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Bad Microsoft patch trapped you in a boot loop? Here's your fix

Microsoft has thrown a life preserver to customers whose PCs were sunk by a recent botched security patch, in the form of a bootable recovery disk that can automatically uninstall the offending update.
Neil McAllister, 19 Apr 2013

Amazon's flash-backed database gets EVEN FASTER

Amazon has tuned-up its flash-backed DynamoDB database so that more complex queries can be done in less time.
Jack Clark, 19 Apr 2013

IBM selling x86 server business to Lenovo?

There are rumors swirling around, again, that IBM is looking to sell off all or a portion of its x86 server business to Chinese PC maker and server partner Lenovo Group.

NBN Co still on budget, CEO claims

While avoiding direct political comment on the federal opposition's fibre-to-the-node plans, NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley has told the parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network he believes the project will still be able to meet its $37.4 billion capital budget.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Apr 2013

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac

A video game designer says he's planning to cash in on his story of spying on a chubby-fancying pr0n-lover who came into possession of his stolen laptop.
Jasper Hamill, 19 Apr 2013
SmartWare Pro 2

WD glams up SmartWare with Dropbox

WD has glammed up its SmartWare consumer backup software with a Pro version embracing Dropbox.
Chris Mellor, 19 Apr 2013
Disgo 9104 9.7in Android tablet

More Brits ditch Apple tablets for Amazon, Google, Samsung kit

Almost a fifth of the UK’s adult population now owns a fondleslab, and while most of them have a tablet with a bitten fruit icon on the back, Apple’s dominance is slipping.
Tony Smith, 19 Apr 2013

It's a CLUSTER-OFF: Asian students prep for tense, live HPC smackdown

HPC blogThe first annual Asia Student Cluster Challenge (ASCC) culminates this week with a final round of competition that brings 10 university teams to Shanghai for a live cluster-off. The teams traveling to Shanghai made it past 32 other universities vying to compete in the live finale.
Dan Olds, 19 Apr 2013

Touchscreen killer? Cam boffinry cut'n'pastes from real things

VidJapanese boffins at Fujitsu have been showing off new user-interface technology which uses advanced image processing to effectively digitise physical content, allowing users to manipulate it like they would with a touchscreen interface.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Apr 2013

Kaminario: We've made K2 faster, cheaper - NOW will you buy all-flash arrays?

The VC-backed storage crew at Kaminario make three types of K2 array: K2-D, which has DRAM modules; K2-H, with both DRAM and flash; and K2-F, which is all-flash and uses Fusion-io flash cards. But despite a market which is somewhat put off by the high cost of all-flash products - and despite a slew of rivals entering the same space - Kaminario is now focusing on the K2-F all-flash product. The K2-H hybrid product and K2-D details can still be found on the site though.
Chris Mellor, 19 Apr 2013

The Reg puts Vulture inside the Large Hadron Collider

PicsIt's probably the greatest scientific experiment of our time (or at least the biggest), a 27km round tunnel that fires trillions of protons in opposite directions over 11,000 times a second at 99.9999991 per cent of the speed of light lying under the Alps in Europe.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013

Insight warns Q1 sales and operating profits to fall

Insight Enterprises hasn't managed to dust off the economic cobwebs just yet if prelim calendar Q1 financials are anything to go by.
Paul Kunert, 19 Apr 2013
NetAtmo Urban Weather Station

Review: NetAtmo Urban Weather Station

Do we need a new obsession? Isn’t Facebook and Twitter enough for most folk? Some argue the British are obsessed about the weather.
Bob Dormon, 19 Apr 2013
paper cut-out men holding hands in linked semi-circle

SaaS: Plugging the communications gap for small businesses

Yahoo!’s decision last month to axe home working prompted much debate. Common reactions ranged from outrage through incredulity to the sad shaking of heads over the fact that CEO Marissa Mayer is clearly out of touch with the modern world.
Dale Vile, 19 Apr 2013

Malwarebytes declares Windows 'malicious', nukes 1,000s of PCs

A dodgy software update for virus-killer Malwarebytes disabled thousands of PCs before a fix was issued this week.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2013

ZTE ejects from Iran as Feds probe spy-tech export claims

Chinese telecoms kit maker ZTE says it has finally wound up its business dealings in Iran, bar existing customers, as the firm tries to move on following allegations it broke US sanctions by flogging spy technology to the Islamic republic.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Apr 2013

'He's F**KED with the wrong nerd ... I warned I'd go public'

QuotwThis was the week when head hypocrite honcho at Google Eric Schmidt gave the world his two cents on the privacy concerns surrounding unauthorised photos taken of people and their homes. The photos taken by civilian drones of course, not those taken from cars with "Street View" emblazoned on them.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013
Spaced's Daisy Steiner

British bookworms deem Amazon 'evil'

Something for the Weekend, Sir?“My only real prediction is that it’s all changing.”
Alistair Dabbs, 19 Apr 2013
Lenovo C325 all-in-one desktop PC

Chinese state tightwads help strangle Asia-Pacific PC sales in 2013

Asia-Pacific has well and truly succumbed to the global economic malaise, with the region’s PC market declining 13 per cent year-on-year in the last quarter – its first ever double digit drop, according to IDC.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Apr 2013

Readers, we need you... for LOHAN ignition failsafe brainwaves

The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team is inviting experts among our super readers to submit final proposals for a back-up ignition system for our Vulture 2 spaceplane's mighty rocket motor.
Lester Haines, 19 Apr 2013

Ex-LulzSec bloke to spend a YEAR in the cooler for Sony hack

A former LulzSec hacker has been jailed for a year for ransacking Sony Pictures Entertainment's computer systems.
John Leyden, 19 Apr 2013
Dell logo in crosshairs

Blackstone gives up on $25bn bid to snatch Dell from Mr Dell

Private-equity fund Blackstone has reportedly given up its efforts to splurge $25bn on whipping Dell out from under Michael Dell's nose.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013

WikiLeaker Assange, Google's Schmidt and a secret 5-hour chinwag

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt privately met WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange while the computer hacker was holed up under strict bail terms.
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Apr 2013

Euro states stick fingers in ears to Huawei, ZTE tech 'dump' claims

A number of EU countries aren't keen on backing the European Commission's bid for a formal investigation of Chinese telecoms manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, Sweden has said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013

Former 2e2 director Marke rocks up at Daisy Group

Acquisitive telco services player Daisy Group has created a chief technology officer role for former 2e2 director Nathan Marke.
Paul Kunert, 19 Apr 2013

Google's Page drops the A-bomb: Google Glass runs Android

Google chief exec Larry Page has confirmed his company's techno-spectacles Google Glass will run some form of Android.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013

Shut the CANUCK up! Sony offers $1m to hacked gamers

Canadian gamers affected by the hacking of Sony's Playstation Network have been offered compensation worth $1m by the entertainment giant.
Jasper Hamill, 19 Apr 2013

It's official! Register hack is an alcohol-flushed cave dweller

It's official: this Reg hack is 2.7 per cent Neanderthal, belongs to the J1c3b haplogroup, is at increased risk of coronary heart disease and Restless Legs Syndrome, has wet ear wax, and slightly decreased odds of suffering male pattern baldness.
Lester Haines, 19 Apr 2013

How to save UK's open data: Meet the 'Fair Value Licence'

CommentThe Royal Mail's postcode database is to be privatised and campaigners for "open data" are furious.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Apr 2013

YouTube beats off $1bn Viacom copyright case once AGAIN

The courts have once more sided with YouTube in the copyright case brought against it by Viacom and others.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Apr 2013

Who's a Siri boy, then? Apple hoards your voices for TWO years

A leading UK privacy warrior has urged Apple to explain itself after the tech titan admitted Siri queries are kept on record for two years.
Jasper Hamill, 19 Apr 2013

Google shakes up US utility with green power tariff

Google is using its giant pile of money to try and change how utility companies work, so that more businesses can buy their power from renewable sources.
Jack Clark, 19 Apr 2013

Chinese firm deluged with applications for e-smut appraising job

A Chinese company has received 5,000 resumes and 300,000 emails expressing interest after it advertised for a "chief appraiser" of pornography.
Iain Thomson, 19 Apr 2013
Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB Android Tablet

Notebook makers turn to Android in face of Windows woes

Dissatisfied with sales of Windows 8 notebook and tablets, major PC vendors have reportedly joined Intel in a new push to launch convertible fondleslabs based on Google's Android OS.
Neil McAllister, 19 Apr 2013

Ants have careers; you don't want them

Ants don't have a career ladder, they have a career hole, and only the wiliest of the insects can avoid falling down it according to the latest research.
Jack Clark, 19 Apr 2013

How much will Google pay to bring fiber to Provo, Utah? Try $1

Choosing the small city of Provo, Utah as the next location to receive Google's high-speed fiber internet service must have been a no-brainer, as the online giant will reportedly pay just $1 to set up shop in the area.
Neil McAllister, 19 Apr 2013

jQuery 2.0 kicks old Internet Explorer versions to the curb

Popular JavaScript library jQuery has reached version 2.0, and as expected, the new release drops support for older versions of Internet Explorer, including IE 6, 7, and 8.
Neil McAllister, 19 Apr 2013

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