2nd May 2013 Archive

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  • SAP loses appeal in long-running $345m patent case

    Time to pay the piper

    Business 02 May 00:12

  • Gaming app ENSLAVES punter PCs in Bitcoin mining ring

    Some secret software to go with your deathmatch, sir?

    Security 02 May 00:23

  • New NASA rover lands in frigid alien hell tomorrow

    Welcome to Greenland, GROVER

    Science 02 May 00:40

  • Terabit trial gives Telstra some backbone

    Ericsson demos “fastest ever” long-haul link

    Networks 02 May 00:46

  • Research explodes myth that older programmers are obsolete

    Old dogs can learn new tricks, if they're allowed to

    Developer 02 May 01:04

  • Quantum researchers control qubit with light

    Diamonds are a girl's quantum computer's best friend

    Science 02 May 01:26

  • A10 ships new iron, OS

    Layer 4 connections per-second-per-Watt as a measure of green, anyone?

    Data Networking 02 May 01:42

  • NetApp's Tour de France quest falls flat

    Who wants to be cycling's 'secret sauce' anyway?

    Media 02 May 02:34

  • 'Chinese' attack sucks secrets from US defence contractor

    Comment Crew blamed for three-year attack on QinetiQ

    Security 02 May 04:54

  • Want to know what CIA spooks really think of spy movies and books?

    Tinker, tailor, soldier, critic

    Media 02 May 05:02

  • Java applets run wild inside Notes

    'Full compromise' possible

    Security 02 May 05:16

  • ISPs: Get ready to slurp streams from Murdoch's fat pipe

    How Sky's about to BE the limit for O2 broadband

    Broadband 02 May 06:03

  • EMC offers 'continuous protection' to hot 'n' heavy VMAX users

    Plus: VNX gets software-only RecoverPoint

    Cloud Infrastructure 02 May 06:28

  • Samsung Galaxy chip confusion halts bonking plastered apps

    It's all fun and games until someone changes the spec

    Phones 02 May 07:02

  • IBM considers System X surgery: Will it ruin its sexy HPC figure?

    A full X-ectomomy might, a partial could be OK

    HPC 02 May 07:29

  • Why next iPhone screen could be made of SAPPHIRE - and a steal...

    Reg mining correspondent talks ores and slags

    Science 02 May 07:59

  • Facebook: Yeah, we'll ban chainsaw beheading vids - when journos call us

    Regular stalkbook users? You're out of luck... bitch

    Media 02 May 08:44

  • UK.gov's love affair with ID cards: Curse or farce?

    It was three years ago today...

    Government 02 May 09:10

  • SMART brings out 2.5-in, 2 terabyte block-o-Flash to rival sTec

    You can't smoke enterprise SSD, but get your pipe out

    Storage 02 May 09:38

  • Ofcom probes BT over fibre pricing after repeated gripes from TalkTalk

    Fight, fight: 'Very talented and lovely monopolist' vs 'copper Luddites'

    Broadband 02 May 09:55

  • Weary quid-a-day nosh hack fears colonal mass ejection

    Storm brewing after three days of chickpeas and eggs

    SPB 02 May 10:28

  • Seagate's bottom line smacked as users bin desktops for tablets

    Drive-maker looks to cloud, 5mm slab product for succour

    Storage 02 May 11:04

  • Thousands rally behind teen girl cuffed, expelled in harmless 'explosion'

    Pop bottle top pop blown out of proportion in Florida

    Bootnotes 02 May 11:18

  • BSkyB seeks 100s of Geordies to deal with broadband customer growth

    Why Aye, lad!

    Broadband 02 May 11:47

  • Lehman Brothers sues Intel over a billion dollar deal

    Bankrupt bank claims tech firm breached swap agreement

    Financial News 02 May 12:04

  • Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report

    Will knight of the round tablet pull it off by WWDC?

    Applications 02 May 12:24

  • NASA boffins: Space 'scope JUST missed dead Cold War spy sat

    In space, no one can hear you beep

    Science 02 May 12:44

  • Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

    Paid navigation via opinion of world+dog

    Applications 02 May 13:06

  • FONDLESLAB market DEATH STRUGGLE: Latest rankings in

    Redmond in at No. 5, wobbly Apple clings to top spot

    The Channel 02 May 13:26

  • Enterprise IT buyers' wallets still glued shut, says reseller giant

    Insight in sales misery horror... and it's not alone

    The Channel 02 May 14:05

  • Intel plucks new CEO Brian Krzanich from its own ranks

    Can he somehow wrangle vast Chipzilla back onto track?

    Management 02 May 14:29

  • DreamWorks spends millions on teen YouTube network

    Animation studio looking for online swamp for Shrek

    Media 02 May 15:04

  • Arrow tightens belt yet another notch, vows to shed $75m in costs in 2013

    Sales flat, profits come tumbling down in Q1

    The Channel 02 May 15:26

  • Reg boffins: Help us answer this Big Blue RAID data recovery poser

    It's not just the disks that have failed

    Storage 02 May 15:27

  • Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry go to WAR... in the Pentagon

    DoD poised to add Jobsian and S Korean kit alongside its BlackBerry stash

    Mobile 02 May 15:55

  • Dish boss: We're English-speaking Americans, hire us!

    Ignore those Japanese foreigners, they just get 'personal'

    Networks 02 May 16:59

  • Stackdriver fluffs up cloudy management tool

    It takes one to know one

    Cloud Infrastructure 02 May 17:29

  • Forget choice: 50% of firms will demand you BYOD by 2017

    Are we going to have to rent our own office space next?

    Management 02 May 18:29

  • Dell tweaks Foglight virty management to control freak VDI, storage

    Slaps Foglight brand on VKernel wares, sunsets vOptimizer

    Virtualization 02 May 19:11

  • So long, Hotmail: Remaining users migrated to Outlook.com

    End of an era for one of the first free webmail services

    Networks 02 May 19:39

  • Move over Radeon, GeForce – Intel has a new graphics brand: Iris

    'Select' Haswell chips to have 'amazing' integrated oomph

    Hardware 02 May 20:56

  • Fraudster gets ten years after selling fake 'ionic charge' bomb detectors

    Buyers ignored warnings on cardboard-powered dousing rods

    Law 02 May 21:06

  • Outback geothermal plant goes live

    Innamincka's megawatt pilot plant starts 100 days of testing

    Science 02 May 21:34

  • Smaller, second-gen Surface slabs to arrive in June?

    Microsoft said to be readying 7 to 9 inchers for Build

    Tablets 02 May 22:23

  • Rackspace fluffs .NET cloud support

    'We were here first, Microsoft!'

    Cloud 02 May 22:47