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Mozilla floats payment simplification balloon

The Mozilla Foundation is pitching the idea that Web apps need a common payments API, and has put just such an interface into Firefox OS to try and give the idea some momentum.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Apr 2013

CoreData fends off attack

Online analytics and research data company CoreData has had to pull systems associated with serving data to newspaperThe Australian after attackers compromised a server and tried to use it to host malicious code, early in the morning of 8 April.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Apr 2013

Windows XP support ends a year from … now!

Windows XP, we hardly knew ye! Yet by this time next year, the adolescent operating system will be headed for the big Recycle Bin in the sky, thanks to Microsoft's planned obsolescence policy and the inevitable march of progress.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Apr 2013

Anonymous blitzes Israel in new attack

Anonymous claims to have disrupted more than 100,000 Israeli web sites and caused over $US3bn in damages with a new campaign, called OpIsrael, launched over the weekend. Israeli officials say the effort was largely unsuccessful in breaching the nation's online defences.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Apr 2013
Einstein photo via Shutterstock

Spooky action at a distance is faster than light

As Einstein put it, it's impossible for anything – even information – to move faster than the speed of light. Yet the lower bound of that impossibility, the minimum speed at which entanglement can't possibly be transmitting information between two particles, appears to be around four orders of magnitude higher than c, the speed of light in a vacuum.
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Apr 2013
BlackBerry Z10

Canadian gov: Have half a million BlackBerrys now, pay later!

Telefonica will be spending another €200m with BlackBerry, borrowed from Export Development Canada (EDC) as part of its ongoing deal with the company and its supporting country.
Bill Ray, 08 Apr 2013

Oracle reveals strategy for internet of things

Oracle has clambered aboard the bandwagon for the internet of things, outlining a strategy for handling the torrents of data the company assumes will shortly flow from myriad smart-ish devices on the network's edge.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Apr 2013

Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs

Over-qualified grads are being forced into unsatisfying jobs which don't suit their skills, a report has found.
Jasper Hamill, 08 Apr 2013
One of the newly-uncovered photos of Albert Einstein's brain

Japanese boffins READ YOUR DREAMS with MRI

Japanese boffins say they can tell what you are dreaming about by analysing magnetic resonance imager (MRI) scans.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Apr 2013

Fujitsu looks to blast cloud silos with RunMyProcess buy

Japanese ICT giant Fujitsu has announced plans to build out its cloud business with the acquisition of little-known French PaaS vendor RunMyProcess (RMP) and the development of a new Global Software Center in Silicon Valley.
Phil Muncaster, 08 Apr 2013

Parking ticket firm 'exposed private info' - ICO making enquiries

ExclusiveBritain's privacy watchdog will investigate a major car-parking contractor after its website allegedly leaked drivers' personal information.
Jasper Hamill, 08 Apr 2013

Nokia Life touches down in Kenya, jingles pocketful of Microsoft money

Nokia Life, the life services mobile app suite for the developing world, is launching the 18-pence-a-year service in Kenya, while Nokia throws another $250m into "the mobile ecosystem" elsewhere.
Bill Ray, 08 Apr 2013

New rules to end cries of 'WTF... a £10 online booking fee?'

The government has issued guidance that sets out the kind of costs businesses incur that they are legitimately able to claim back through payment surcharging.
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Apr 2013
HUS VM in HDS array range

HDS CTO: Man, I could just throttle our array... er, in a good way

Hitachi Data Systems has bunged primary deduplication into its network-attached storage (HNAS) kit and Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) mid-range array. That's according to the company's chief technology officer Hu Yoshida.
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 2013

Pyongyang to unleash NUKULAR horsemen of the Norkocalypse?

Last week, UK prime minister David Cameron raised a few eyebrows when he insisted North Korea has the capability to launch a missile strike against the the US and the UK.
Lester Haines, 08 Apr 2013

'1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites

Someone claiming to be a "1337 hacker" has defaced programming projects hosted by SourceForge.net
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2013
Azul Systems logo

Upstart $3bn forex trader dumps Oracle JVM for Azul's Zing

Financial services companies were among the early and enthusiastic adopters of Java - but the jittery Java virtual machines from Oracle and IBM (and others before Oracle ate them) have been a pain for some.

Facebook VOICE is what telco barons should fear - not a Zuckermobe

AnalysisFacebook disappointed anyone expecting the unveiling of a "Facebook phone" last week - including me. But device manufacturers and mobile operators should watch their backs: it's barely the start of what the social-networking website can achieve.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 2013
Chinese Buffet self-service

Whatever happened to self-service computing?

According to Gartner's Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle for 2012, cloud computing has passed the peak of inflated expectations and is heading for the trough of disillusionment at full speed. Cloud computing didn't live up to the overblown hype.
Trevor Pott, 08 Apr 2013
HP ElitePad 900 Windows 8 Pro tablet

Review: HP ElitePad 900 Atom tablet

If HP’s ElitePad 900 is anything to go by, not everybody expects a business Windows 8 Pro Atom tablet to be a pocketable wafer. You only have to hold it in your hand to get the impression that this model has been built for endurance rather than designed as a fashion accessory. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look good, quite the opposite in fact. Although perhaps that has more to do with familiarity; its aluminium casing certainly lends an Apple iPad-esque quality to the tablet.
Bob Dormon, 08 Apr 2013

Everything faster than everything, boast soft flash wizards

Caching software startup VeloBit came to our notice as a provider of server flash caching software that could turn bog-standard commodity SSDs into Fusion-io-class flash caches. Now it's using its software with added tweaks to turn ordinary servers into VDI drag racers with the highest-access VDI data, like master VM images, stored in the DRAM cache.
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 2013

Capita slurps crashed 2e2's ex-flack-in-chief to bolster sales

Troubled integrator-cum-reseller Capita IT Services (CITS) has hired fallen channel giant 2e2's former sales and marketing director.
Paul Kunert, 08 Apr 2013

Website which 'could have prevented Rwandan genocide' goes live

A genocide prevention charity and a campaign software development house have joined forces to create an all-encompassing database of online hate speech.
Jasper Hamill, 08 Apr 2013

BT boss barks at TalkTalk for being 'copper Luddites'

BT boss Ian Livingston has blasted TalkTalk for grumbling about the cost of fitting fibre-optic broadband - and accused the budget ISP of clinging to its copper network.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Apr 2013

Kissinger and tell: WikiLeaks scrapes 1.7m US diplomatic reports from the '70s

WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange, who is languishing in self-imposed confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, has kept himself busy by scraping more than one million documents from the US national archives.
Team Register, 08 Apr 2013
management management1

Tick-tock! 40% of PCs start Windows XP malware meltdown countdown

With one year to go until Microsoft kills free support for Windows XP, if you haven’t got a migration plan in place it’s time to start doing something about it... but don't panic, say the migration experts.
Gavin Clarke, 08 Apr 2013

Office for Mac 2008 support umbilical chopped off

Mac fans wedded to Microsoft Office face a stark choice on April 9 – upgrade or continue running the unsupported Office for Mac 2008.
Gavin Clarke, 08 Apr 2013

What'll we do tonight, Kieran? Same thing we do every night, Tintri....

Hybrid VM-aware array upstart Tintri is adding array-side, per-VM replication in a version 2.0 VMstore product software release, hoping to enjoy the success established storage player NetApp has had in purpose-built storage systems for virtual machines.
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 2013
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Channel firms, rejoice: You're not going out of business nearly so often

Channel insolvencies have fallen for the third consecutive quarter, according to official stats from credit reference agency Graydon UK.
Paul Kunert, 08 Apr 2013

German court says nein to Apple's slide-to-unlock patent

Apple's slide-to-unlock patent has been ruled invalid by a German court because it's not really an "innovation" in the eyes of European patent law.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 08 Apr 2013
management procure6

London Boroughs join forces in mighty £1bn IT procurement framework

A collective of London borough councils are pulling together their purchasing power in a mega IT products and services framework worth up to £1.1bn over four years.
Paul Kunert, 08 Apr 2013

Network Goliaths and upstart Davids join in on OpenDaylight SDN project

Linux is the dominant open-source operating system because of the strong community it has developed and the cross-platform nature of the OS. OpenStack is rapidly becoming the de facto uber-controller for infrastructure clouds, again thanks to a vibrant open-source community. And now, the established networking giants and the virtual networking upstarts that have scared them out of complacency are ganging up to form the OpenDaylight Project. The plan? To create an open-source stack for software-defined networking.

Cloud disaster-recovery startup gets pre-IPO VC cash slurp

Ziv and Oded Kedem's latest venture, Zerto, provides hypervisor-based replication for VMware. Thanks to lashings of venture capital dollars it has been growing steadily since its stealth beginnings in 2009. The company emerged from stealth in July 2011, having started with $6 million of seed and A-round funding.
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 2013

USPTO backs down on iPad mini trademark objections

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has withdrawn its primary objections to Apple's trademark filing for the term "iPad mini" – but Cupertino is not completely off the hook quite yet.
Rik Myslewski, 08 Apr 2013

Get lost, drivers: Google Maps is not for you – US judge

Checking Google Maps has been placed on the list of things you're not allowed to do while at the wheel – at least in the US.
Jasper Hamill, 08 Apr 2013
The history of HP server innovation according to Enterprise Group GM Dave Donatelli

HP's 'historic' Project Moonshot servers aim at hyperscale future

HP didn't invent the rack-server business, but Compaq – the company it acquired more than a decade ago – did. HP can't buy its way into the next system era, which is why it is trying to create that era itself with its second-generation Project Moonshot servers.

Tax man to take a bite of tech employees' free meals?

The free meals doled out by Silicon Valley titans such as Facebook and Google may soon carry an additional burden for employees: the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reportedly weighing whether to count them as income for tax purposes.
Neil McAllister, 08 Apr 2013

Microsoft hosts bar mitzvah for mature Azure

Windows Azure is growing up, and Redmond is telling the world that many components of it are now ready to be put to work in production environments.
Jack Clark, 08 Apr 2013

US judge: no class action against tech giants' 'wage-control pact'

A US judge is refusing to allow tech employees to band together and sue Apple, Google, and other tech firms in a class-action suit over those companies' alleged "no-hire pact" to keep wages down.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 08 Apr 2013
Dell logo in crosshairs

Dell ready to pay Icahn $25m to behave himself during buyout deal

The board of directors at Dell are so eager to look like they are doing their jobs selling off the company to the highest bidder that they are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to cover the expenses for due diligence that three different groups – one led by company founder Michael Dell, and others lead by Blackstone Group and Icahn Enterprises – are incurring to do the deals.
NBN Co Logo

Australia's coalition reveals bits of broadband plan

Australia's shadow communications Malcolm Turnbull releases an alternative plan for the nation's national broadband network (NBN) today, an important moment in the network's evolution given the coalition Turnbull represents is likely to win government in September.
Simon Sharwood, 08 Apr 2013

Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

Rising sea levels, droughts, torrential downpours, "superstorms" – climate change has been blamed for a flood [Ahem...—Ed.] of calamities, but new research shows that an even worse global warming–induced fate might soon befall us all: an inflight glass of wine spilling onto our lap when our airliner encounters increased turbulence.
Rik Myslewski, 08 Apr 2013

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