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Coalition's NBN plan: where's the cost of the copper?

Australia's opposition parties this week released their plan for broadband infrastructure. Many people have taken to the document with an eye to the Coalition's alleged $AUD90 billion-plus figure for the cost of the current National Broadband Network, but few have asked about the accuracy of the coalition plan's assumptions.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Apr 2013
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CIOs: Are you your CEO's business partner or their gimp?

Secret CIOThe title CIO is often suggested, mostly as satire, to stand for Career Is Over, usually by bitter people who applied for the job but didn’t get it.
Warren Burns, 14 Apr 2013

Flexible flywheel offers cheap energy storage

Mechanical engineering isn't within the scope of Vulture South, so we'll welcome readers' input about whether this is genius or snake-oil: a Kickstarter project called the Velkess Flywheel hopes to offer low-cost energy storage.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Apr 2013

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