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Google Street View releases devastated Fukushima town tour

PixGoogle has released Street View images of the unfortunate town of Namie-machi, Japan, which was devastated by the March 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and the tsunami it caused, then rendered uninhabitable by the Fukushima Daichi nuclear cockup.
Rik Myslewski, 29 Mar 2013

Sprint, Softbank to swear off Huawei kit as condition of merger

A US Congressman has said that Sprint and its Japanese suitor Softbank have both pledged not to use equipment manufactured by China's Huawei in Sprint's wireless network, a move that could help the companies clear a hurdle in their planned merger.
Neil McAllister, 29 Mar 2013

FBI on trial for warrantless Stingray mobile spying

In an Arizona court case, the FBI has been forced to defend its use of a phony cellphone tower dubbed Stingray that it's using to analyse mobile phone traffic and identify suspects.
Iain Thomson, 29 Mar 2013

A lightbulb that does IPv6: You know you want it

Mesh-networking standard ZigBee now has support for IP, allowing embedded devices (from 'leccy meters to lightbulbs) to be directly addressed as long as the addresser is using IPv6.
Bill Ray, 29 Mar 2013
100 Per Cent Design

WTF is... the Quantified Self?

FeatureThe woman sitting opposite me on the Tube is reading a book. She turns the page and I watch her hand come up to her face. She strokes her lips, and then the fingertips disappear into her mouth: she’s nibbling the nail of her ring finger.
Chris Bidmead, 29 Mar 2013

'I've read all the Harry Potters - and I'm proud to have done so for adverts'

QuotWThis was the week when Stephen Fry didn't get upset with The Register, he just called everyone at Vulture Central "cruel and vicious".
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Mar 2013
Personality glasses - Joe 90

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

Something for the Weekend, Sir?“My nephew bought me one of those iPad things for my birthday.”
Alistair Dabbs, 29 Mar 2013

Gartner forecasts pro 3D printer prices below $2,000 by 2016

Analyst house Gartner has caught the 3D printing bug with its latest forecast on the future of the industry, and predicts enterprise-quality printers being cheap and plentiful by 2016.
Iain Thomson, 29 Mar 2013
HP Envy x2 Windows 8 convertible

Relaxed Windows 8 rules hint at smaller slabs to come

Microsoft has quietly changed its OEM certification guidelines for Windows 8 to allow devices with lower screen resolutions, a move that could mean smaller Windows tablets are on the way.
Neil McAllister, 29 Mar 2013

Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks DIE

AnalysisMajor adoption of public cloud computing services by large companies won't happen until the current crop of IT workers are replaced by kiddies who grew up with Facebook, Instagram, and other cloud-centric services – so says Rackspace CTO John Engates. Should we be worried?
Jack Clark, 29 Mar 2013

Boffins birth man-sized military ROBOT JELLYFISH

VideoA team of robotics researchers at Virginia Tech (VT) are using a university swimming pool to show off their latest creation, an autonomous robotic jellyfish developed for the US Navy that's capable of swimming a payload of technology into position off enemy shores.
Iain Thomson, 29 Mar 2013
Concept art of a hypothetical HTC Facebook phone

Smartphone running 'Facebook OS' said to debut this week

Facebook has sent out invitations to an event at its Menlo Park headquarters this week that many believe will see the launch of a new, Facebook-branded smartphone – and an Amazon phone may not be far behind.
Neil McAllister, 29 Mar 2013

Giant solar-powered aircraft to begin cross-country flight

The photovoltaics-powered Solar Impulse HB-SIA aircraft has arrived at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley's Moffett Field to prepare for a flight across the US.
Rik Myslewski, 29 Mar 2013

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