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Mars orbiter finds remains of pioneering Soviet Mars 3 probe

A crowdsourcing effort by Russian space enthusiasts appears to have found the remains of the first probe to successfully land on Mars, using images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).
Iain Thomson, 12 Apr 2013

Google: 'We'll track EVERY task on EVERY data center server'

Google has wired its worldwide fleet of servers up with monitoring technology that inspects every task running on every machine, and eventually hopes to use this data to selectively throttle or even kill processes that cause disruptions for other tasks running on the same CPU.
Jack Clark, 12 Apr 2013

... time machine. Iranian Dr Who claims he invented a ...

Not content with letting North Korea get all the “we're sooooo bad” headlines this week, fellow rogue nation Iran has let it be known one of its resident boffins has invented a time machine. And then deleted the story in state-run media that brought the world news of the gadget.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Apr 2013
Apple iPad 4

Chinese boffins predict iPad-sized supercomputers

Chinese boffins are predicting iPad-shaped supercomputers could become a reality after observing for the first time a phenomenon known as the quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect, which could pave the way for a new generation of low energy-consumption electronics.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Apr 2013
Andrew on Net Neutrality: Slide15 : Crowcroft - this net has never been neutral

Oz regulator “welcomes” debate on limiting net neutrality

The head of Australia's telecommunications regulator, the Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), has signalled he's open to new debate about network access regimes that back away from complete net neutrality.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Apr 2013

Want to know if that hottie has HIV? Put their blood in the DVD player

Cunning Swedish boffins have come up with a new use for the cheap technology in optical DVD drives: it can be used to carry out complex biochemical tests, even to the point of detecting HIV in a blood sample.
Lewis Page, 12 Apr 2013
The Unha-3-2 launches from Sohae Satellite Launching Station in December 2012. Pic: Official North Korean image

'North Korea Has Launched a Missile' tweet sent by mistake

City officials in Yokohama were left feeling rather embarrassed earlier this week after jumping the gun on possible nuclear armageddon by mistakenly tweeting that North Korea had launched a missile.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Apr 2013
Taj Mahal with WiFi logo

GSMA: $11bn for 'universal service' UNSPENT, nations' poor still not connected

Mobile operator mouthpiece GSMA is asking countries to re-examine their universal service funding, pointing out that India alone has stockpiled $4.1bn in unspent cash while the poor remain disconnected.
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2013
PowerPoint screen shot

Handwriting beats PowerPoint's teaching power says MIT boffin

Remember that feeling of struggling to stay awake during university lectures? And not just because of the previous night's imbibing?
Simon Sharwood, 12 Apr 2013

Check Point bakes anti-malware tech into firewall bricks

Check Point is baking in cyber-espionage defences to its enterprise firewall and gateway security products with the incorporation of sandbox-style technology.
John Leyden, 12 Apr 2013

Go-go Gadget watch? Apple posts job ad for 'flexible display' bod

Apple has pulled a job advert looking for a flexible display expert just a week after it was posted.
Jasper Hamill, 12 Apr 2013

Half of US smartphone owners have no idea which mobe to buy next

Were "ecosystems" of apps and developers ever the clincher in the smartphone wars? The conventional wisdom is that once users are locked in an online software store they will never leave. Perhaps this stickiness has been oversold.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Apr 2013

AVG: That World of Warcraft hack? RIDDLED with malware

A new cross-platform security product that covers desktops, smartphones and tablets is likely to be a key area of development for desktop freebie virus-scanner firm AVG during 2013.
John Leyden, 12 Apr 2013

Geolocation tech to save 60 Londoners from being run over next year

The Metropolitan Police will be using software from Croydon-based GGP Systems to analyse road traffic accidents in the capital, continuing a 30-year-old process to minimise road deaths.
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2013
Microsoft Xbox 360 - Jubilee celebration edition

'Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console'

QuotwThis was the week when former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher died, setting the Twitosphere alight with opposing deluges of vitriol and veneration. The passing of the woman the media insists on referring to as "divisive" inspired a whole slew of people to post "Ding dong the witch is dead" tweets, while others like Sir Alan Sugar praised the former PM:
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Apr 2013

Flash-pusher sTec coughs $36m to settle class action suit

Flash storage supplier sTec is paying more than its latest quarter's revenue to settle a class action lawsuit.
Chris Mellor, 12 Apr 2013
Ferrari F430. Photo © by Rudolf Stricker

IT salaries: Why you are a clapped-out Ferrari

As a tech careers writer I regularly receive noise about the UK IT “skills shortage", which makes as much sense as saying there’s a shortage of Ferraris.
Dominic Connor, 12 Apr 2013

LOHAN chap to launch Raspberry Pi eye in the sky

High Altitude Ballooning (HAB) geezer Dave Akerman will tomorrow dispatch a Raspberry Pi camera into the stratosphere, promising live images from altitude as the diminutive snapper drifts from Blighty into European skies.
Lester Haines, 12 Apr 2013
ISO7816 Tattoo

The Man Who Fell to Earth: Plane plummet plod probe phone

The man who spread himself across a street in Mortlake, London, after falling from an aircraft undercarriage has been identified. Police finally managed to crack open the SIM in his pocket and study it to discover who he was.
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2013

Tech Data Mobile UK boss Michel resigns after 18 months

Tech Data Mobile veep Jim Michel has resigned for "personal reasons" but says he is staying on board for a couple of months during the handover period.
Paul Kunert, 12 Apr 2013
Robo doggy doo

Oh S**T, here comes a robot to take my job

Something for the Weekend, Sir?The enormous lump of shit sat steaming directly outside the publisher’s door facing the first-floor landing, welcoming early morning office workers as they arrived with a cheeful “Hello! I’m a giant turd! And I smell really bad!”
Alistair Dabbs, 12 Apr 2013

Most brain science papers are neurotrash: Official

A group of academics from Oxford, Stanford, Virginia and Bristol universities have looked at a range of subfields of neuroscience and concluded that most of the results are statistically worthless.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Apr 2013

I salute Lady THATCHER - Shoreditch's SILICON GODMOTHER

Steve Bong, 12 Apr 2013

Brit cops blow £14m on software - then just flush it down the bogs

Surrey Police has pulled the plug on a multi-million-pound computer system it spent years developing.
Jasper Hamill, 12 Apr 2013

ScanSource will axe Euro staffers to save itself $3.1m a year

Distie ScanSource is slashing jobs in Europe in a bid to shed $3.1m in costs a year.
Paul Kunert, 12 Apr 2013

Winklevoss twins claim to have enormo $11m Bitcoin stash

The Winklevoss twins are claiming that they own one per cent of all the Bitcoins in circulation - which, if true, would be one of the largest portfolios of the e-currency.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Apr 2013
Artists impression of the X-33. Pic: NASA

Space elevators, vacuum chutes: What next for big rocket tech?

Pic specialWe recently suggested that even the most advanced rocket currently slipping the surly bonds of Earth is nothing more than glorified V2, over 70 years since Hitler's Vergeltungswaffe 2 first lifted off the pad at Peenemünde.
Lester Haines, 12 Apr 2013

Nasdaq chief's large package shrinks after terrible Facebook blow

Nasdaq OMX has brutally slashed its chief's 2012 bonus by over half a million dollars because of the Facebook IPOcalypse.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Apr 2013

'You can keep it' - Brit's nicked laptop turns up on Iranians' sofa

A British animator who used tracking software to trace his stolen laptop to Iran has apologised to its “innocent new owners” after pictures of them were splashed all over the internet.
Jasper Hamill, 12 Apr 2013

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools

Windows 7 users should uninstall a security patch Microsoft issued on Tuesday because some PCs failed to restart after applying the update.
John Leyden, 12 Apr 2013
iPhone in the Lake

Moist iPhone fanbois tempted with golden Apple shower offer

Apple has reportedly agreed to shake $53m (£35m) in change out of its pockets to settle a lawsuit accusing it of wriggling out of gadget warranties using a water-detecting tool.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Apr 2013
management consumerisation

XMA back on its feet after 2011 public sector knockdown

XMA staged a top line recovery in calendar 2012 as it reduced its reliance on the public sector by drumming up more business with commercial customers.
Paul Kunert, 12 Apr 2013

Anons torn over naming 'n' shaming of 17yo's gang-rape suspects

UpdatedAnonymous hacktivists have withdrawn threats to expose the identities of boys accused of gang raping a 17-year-old girl before her death. But rogue Anons may defy the decision and publish the information anyway.
John Leyden, 12 Apr 2013

BlackBerry slams Z10 returns report as 'false and misleading'

BlackBerry president and CEO Thorsten Heins has fired back at an article in The Wall Street Journal which cites a report that returns of the Z10 are outnumbering sales – and that report was just the latest bad news for the beleaguered smartphone manufacturer.
Rik Myslewski, 12 Apr 2013
Bezos headshot

Amazon: We cut prices to scare ourselves into innovation

Amazon Web Services' campaign of price cuts and rapid product development is part of a customer-first strategy designed to prevent stagnation, the company's chief executive has said.
Jack Clark, 12 Apr 2013

New York cops testing Big Brother crime-data Android app

Watch out, crooks! The New York Police Department is trying out a new weapon in the war on crime – namely, putting its own intelligence in the hands of patrol officers.
Neil McAllister, 12 Apr 2013

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015

Proving yet again that fame and fortune are fleeting – even for computer hardware – the analysts at IHS are projecting that the netbook, the New Hotness just a few short years ago, will disappear completely by 2015.
Rik Myslewski, 12 Apr 2013

Nearly a quarter of all books sold in US in 2012 were ebooks

Sales of standalone e-readers might be declining, but ebooks make up a growing portion of sales for US book publishers, according to the latest stats from the Association of American Publishers (AAP), a trade association.
Neil McAllister, 12 Apr 2013

Amazon cloud gobbles Microsoft data

Admins of data centers virtualized using Hyper-V can now mirror data up into the AWS cloud, making Bezos & Co.'s big yellow repository a more tempting proposition for Microsoft shops.
Jack Clark, 12 Apr 2013

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