats into Microsoft data centers

    AWS condenses inside System Center management software

    Cloud 08 May 21:37

  • Stealthy, malware-spewing server attack not limited to Apache

    Lighttpd, Nginx variants also discovered

    Security 08 May 22:03

  • 'Ring of fire' eclipse to burn Australia

    Tune in from 22:00 GMT May 9th for the non-Johnny-Cash-related cosmic action

    Science 08 May 23:30