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SkySQL nabs Monty Program to form MariaDB powerhouse

Open source database consultancy SkySQL has announced a merger with Monty Program Ab, the company that develops the MariaDB database, in a move that reunites key members from the original MySQL development and services teams.
Neil McAllister, 26 Apr 2013

Study suggests US companies use overseas workers to cut wages

An extensive study of the US labor market has shown that the skills shortage which technology firms are constantly complaining about is overstated and firms may instead be using overseas workers to drive down wage costs.
Iain Thomson, 26 Apr 2013

Amazon's cloud on track for $2bn in revenue in 2013

AnalysisBezos & Co's cloud looks likely to turn over at least $2bn in 2013 and potentially much more – a fact sure to put the frighteners on traditional IT suppliers scrabbling to come up with their own as-a-service infrastructure products.
Jack Clark, 26 Apr 2013
Disk Drives

NetApp taps Oz cloud lab for federation exploration

NetApp has approached the University of Melbourne's Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory, seeking collaboration around the Labs' research specialties in federated public clouds.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Apr 2013

Apple loses again in Chinese App Store copyright case

Apple has lost another copyright case in China after it was held responsible for content third parties uploaded to the bookish corner of its App Store.
Phil Muncaster, 26 Apr 2013
Google Chromebook Pixel: logo

Avoid nasty plugins with this extension, says Google

Google's ongoing attempts to harry Microsoft by nipping at the heels of the cash cow that is Office have thrown up some new irritants, and a new definition of "additional software".
Simon Sharwood, 26 Apr 2013
Hungry Horace

Reg hack to starve on £1 a day for science

As of next Monday, this hack will live for five days with just £1 a day to spend on food, having rather recklessly signed up for the "Live Below the Line" challenge.
Lester Haines, 26 Apr 2013

Pirate Bay docks in Iceland

The Pirate Bay has found a new home in Iceland.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Apr 2013
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad receives news of the successful 'Omid' launch

Samsung to block mobile app store in Iran as sanctions bite

Samsung is blocking access to its mobile app store in Iran from next month, an action believed to be part of international sanctions over the Islamic republic’s nuclear program.
Phil Muncaster, 26 Apr 2013

Announcement of 'churnalism detector' gets furiously churned

"Churnalism" - it's terrible stuff, isn't it? When so-called journalists pick up a press release or announcement from an organisation and simply reprocess it (perhaps even cutting and pasting chunks or the whole thing verbatim), adding nothing and doing no useful analysis or investigation before placing it in front of their readers.
Lewis Page, 26 Apr 2013

Titsup 2e2's data centre dustup gave UK users the CLOUD FEAR

When 2e2 Group suddenly collapsed earlier this year, owing over £400m to trade creditors and stranding a rake of customers from NHS trusts to the Bank of England, a gigantic question mark instantly formed over the cloud.
Steve Bell, 26 Apr 2013

'Facebook, Twitter, Google: Ad companies masquerading as tech ones'

The boss of Britain's largest advertising company has slammed Google, Facebook and Twitter for being "media owners masquerading as tech companies".
Jasper Hamill, 26 Apr 2013
Mosaic spinning world logo

Mosaic turns 20: Let's fire up the old girl, show her the web today

NCSA Mosaic - marking its 20th anniversary this week - was not the first web browser, but it was the first to be widely used.
Tim Anderson, 26 Apr 2013

DARPA looks for a guided bullet with DEAD reckoning navigation

Madcap Pentagon tech shop DARPA is looking again at the Global Positioning System (GPS, which makes almost all the world's satnav systems work) in a bid to reinvent the tech which used to be cutting edge military gear but these days is tracking dogs and finding golf balls.
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2013
Ingram Micro

Even world's most MASSIVE distie takes punch to wallet

Restructuring costs, higher taxes and aggressive pricing on both sides of the pond throttled Ingram Micro's profits for calendar Q1 but acquisitions allowed the world's largest tech distie to post double-digit sales gains.
Paul Kunert, 26 Apr 2013

Caldicott: NHS workers should 'have the confidence to share information'

Dame Fiona Caldicott, who is scrutinising the government's plan to hand NHS patient records to private companies, today gave the proposals the thumbs-up - with a few caveats, naturally.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Apr 2013
Google Chocolate Factory

El Reg drills into Google's search biz offer to Europe

AnalysisGoogle's formal offer of concessions to European Commission competition officials - over allegations that the ad giant had abused its dominance of the search market in the EU - have finally been made public.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Apr 2013

'Your infernal cable pipes come up from Hell, Virgin!'

QuotwThis was the week when Virgin Media was forced to grovel publicly after a deceased man's family posted the firm's demand for a £10 "late payment" when his direct debit was denied because of his death.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Apr 2013

Hunt on NHS data sharing: Obviously we HAVE TO let people opt out

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt insisted this morning that NHS patients who have refused to give consent to existing data-sharing mechanisms would be safeguarded under the government's new plans to open up information across the service.
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Apr 2013
Nokia Lumia 520

Review: Nokia Lumia 520

A few years ago the late music magazine The Word coined the phrase "landfill indie" to describe the thousands of generic groups it encountered. Today the shops are full of "landfill Android": utterly generic, non-too-inspiring handsets. It’s into this Valley of Death that Nokia tosses its new Lumia 520.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Apr 2013

Can't find your motor? Apple patents solve car park conundrums

Apple has filed a series of patents which will help people find their motors in a crowded car park and then open the doors without using a key.
Jasper Hamill, 26 Apr 2013
Monster Beats Pro

Master Beats: Why doesn't audio quality matter these days?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Returning from a school trip to New York, my son handed back most of the $350 spending money we’d given him. Yes, I too thought it was a lot of dosh for a four-day tour but then I have no experience in the matter. When I was a kid, a school trip involved walking up to the pond to catch tadpoles for biology class, not intercontinental air travel.
Alistair Dabbs, 26 Apr 2013

Apple fanbois get one last chance to see spectre of Steve Jobs

Apple has taken pity on fanbois who were too slow to buy a ticket to its 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference, which sold out in seconds.
Jasper Hamill, 26 Apr 2013

AT&T debuts 'Digital Life' robo-home and security tech

AT&T is pushing into home automation and security with Digital Life, a new service rolling out across 15 cities, which should carve out yet another niche for the US telecom giant.
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2013

Hey, monkey: Just 'cos your mates eat FOUL corn, YOU have to eat it too?

Monkeys are just as prone to peer group pressure as humans, according to new research.
Jasper Hamill, 26 Apr 2013

HP's StoreVirtual gets a bit older, decides it needs some Fibre

HP is adding Fibre Channel connectivity to its previously iSCSI access-only StoreVirtual range of arrays.
Chris Mellor, 26 Apr 2013
Fake scratched iPhone 5

PEAK iPHONE? Apple mobe growth slumps to ‘lowest in its history’

Samsung has extended its lead over Apple by shifting considerably more smartphones than its adversary during the first quarter of 2013.
Tony Smith, 26 Apr 2013
Panoramic view at 29,000m

Texan stitches stratosphere into stunning panoramas

Take one mighty hydrogen-filled orb, six panoramic vid cameras, hours of image-stitching jiggery-pokery and you too can produce fully spherical panoramic imagery from the stratosphere...
Lester Haines, 26 Apr 2013

You hear that, Mr Cook? Samsung's profits have gone UP

Samsung Electronics is toasting a massive hike in its Q1 profits fuelled by sales of smartmobes and tabs but warned cheaper kit flooding the market may "dampen" its next quarterly numbers.
Paul Kunert, 26 Apr 2013

CURSE you, EINSTEIN! Humanity still chained in relativistic PRISON

Disappointing news on the science wires today, as new research indicates that a possible means of subverting the laws of physics to allow interstellar travel apparently doesn't work.
Lewis Page, 26 Apr 2013
Ubuntu RHS teaser

Ubuntu without the 'U': Booting the Big Four remixes

ReviewIt's the end of April, so that means that there's a new release of Ubuntu. Well, actually, no - it means that there are eight of them. Don't like standard Ubuntu's Mac-OS-X-like Unity desktop? Here's where to look.
Liam Proven, 26 Apr 2013

Scan Source lifts cover off 'disappointing' Euro numbers

Scan Source sucked down on some bitter tasting fiscal Q3 numbers last night with both its top and bottom lines taking a knock.
Paul Kunert, 26 Apr 2013

T-mobile US in invisible handset handcuff contract smackdown

T-Mobile USA's no-restriction contract turns out to have restrictions, and while they might seem obvious to some the state Attorney General in Washington feels they weren't obvious enough.
Bill Ray, 26 Apr 2013

Microsoft off the hook for billions in Motorola Mobility payout

Microsoft has triumphed in a court battle after a judge dismissed claims it owed Motorola Mobility billion-dollar royalties for technology used in the Xbox 360. The judge broke new ground by determining specific royalty fees to be paid for the use of standard-essential patents, which he said should amount in the millions rather than the billions.
Jasper Hamill, 26 Apr 2013

Senate clears bill to block warrantless email searches

The Senate Judiciary Committee has cleared the way for an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) that will require the police to get a warrant before rummaging through your emails.
Iain Thomson, 26 Apr 2013
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Lenovo deal to buy IBM x86 server biz moving along fast

It is becoming increasingly clear that IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is annoyed with the performance of the company's systems business. Annoyed enough to spin off all or part of its System x server business to China's Lenovo Group, according to rumors that surfaced last week.
Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for tablets

What work? Tablet owners prefer to slack off with their slabs

Tablet owners love their fondleslabs, but hardly anybody thinks of them as tools for business, according to a new report from JD Power and Associates.
Neil McAllister, 26 Apr 2013

Police arrest suspect in BIGGEST DDoS ATTACK IN HISTORY

The Dutch police have confirmed the arrest of man suspected of taking part in a massive DDoS attack against the anti-spam group Spamhaus back in March.
Iain Thomson, 26 Apr 2013

New Google Play terms ban non-store app updates

Google has amended the policies of its Play app store for Android to prohibit third-party app update mechanisms, in a move seemingly designed to put the kibosh on a contentious feature being tested by Facebook.
Neil McAllister, 26 Apr 2013
management cloud2

If you spend THIS much on cloud, perhaps you need a rethink

There's only so much you should spend on commodity cloud services before you consider other options like getting a discount, moving back to your own servers, or to a private managed cloud, according to cloud providers and customers.
Jack Clark, 26 Apr 2013

LivingSocial admits major hacking attack on customer database

Up to 50 million customers of the Amazon-funded daily deals site LivingSocial are getting an apologetic email from CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy explaining that their information may have been stolen.
Iain Thomson, 26 Apr 2013

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