6th May 2013 Archive

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  • Debian 7 debuts

    Wheezy wheels out with extra cloud power

    Operating Systems 06 00:03

  • Flat mobe battery? Just light a fire

    Hiker hacker's maker charger is a gas, gas, gas

    Phones 06 01:51

  • Next Tidbinbilla deep space antenna ready for hoist

    Don't drop the dish ...

    Science 06 04:40

  • China's internet security giant Qihoo planning global domination

    Founder Zhou shares his own Chinese dream

    Software 06 05:32

  • BMC on the private equity block

    $US6.5bn sale expected this week

    Financial News 06 06:19

  • Acer reveals 'floating' screen to save desktop, self

    Is it an all-in-one? Is it a notebook? Is it a tablet?

    Hardware 06 07:04

  • Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

    Facing the future of the franchise with eyes firmly on the past

    Hardware 06 08:00

  • We've done it - we've gone and made LONG-LIFE BEER

    Boffins breed 'defective' enzyme to extend tipple's shelf life

    Science 06 10:03

  • Juniper betas Contrail control freak for software-defined nets

    Getting into the encrowdening field earlier than expected

    Data Networking 06 11:03

  • Platform clouds: The hot battle for developers' hearts and minds

    Open for business

    Cloud Infrastructure 06 11:26

  • Report: Icahn spoiling for a proxy fight with Dell over buyout deal

    Enlisting Southeastern Asset Management as ally against Big Mike

    Business 06 15:49

  • EMC throws ViPR into software-defined party

    Software-defined storage snake slithers into service providers

    Storage 06 18:03

  • Next Xbox won't need always-on internet after all

    Leaked memo suggests Microsoft feels gamers' pain

    Games 06 18:38

  • YouTube channels at $1.99 per month could launch this week

    50 channels tapped for content-for-pay trial

    Media 06 19:27

  • Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

    Demos hardware magic wand and Project Napoleon

    Cloud 06 19:55

  • Dell snaps up Enstratius for cloud wrangling

    Big Mike is getting agnostic about heavenly infrastructure

    Cloud Infrastructure 06 21:18

  • EC: Motorola abused its patents in Apple iPhone spat

    Injunctions violated EU antitrust rules

    Policy 06 21:38

  • US Navy builds master control for military drone ops

    It's about support costs, not Skynet

    Networks 06 22:10

  • Google hit by building automation security FAIL

    Choc Factory's Oz HQ hacked by researchers

    Security 06 22:57

  • VTOL hybrid flying car promises the skies

    Will creator Terrafugia soar – or crash and burn?

    Hardware 06 23:57