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Students using MacBooks in a lecture hall

Australia IS NOT educating more personal trainers than IT pros

MythbustingA little over a month ago, Nigel Dalton, CIO at the REA Group and blogger, popped out a post titled “Australia is training more personal trainers than IT professionals – really?”
Simon Sharwood, 07 Apr 2013

Panasonic develops DNA-scanning 'lab-on-a-chip'

Boffins at Japanese IT giant Panasonic have been showing off a “lab-on-a-chip” capable of rapidly analysing patient DNA so that doctors can quickly and easily identify disease and prescribe effective medication.
Phil Muncaster, 07 Apr 2013
The Moon

NASA rules out leading new human lunar expedition

NASA isn't interested in leading any new human expeditions to the Moon - but the space agency may help other nations put boots on Luna under the right circumstances.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Apr 2013

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