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Google Translate for Android adds offline translation option

The latest update to the Google Translate app for Android aims to solve one of its trickier issues: how to use the app when you're traveling abroad without incurring expensive overseas data roaming charges or fiddling with foreign SIMs.
Neil McAllister, 28 Mar 2013
HTC 8X Windows Phone 8

Microsoft says WinPhone outselling iPhone, BlackBerry

Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone in seven nations, says Microsoft mouthpiece corporate vice president of corporate communications Frank X Shaw.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Mar 2013

Boffins brew eyes on bugs' wings

Scientists at an Australian university have grown eye cells on Cicadas' wings, after noticing that the nano-structures on that part of the insects' bodies have anti-bacterial properties.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Mar 2013

Oz states count cars using Bluetooth

The government of Australia's Capital Territory (ACT) has issued a statement about the use of Bluetooth-sniffing technology for traffic studies.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Mar 2013

Indonesia: e-commerce firms must have local domain

Indonesia will effectively ban cross-border e-commerce and make it harder for foreign firms looking to invest in the country, by mandating that anyone wanting to sell goods online must register a local .ID domain.
Phil Muncaster, 28 Mar 2013
The chinese characters for China as used in the new .中国  domain

Chinese game addict MURDERS girlfriend after she leaves him

A Chinese man with a gaming addiction has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend in a jealous rage and, after doing the deed, using her credit card to buy more time playing games.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Mar 2013

Entire internet credits snapper for taking great pic while actually dead

One of the web's best loved classic photographs - universally credited to the great photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson - was taken just six years ago, quite some time after Cartier-Bresson's death. Let's meet the bloke who snapped it.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 2013

Watchdog warns UK.gov not to create 'them and us' digital divide

The National Audit Office has warned that the British government's fixation with its digital-by-default agenda could create a "them and us" mentality that excludes more vulnerable members of society who don't access the internet.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Mar 2013
Wonder Woman

Cloud chairwoman crashes down through glass ceiling, grabs the CEO helm

Storage-in-the-cloud startup Nirvanix has joined HP and Yahoo! in appointing a female CEO.
Chris Mellor, 28 Mar 2013
US flag

US bill prohibits state use of tech linked to Chinese government

In one of the first clear signs of a tougher stance on China, a new US spending bill has banned government agencies from buying any technology from companies thought to be “owned, operated or subsidised” by the People’s Republic.
Phil Muncaster, 28 Mar 2013
The smart badge

Motorola minimum-wage sheriffs ride in to SAVE the HIGH STREET

Ready to save the high street comes a smart badge from Motorola, promising to turn physical shopping into a connected experience designed to lure back the Amazon generation.
Bill Ray, 28 Mar 2013

ASA says 'unlimited' broadband can have 'moderate' limits on it

Britain's advertising regulator has upheld complaints brought against Virgin Media by BSkyB and BT over the cable company's "unlimited" broadband claims.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Mar 2013
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Modern UI

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

I’ve tried out quite a few variations on the Windows 8 theme just lately – touchscreen notebooks mainly – but I’ve been dabbling with Boot Camp and virtual machine incarnations on the desktop too but without the finger friendliness. So trying out Lenovo’s business-centric ThinkPad Tablet 2 seemed like it would be an easy transition.
Bob Dormon, 28 Mar 2013

Speaking in Tech: In-flight fondling, hands-free servers, what could go wrong?

Team Register, 28 Mar 2013

Reg man bested in geek-to-geek combat - in World War 3 nerve centre

Geek's Guide to BritainDuring the Cold War, Neatishead in Norfolk was theoretically the worst place in the UK to live: the nearby RAF base would be target Number One if the Russians nuked us.
Dominic Connor, 28 Mar 2013

Paypal struggles free of VMware lock-in, goes with OpenStack

Paypal is floating thousands of its servers on open-source OpenStack and sidelining VMware to become faster than smaller competitors at building payment apps for the cloud.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Mar 2013

Pyongyang Photoshop tomfoolery shows wet Norks, skirts blown up

North Korea's official press agency has been caught with its hands in the Photoshop copy-and-paste jar, in a hopelessly bodged attempt to big up the amphibious-landing capability of the country's hovercraft.
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2013

MI5 undercover spies: People are falsely claiming to be us

British spook hive MI5 has taken the unusual step of placing a front-page warning on its website about a financial scam carried out by people pretending to be spies or the agency's director general.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2013

Orange is the new TalkTalk of the broadband complaints league

Orange is once again the most whinged about telco in the UK, the communications watchdog Ofcom confirmed today.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Mar 2013

Man's 'I own half of Facebook' claim branded 'fabrication' by judge

A US judge has recommended that the lawsuit of Paul Ceglia, the New York wood-pellet salesman who claimed he owned half of Facebook, be thrown out because it's a pack of lies.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Mar 2013

Boffins probe into moons – and associated rings – 'beyond snow line'

Saturn's rings have been knocking around the galaxy since around the time our Solar System was born, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has shown. Though not in ring form the whole time, obviously.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Mar 2013

Spotting a Big Data faker as you set up Big Data for someone

Having read my last Big Data piece, I fear that some of you will try to blag your way out of the declining Oracle/Java/VB market without the legs to support what’s on your CV.
Dominic Connor, 28 Mar 2013

BlackBerry results not as bad as they possibly could have been

Year-end financial results from BlackBerry appear to show a company stemming the losses and slowly gaining ground, but with a very long climb ahead and no proof it's going to make it.
Bill Ray, 28 Mar 2013

Rackspace gobbles Exceptional Cloud Services for Redis smarts

Just a month after chowing down on MongoDB provider ObjectRocket Rackspace is announcing plans to devour another company, this time gobbling up a Redis hoster Exceptional Cloud Services.
Jack Clark, 28 Mar 2013
Some wires and a switch

IT Pro confession: How I helped in the BIGGEST DDoS OF ALL TIME

Sysadmin blogI contributed to the massive DDoS attack against Spamhaus. What flowed through my network wasn't huge - it averaged 500Kbit/sec – but it contributed. This occurred because I made a simple configuration error when setting up a DNS server; it's fixed now, so let's do an autopsy.
Trevor Pott, 28 Mar 2013

Living in the middle of a big city? Your broadband may still be crap

Living in a city centre is no guarantee of nimble broadband speeds in Blighty, as download rates are a postcode lottery.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Mar 2013

Lost CASSiE search moves up a gear

Elite teams of Warwick University quadcopter operatives will take to the skies this weekend in search of CASSiE the Cosmic Hedgehog, missing since a high-altitude ballooning (HAB) mission went off the radar somewhere over Oxfordshire or Warwickshire.
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2013
tumbling dice

Gartner's gurus forecast future tech spending splurge

Gartner's analysts have used their highly-tuned abdominal sensing units and cerebral computing powers to forecast worldwide IT spending will rise to a whopping $3.92 trillion come 2014.
Chris Mellor, 28 Mar 2013

BIGGEST DDoS in history FAILS to slash interweb arteries

AnalysisThe massive 300Gbit-a-second DDoS attack against anti-spam non-profit Spamhaus this week didn't actually break the internet's backbone, contrary to many early reports.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2013

Google vows no patent prosecution for open source cloud tech

Google has vowed to not sue users, distributors, or developers of technologies covered by some of its key patents, and has started out by protecting the cloudy Hadoop community.
Jack Clark, 28 Mar 2013

Wisconsin man cuffed over Koch-blocking DDoS attack

A 37-year-old Wisconsin man has been charged over his alleged involvement in denial-of-service attacks against Koch Industries.
John Leyden, 28 Mar 2013

Congress plans to make computer crime law much, much worse

CommentIn the wake of the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz, there have been many calls to reform the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act used to prosecute him.
Iain Thomson, 28 Mar 2013

Texas judge sends Uniloc packing in Rackspace patent suit

In a rare move, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has granted early dismissal of a patent lawsuit filed by Uniloc against Rackspace, having found that Uniloc's patent described nothing more than a mathematical formula and was therefore invalid.
Neil McAllister, 28 Mar 2013

Google Shopping Express dips toe in same-day home delivery

Google will try to beat Amazon and eBay at their own games with a trial same-day home delivery service for online shoppers that will see Google-branded vans dropping off goods down the length of Silicon Valley.
Iain Thomson, 28 Mar 2013

Apple files patent for iPhone with wraparound display

Apple, whose iPhone has been criticized for having a display that's relatively small when compared with smartphones such as the Samsung S4 and HTC One, has filed a patent application that proposes a novel solution: a display that wraps around the entire handset.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Mar 2013

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