8th April 2013 Archive

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  • Mozilla floats payment simplification balloon

    Posts draft of Web payment spec, hopes world won't yawn

    Networks 08 Apr 02:34

  • CoreData fends off attack

    Red-tops get red faces

    Science 08 Apr 03:07

  • Windows XP support ends a year from … now!

    Official support ends April 7th, 2014, zombie support available at huge price

    Operating Systems 08 Apr 03:41

  • Anonymous blitzes Israel in new attack

    OpIsrael rocked, says Anon. Nothing to see here, says Israel

    Security 08 Apr 04:33

  • Spooky action at a distance is faster than light

    Chinese boffins put the clock on information transfer between entangled particles

    Science 08 Apr 05:09

  • Canadian gov: Have half a million BlackBerrys now, pay later!

    We're NOT desperate, we've been doing this since 2006

    Mobile 08 Apr 06:05

  • Oracle reveals strategy for internet of things

    Java on the edge, middleware shakes hands with Exadata … and the lights go on

    Data Centre 08 Apr 06:28

  • Hold on! Degrees for all doesn't mean great jobs for all, say profs

    Maybe ... just maybe ... some degrees are a bit useless?

    Jobs 08 Apr 07:02

  • Japanese boffins READ YOUR DREAMS with MRI

    Kyoto researchers claim 60 per cent success with dream mapping algorithm

    Science 08 Apr 07:19

  • Fujitsu looks to blast cloud silos with RunMyProcess buy

    Silicon Valley to be site of new cloudy hub

    Cloud 08 Apr 07:43

  • Parking ticket firm 'exposed private info' - ICO making enquiries

    Katie Price's throbbing ride apparently NOT revealed, though

    Security 08 Apr 08:03

  • Nokia Life touches down in Kenya, jingles pocketful of Microsoft money

    But only rich westerners, and Nokia, get stuff for free

    Mobile 08 Apr 08:19

  • New rules to end cries of 'WTF... a £10 online booking fee?'

    Excessive charges: Hopefully something to tell your grandchildren about

    Government 08 Apr 08:38

  • HDS CTO: Man, I could just throttle our array... er, in a good way

    Fat NAS box does dedupe, when it's got a sec

    Storage 08 Apr 09:04

  • Pyongyang to unleash NUKULAR horsemen of the Norkocalypse?

    Just how real is North Korea's missile threat?

    SPB 08 Apr 09:26

  • '1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites

    'If others did this, they might not have been so nice'

    Developer 08 Apr 09:43

  • Upstart $3bn forex trader dumps Oracle JVM for Azul's Zing

    A bad case of the jitters

    Developer 08 Apr 10:03

  • Facebook VOICE is what telco barons should fear - not a Zuckermobe

    Just killed a chicken, now your profits are next... bitch

    Mobile 08 Apr 10:27

  • Whatever happened to self-service computing?

    The administrator lives on

    Data Centre 08 Apr 10:43

  • Review: HP ElitePad 900 Atom tablet

    'And finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin Win8 slab... sort of'

    Tablets 08 Apr 11:04

  • Everything faster than everything, boast soft flash wizards

    Your boots may be made for walkin' – ours are faster

    Storage 08 Apr 11:24

  • Capita slurps crashed 2e2's ex-flack-in-chief to bolster sales

    Ex-BA Ian Thomas starts today

    The Channel 08 Apr 11:45

  • Website which 'could have prevented Rwandan genocide' goes live

    Anyone ever called you a cockroach? Sperg? Swingbelly?

    Policy 08 Apr 11:59

  • BT boss barks at TalkTalk for being 'copper Luddites'

    Even though most of telecom giant's new fibre network is mainly FTTC

    Broadband 08 Apr 12:43

  • Kissinger and tell: WikiLeaks scrapes 1.7m US diplomatic reports from the '70s

    Six-fingered* Assange republishes America's national archives

    Government 08 Apr 12:59

  • Tick-tock! 40% of PCs start Windows XP malware meltdown countdown

    In 365 days, you'll be on your own against the hackers

    Operating Systems 08 Apr 13:31

  • Office for Mac 2008 support umbilical chopped off

    But you can buy it again, and keep on buying it

    Applications 08 Apr 14:04

  • What'll we do tonight, Kieran? Same thing we do every night, Tintri....

    ... try to take over the VM storage world

    Virtualization 08 Apr 14:28

  • Channel firms, rejoice: You're not going out of business nearly so often

    Anyone would think we are talking up recovery

    The Channel 08 Apr 15:07

  • German court says nein to Apple's slide-to-unlock patent

    Appeal is on its way

    Developer 08 Apr 15:27

  • London Boroughs join forces in mighty £1bn IT procurement framework

    This enormous purchasing juggernaut will devour us all

    The Channel 08 Apr 15:59

  • Network Goliaths and upstart Davids join in on OpenDaylight SDN project

    Trying to pull a Linux maneuver for malleable networks

    Cloud 08 Apr 16:04

  • Cloud disaster-recovery startup gets pre-IPO VC cash slurp

    Need a catcher in the cloudy rye?

    Cloud 08 Apr 17:04

  • USPTO backs down on iPad mini trademark objections

    'The examining attorney apologizes for any inconvenience caused'

    Tablets 08 Apr 17:44

  • Get lost, drivers: Google Maps is not for you – US judge

    California clamps down on furtive fingering

    Law 08 Apr 17:46

  • HP's 'historic' Project Moonshot servers aim at hyperscale future

    First Atom nodes, then ARM and others to 'change the server market'

    Servers 08 Apr 18:36

  • Tax man to take a bite of tech employees' free meals?

    Gratis grub should be counted as income, say experts

    CIO 08 Apr 19:56

  • Microsoft hosts bar mitzvah for mature Azure

    Little fellow is growing up, now ready to get a job

    Cloud 08 Apr 20:19

  • US judge: no class action against tech giants' 'wage-control pact'

    Disgruntled unpoached bods can continue battle, however

    Law 08 Apr 20:20

  • Dell ready to pay Icahn $25m to behave himself during buyout deal

    Flashing cash all around to get a deal done quickly

    Business 08 Apr 21:24

  • Australia's coalition reveals bits of broadband plan

    Turnbull as fiscal conservatism beats Turnbull as philosopher prince

    Broadband 08 Apr 23:03

  • Climate change set to bumpify transatlantic flights, say researchers

    Flights across the pond won't be pleasant mid-century

    Science 08 Apr 23:32