9th April 2013 Archive

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  • US Navy blasts drones with ship-mounted LASER CANNON

    Star Wars defense planned for Persian Gulf debut in 2014

    Science 09 Apr 00:04

  • Microsoft's security apps still trip up on Windows 8

    Up to 20% of 0-day attacks evade Redmond's defenses, says AV-Test

    Security 09 Apr 01:09

  • News Corp prez threatens to pull Fox TV off the air

    Miffed at court's refusal to block Aereo streaming service

    Media 09 Apr 01:16

  • Intel doubles Thunderbolt speed to 20Gbps

    Will anyone other than Apple care?

    Networks 09 Apr 03:02

  • Australia's coalition launches new broadband policy

    Fibre to the premises unlikely for most in cheaper, sooner, plan

    Broadband 09 Apr 04:03

  • Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD

    O come all ye fondlers, joyful and triumphant

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Apr 05:00

  • Rackspace cosies up to mobile developers

    Brews mobile gumbo from open source ingredients

    Cloud 09 Apr 05:04

  • Boffins say flash disk demands new RAID designs

    Wear-levelling levels out

    Storage 09 Apr 05:40

  • Take a deep breath: No NORKS panic for ICT supply chain … yet

    Regional tech titans are keeping a close eye on situation

    Government 09 Apr 05:56

  • Virgin on London Underground Wi-Fi: O2's company, Three's a crowd

    Download that cat vid before entering the tunnel, though

    Mobile 09 Apr 06:03

  • 'Til heftier engines come aboard, HP Moonshot only about clouds

    And those engines will come – as will FPGAs, DSPs, GPUs ...

    Cloud 09 Apr 06:04

  • Star Trek phaser sells for a STUNNING $231,000

    KHAAAAAANNNNNNNNN't believe I paid that much for it!

    Bootnotes 09 Apr 06:28

  • Fusion slips 1.6TB solid wedge into Hollywood scribblers' slots

    And that's the way HP likes it

    Storage 09 Apr 07:03

  • Library ebooks must SELF-DESTRUCT if scribes want dosh - review

    Shovel UK taxpayer cash this way please, say publishers

    Media 09 Apr 07:29

  • Mm.. you like RAID? Ooh, you want flash. Try this super-Hadooper

    Intel touts Nytro booster with cache controller

    Storage 09 Apr 08:05

  • McDonalds-card-toting Softcat boss: I couldn't tell you how a computer works

    Hellawell on being 'tight' - and his part in Thatcher's downfall

    The Channel 09 Apr 08:23

  • Quantum spring-cleans StorNext for file-hungry arty small biz

    When you need to juggle 500 million docs on a modest budget

    Storage 09 Apr 08:44

  • The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

    Gorgeous kit that looks as good now as it did the day it came out

    Hardware 09 Apr 08:59

  • Avere releases FXT3800 speed filer

    Rival still some Huawei in front

    Storage 09 Apr 09:30

  • Operators look on in horror as Facebook takes mobe users Home

    We don't care that you've been buying them drinks all night ... bitch

    Mobile 09 Apr 09:59

  • Protect your data with a cloudy mixture

    Where should it live?

    Cloud 09 Apr 10:06

  • MoneySupermarket: Google never warned us about payday loan AD BAN

    Mountain View rival says it now complies with Brit trading rules

    Media 09 Apr 10:24

  • Citi to file claim with Nasdaq over Facebook IPOcalypse

    Joins UBS in tussle for cash from teeny compensation pot

    Financial News 09 Apr 10:46

  • Microsoft leads charge against Google's Android in EU antitrust complaint

    'Failure to act will only embolden Google'

    Government 09 Apr 11:27

  • Maggie Thatcher: The Iron Lady who saved us from drab Post Office mobes

    Who loves their fibre broadband? Now you know who to thank

    Government 09 Apr 11:44

  • Salesforce cuts app development steps

    Customer-oriented company does something for its customers

    Developer 09 Apr 12:04


    Smart simians ape pub banter, says bio-boffin

    Science 09 Apr 12:14

  • iQuit: Apple union boss chucks grappling hook up garden wall

    Cory Moll leaves after 2 years battling Cupertino

    Media 09 Apr 12:32

  • Damn you, world! WHY can't I have an object store on my desktop?

    Who will rid me of these hostile cloud mutterings

    Storage 09 Apr 12:44

  • Malware-flingers target gullible corporate bods with office printer spam

    LOL, that's not a picture of my cat

    Security 09 Apr 13:04

  • EE extends network: Soon, 1 million users will pay us for 4G

    No really... We've doubled the speed and everything

    Mobile 09 Apr 14:04

  • WhatsApp exec: Google takeover? It's news to me

    Choc Factory not chucking rumoured $1bn at messaging app

    Financial News 09 Apr 14:24

  • CAE Tech Services top and bottom lines slide in fiscal 2012

    Project drop-offs, competitive sales landscape and higher overheads fingered

    The Channel 09 Apr 14:33

  • Mutant array upstarts feast on EMC, NetApp's leavings

    Should've rewritten the software lads...

    Storage 09 Apr 15:04

  • US Air Force reclassifies 6 cyber tools as weapons

    What, these? These are guns. Can we have some money now?

    Government 09 Apr 15:25

  • Google U-turns on exclusive snatch of .app AND .search addys

    Ad giant may have to admit there are other search engines out there

    Networks 09 Apr 16:28

  • British LulzSec member pleads guilty

    Hacker to be sentenced next month

    Security 09 Apr 17:06

  • VMware sells off Shavlik patch management tools to LANDesk

    Forget hardware nannying, we're all about software-defined everything

    Servers 09 Apr 18:27

  • Amazon widens .NET to catch Windows cloud devs

    Psst, hey you, Bezos has some cloud for you

    Cloud 09 Apr 18:59

  • Google goes big with Play store redesign

    Apps for a bigger-screen world

    Mobile 09 Apr 19:04

  • Microsoft ships Surface firmware fixes with April patch batch

    Wi-Fi, other issues addressed

    Laptops and Tablets 09 Apr 19:47

  • Hard luck lads, todger size DOES matter: Official

    Being tall and masculine also helps, says stiff stiff

    Bootnotes 09 Apr 20:32

  • Microsoft squashes 9 bugs with Patch Tuesday fixes

    Plugs holes in IE10, locks down privilege escalation vulns

    Security 09 Apr 20:39

  • Piston ready to capture 'waves of customers' coming off AWS

    Puts out Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 as bait

    Cloud 09 Apr 20:46

  • Mozilla's Persona beta adds password-free Yahoo! logins

    Identity Bridging makes your email addy your only ID

    Security 09 Apr 22:20

  • Google: 'Austin is our next Fiber city.' AT&T: 'Us, too – maybe'

    Big Phone horns in on Googly gigabit internet announcement

    Broadband 09 Apr 23:14

  • Amazon lofts Hadoop into GovCloud

    Regulation-approved problem solving

    Cloud 09 Apr 23:31