18th April 2013 Archive

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  • Vint Cerf endorses software-defined networks

    Is this the fall of the stupid switch?

    Networks 18 Apr 00:03

  • Applicants sought for one-way trip to Martian Big Brother house

    Must be willing to die off-planet and on-air

    Media 18 Apr 00:06

  • Study: Most projects on GitHub not open source licensed

    Kids these days, they just don't care

    Developer 18 Apr 01:22

  • Apple branded porno-peddling perverts by Chinese Pravda

    State rag claims it found Cupertino's XXX stash

    Media 18 Apr 05:04

  • Project Savanna tames Hadoop big data muncher with OpenStack control freak

    Mirantis, Hortonworks, and Red Hat pull out the whips and peanuts

    Cloud Infrastructure 18 Apr 06:14

  • 'Fastest storage in the WORLD' plugged into mighty boffinry Cray

    Phwoar, get a load of these figures

    Storage 18 Apr 06:24

  • Black hats attack popular Russian stock-trading software

    Also used in Cyprus, as it happens ...

    Security 18 Apr 07:03

  • The politics of the data centre

    The right infrastructure for the right reasons?

    Data Centre 18 Apr 07:30

  • Londoners in mass test of telly tech savvy as 4G filters mailed out

    Come on granny, you must know where your booster is?

    Media 18 Apr 07:43

  • Hardware hacker unifies 15 retro consoles in format frenzy

    One box to play them all, etc

    Games 18 Apr 08:06

  • UK's first copyright swap-shop for cat pics (etc) still yonks away

    You know you need to buy the rights for that, yes?

    Law 18 Apr 08:23

  • T-Mobile UK ordered into humiliating Full Monty strip

    Cap mobe speeds all you like BUT DON'T TOUCH BITTORRENT

    Mobile 18 Apr 09:05

  • TREELLION DOLLAR mobe bonk-bank alliance goes for barcodes

    Stripey bonanza - if everyone can get into bed together

    Mobile 18 Apr 09:29

  • Manual override: Raspberry Pi beginners' books

    Do the 'getting started' guides make your first slice of Pi more tasty?

    Hardware 18 Apr 10:04

  • Software designers: Lose your inhibitions, embrace complexity

    And mind the gap...between business and IT

    Management 18 Apr 10:24

  • Dell shuts down channel biz Cheriton over unpaid debt

    Texan PC baron 'pulled rug from under us' says boss

    The Channel 18 Apr 10:32

  • TomTom brandishes new strap-on in Amsterdam: The wristnav

    A satnav smartwatch for sporty types

    Hardware 18 Apr 10:45

  • Review: Asus PadFone 2 phone-tablet combo

    Can't decide on a tablet or a phone? Have BOTH IN ONE!

    Phones 18 Apr 11:00

  • Ofcom fines TalkTalk AGAIN - a whopping £750k over 'abandoned calls' gaffe

    Budget ISP's call centre teams were SilentSilent

    Networks 18 Apr 11:18

  • Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay

    Techno-specs are for life, not just for Christmas

    Hardware 18 Apr 11:38

  • PEAK APPLE: Fondleslab giant no longer world's biggest biz

    Share price shenanigans nudges ExxonMobil ahead

    Financial News 18 Apr 11:56

  • Boffins build ant-sized battery, claim it's tough enough to start a car

    High power, high energy microbatteries, anyone?

    Science 18 Apr 12:18

  • Cyberthugs put YOUR PC to work as Bitcoin-mining SLAVE

    E-currency just went mainstream

    Security 18 Apr 12:44

  • Magic mystery malware menaces many UK machines - new claim

    Who exactly is spying on thousands of Brit biz PCs?

    Security 18 Apr 13:11

  • Shuttleworth: Canonical is fast and easy with OpenStack clouds

    You don't just build a cloud, you have to maintain it

    Cloud 18 Apr 13:29

  • EMC jazzes up its archive offerings

    Is your data attic crammed to bursting yet?

    Storage 18 Apr 14:04

  • Zycko shown door after Meraki Euro distie review

    Parent Cisco turns to old pal Ingram Micro

    The Channel 18 Apr 14:08

  • Nokia: OK, Q1 has been weak, but there's 'underlying' profit

    Budget phone lines might yet save the day

    Financial News 18 Apr 14:31

  • Gridstore does classic founder-to-CTO jive

    New boss has $12.5m to splurge on growth

    Storage 18 Apr 15:04

  • 'Leccy-stealing, grid-crippling hackers could TAKE DOWN EV-juicing systems

    A computer on the street. What could possibly go wrong?

    Security 18 Apr 15:26

  • Facebook launches data center ticker tape

    Bit barn efficiency metrics on a minute-by-minute basis

    Data Centre 18 Apr 17:00

  • South Korean gov splashes $22m on memory R&D project

    Samsung et al gaze at HUGE MOUNDS of cash

    Financial News 18 Apr 17:05

  • Feds urged to probe four US cell big boys over Android holes

    Security threat means 'unfair and deceptive business practices'

    Mobile 18 Apr 17:06

  • US House of Representatives passes CISPA by 288-127

    Co-sponsor dismisses opponents as '14 year-olds tweeting'

    Government 18 Apr 18:55

  • Amazon: S3 cloud contains two trillion objects

    'We've doubled our big number in a year'

    Cloud 18 Apr 19:15

  • Java 8 release date slips again, now planned for 2014

    Oracle engineers too busy battling vulns to add features

    Developer 18 Apr 20:05

  • Microsoft CFO quits as quarterly results fail to sparkle

    Klein steps down, Ballmer's future looking uncertain

    Financial News 18 Apr 20:48

  • AMD posts mediocre numbers, cites 'difficult market environment'

    Not so bad, not so good, restructuring 'largely completed'

    Financial News 18 Apr 20:54

  • Kepler continues exoplanet bonanza

    Three “habitable zone” discoveries keeping the boffins happy

    Science 18 Apr 21:04

  • Another quarter, another $14bn in revenue for Google

    Profits up despite sagging ad rates

    Financial News 18 Apr 23:09

  • Big Blue misses Q1 targets big-time thanks to systems shortfall

    $1bn in charges for "workload rebalancing" – aka layoffs – coming in Q2

    Financial News 18 Apr 23:32

  • Microsoft betting on smaller Windows 8 devices and subscriptions

    Plans for double-digit decline in traditional PCs

    Software 18 Apr 23:59