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IBM socialises Notes mail to stop your yammering

IBM has released its first Big-blue-branded version of Notes, emphasising its social-media-like features and the ability to create “embedded experiences” in a new email client that aims to let you spend more time each day doing email.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Apr 2013

Court refuses to block Aereo's personal streaming TV service

The New York Second Circuit Court of Appeals has refused a request by the big networks to shutter the TV streaming service Aereo set up by billionaire media mogul Barry Diller.
Iain Thomson, 02 Apr 2013

Former WinPhone exec tapped for skunkworks Amazon gig

Charlie Kindel, a former Microsoft exec who once managed developer outreach for Windows Phone, among other things, has reportedly joined Amazon to oversee a secret project in "a totally new area" for the online retailer.
Neil McAllister, 02 Apr 2013

IT and comms power consumption could surge in 2013

An Italian researcher has predicted that the global Internet's power demands will surge by 19 percent during 2013, compared to 2012 – and that over time, such ballooning electricity demand will become unsustainable.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Apr 2013

OpenDNS plots expansion with new funding

OpenDNS is plotting an expansion both to its global presence and to the services it offers, with the appointment of former Juniper EVP Stefan Dyckerhoff joins as a member of the OpenDNS board, bringing with him an unspecified slab of funding under his Sutter Hill Ventures fund.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Apr 2013

Lotsa lasers an option for the Next Big Physics

If you thought the world of big physics was drawing to a close with the confirmation that yes, the Higgs boson appears to be a boson and appears to be a Higgs, think again: CERN's boffins, along with thinkers of deep thoughts from École Polytechnique, Southampton University's Optoelectronics Centre and Jena are imagining what the world's next generation of particle accelerators may look like.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Apr 2013

Virty network whisperer Midokura takes VC cash

Software-defined networking startup Midokura has raised $17.3m to help it hunt a rarely seen creature: a punter who actually pays for SDN.
Jack Clark, 02 Apr 2013
management cloud8

Amazon joins Dropbox clones, hints at cloud storage margins

Amazon.com has become the latest outfit to decide copying Dropbox is a fine idea, further cloudifying its Cloud Drive with a desktop client that does the usual store 'n' synch between multiple devices while also offering some interesting insights into cloud economics.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Apr 2013

Rocket boffinry in pictures: Gulp the Devil's venom and light a match

FeatureIt's been more than 70 years since the first successful test flight of the German Vergeltungswaffe 2 (V2) - the weapon that paved the way for subsequent rocket-based efforts to escape Earth's surly bonds.
Lester Haines, 02 Apr 2013

BitTorrent opens kimono, gets out one-to-many streaming tool

BitTorrent’s live streaming protocol has finally emerged into the daylight after years of development. The beta program is now public. You can try it.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Apr 2013
A five rack OpenStack cloud controlled by Nebula One

Ex-NASA OpenStackers launch Nebula cloud control freak appliance

Chris Kemp, the former NASA CTO who helped build the wonking Nebula infrastructure cloud for the US space agency and the techie from the NASA side who spearheaded the development of OpenStack along with Rackspace Hosting, knows about as much about control-freaking clouds with OpenStack as anyone else on the planet – and that's why he founded a company called Nebula that seeks to make private clouds easier to build and operate.
Happy Valley Racecourse Hong Kong stands

Hi-tech horses racing: how to stay Happy down in the Valley

Hong Kongers love to gamble. It’s a serious business over here, and one that can generate at least HK$100m (£8.5m) in turnover from every race.
Phil Muncaster, 02 Apr 2013

Just what is Oracle going to plop out as its golden storage egg?

AnalysisWhat's going on with Oracle storage? Besides tape, which seems to be doing fine, does the IT giant have a long-term, viable external storage array product line at all?
Chris Mellor, 02 Apr 2013
Apple iPad with Retina Display

How the iPad ruined the lives of IT architects

For IT architects, one of the most important non-functional requirements to determine is the availability needs of a system’s users.
Gavin Payne, 02 Apr 2013
The Turbo Ace Octocopter. Pic: Turbo Ace

Animal Liberation drone surveillance plan draws fire

Animal Liberation Australia has acquired a drone and plans to fly over farms and film animal cruelty.
Simon Sharwood, 02 Apr 2013
Egnyte cloud diagram

Sync'n'share specialist Egnyte signs senior staff to spark growth

Cloud storage and sync'n'share startup Egnyte is trying to ignite its growth rocket boosters by adding fresh new executives and board directors.
Chris Mellor, 02 Apr 2013

So, Twitter. 200m twits. How will you make your first billion? Oh, ads.

Microblogging website Twitter is all set to tweet its way into billion-dollar revenues in the next two years, apparently thanks to its growing mobile ad revenue.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Apr 2013
Jabra Revo

Review: Jabra Revo Wireless headphones

I’ve tried a fair few wireless headphones over the past ten years, almost all of them unsatisfactory in one way or another. Many of the early ones were over-the-ear jobs with those round-the-back-of-your-head bands, but all suffered from either excessive weight - thanks to the on-board battery - or simply didn’t play for long. Even those with shorter battery lives tended to be bulky, and they all came with clunky adaptors for iPods, hi-fi and such.
Tony Smith, 02 Apr 2013

Net neutrality? We've heard of it, says Ofcom

Ofcom's annual plan is out, setting the regulator's priorities for the next 12 months, and while much of it is structured diagrams and aspirational statements there are some snippets worthy of greater attention.
Bill Ray, 02 Apr 2013

Head of privacy at Google leaves. Yes, that's a real job

Google's top privacy wonk Alma Whitten is stepping down from her role at the company after three years in the job.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Apr 2013

Merde! Dummkopf! Google Translate used as spam cloak

Spammers are using Google Translate to disguise links to dodgy websites.
John Leyden, 02 Apr 2013

Judge: Facebook must see Timelines Inc in court over trademark

Facebook has failed to convince a judge to toss out a trademark infringement lawsuit regarding the free content ad platform's use of the term "Timeline".
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Apr 2013
Tesla photo via Shutterstock

Model S selling better than expected, says Tesla

Tesla Motors has sold a few more electric cars than anticipated, prompting the Elon Musk-run biz to cautiously expect a profit in the first quarter of 2013.
Jasper Hamill, 02 Apr 2013

Brits, Germans, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italians ALL to probe Google

Google faces possible legal action from six different data protection regulators in Europe - including the British Information Commissioner - after the advertising giant failed to comply with an order to make changes to its privacy policy.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 Apr 2013

Federal lawyers, MIT threatened following Aaron Swartz' death

Prosecutors associated with the case against the late Aaron Swartz have received "harassing and threatening communications", including postcards of disembodied heads pictured next to guillotines.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Apr 2013

Steve Jobs to supervise iPhone 6 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Apple designed the next two versions of the iPhone while Steve Jobs was alive, it has been claimed.
Jasper Hamill, 02 Apr 2013

ROBOT COCKROACH SWARM unleashed in Sheffield lab

VidRobot boffins have trained a swarm of mini-machines to work together, finding each other and grouping together to carry out simple tasks.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Apr 2013

EMC chief: Why today's IT channel will soon cease to exist

If I had to suggest just one hallmark of the IT channel, I would choose stability.
Philippe Fosse, 02 Apr 2013

Boss of Irish-based R&D hub: Man, this place is the back of beyond

EMC Ireland country manager Bob Savage is distinctly underwhelmed by Cork Airport.
Chris Mellor, 02 Apr 2013

Paul Allen gets out wad, plans investments in Silicon Valley firms

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is dipping into his billionaire pockets for an office in Silicon Valley to make new investments in emerging tech and internet companies.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 02 Apr 2013
Emulex logo

Boardroom brouhaha brewing at Emulex after Endace buy

You win some; you lose some. Emulex has completed its acquisition of networking analytics company Endace against the opposition of activist investor Elliott Management, but had to accept the appointment of two Elliott nominees to its board.
Chris Mellor, 02 Apr 2013

HP fuels second-gen Moonshot servers for April 8 launch

The next-generation of HP's "Project Moonshot" super-dense servers for hyperscale data centers, code-named "Gemini", are being prepped for their long-awaited launch next Monday.

China to Apple: 'Apology accepted – but watch your step'

Proving that state-controlled media can turn on a dime when they see it to their advantage, the Chinese tabloid Global Times, a subsidiary of the Communist Party of China's People's Daily, has praised Apple CEO Tim Cook's open letter, issued Monday, in which he offered his "sincere apologies" for Apple's customer-service practices.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Apr 2013

Newvem enlists tech support friends to squelch AWS hiccups

Newvem, which has carved a niche for itself babysitting compute and storage capacity on the Amazon Web Services cloud with its Cloud Care service, is now brokering tech-support services with third parties to help get their AWS setups correctly configured and keep them that way.

Playboy submits to Apple with nudity-free 'Pornography 2.0' app

Playboy has finally produced an iOS app that gets around Apple's rather prudish attitude to things even mildly pornographic: an online edition that excludes the long-standing grumble mag's main selling point.
Iain Thomson, 02 Apr 2013

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

Microsoft has thought long and hard about what to officially call the forthcoming Windows 8 upgrade package codenamed "Windows Blue", and the verdict is ... Windows 8.1.
Neil McAllister, 02 Apr 2013
Close up of elephant's face. Photo by Shutterstock

VMware teaches Serengeti big-data virt new Hadoop tricks

It comes as no surprise that VMware wants companies to run everything virtually rather than on bare metal, and for several years it has pushed the idea of virtualizing the Hadoop stack to make it run better and easier to manage. The tool it created to do that, called Project Serengeti, now has some feature tweaks to try to entice more big data cluster builders give it a whirl.

ICANN under fire as Verisign warns of rushed domain-name expansion

ICANN's big generic top-level domain (gTLD) rollout, planned for April 23, needs to be delayed because the system isn't ready, Verisign and others are warning – and ICANN itself has told The Register that the first gTLD domains won't come online until at least August.
Iain Thomson, 02 Apr 2013

'Australia's so big freight costs are high' claims don't add up

One of the fallback positions of IT vendors defending their high Australian prices has been to remind Australia that shipping and transport are expensive here.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Apr 2013

Alcatel-Lucent uncloaks its software-defined network tech

Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Nuage Networks has leaped into the crowded money-pit of software-defined networking (SDN) with a technology suite designed for carriers and large enterprises.
Jack Clark, 02 Apr 2013

Memory vendors pile on '3D' stacking standard

More memory responding faster in a smaller footprint: that's what chip vendors are hoping to achieve with the announcement of the HMC 1.0 specification.
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Apr 2013

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