1st April 2013 Archive

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  • Cricketer the face of in-car heads-up satnav

    A 'Boon' for drivers

    Bootnotes 01 Apr 00:04

  • Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix

    Cook Islands entity claims rights to code present in *nix, MacOS, Windows

    Operating Systems 01 Apr 00:36

  • Facebook buys Dummly from outernet prodigy Dick D'Miner

    Our journo bravely brings you the news from 2023

    Networks 01 Apr 09:03

  • 'Super' market tops $11.1bn, propped up by massive sales

    But can high-end HPC keep growing like this?

    HPC 01 Apr 16:07

  • Apple denied trademark protection for 'iPad mini'

    Kindly – if dim – reviewer offers advice on application revision

    Tablets 01 Apr 18:51

  • Veiny green 'scum' meteorite may be first visitor from Mercury

    Four billion year-old Moroccan mystery explained

    Science 01 Apr 18:54

  • Facebook prepares to dominate Android

    'We'll own your homescreen'

    Phones 01 Apr 19:44

  • World's first petaflops super dumped on scrap heap

    Moore's Law, not Wile E. Coyote, brings down Roadrunner

    HPC 01 Apr 21:11

  • Music resale service ReDigi loses copyright fight with Capitol Records

    Judge: Infringement is all it's good for

    Media 01 Apr 21:32

  • Call centers under attack in targeted cyber-blackmail scheme

    Crooks blasting public-safety phone lines with calls

    Security 01 Apr 23:56

  • Tim Cook eats necessary crow, apologizes to China

    State media: Apple 'greedy' and 'incomparably arrogant'

    Mobile 01 Apr 23:58