26th March 2013 Archive

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  • Cisco to acquire services management firm SolveDirect

    First partially funds, then gobbles up management toolmaker

    Business 26 Mar 00:38

  • Curiosity out of safe mode, doing science again

    Next challenge: stop the Sun corrupting packets

    Science 26 Mar 01:03

  • Transfield scores Sydney NBN build contract

    $AU170 million for first two years

    Government 26 Mar 02:18

  • Sony joins iWear face-off

    LG also puts hand up in world+dog post-smartphone melee

    Hardware 26 Mar 02:38

  • Mobile location data identifies individuals

    You are where you go

    Security 26 Mar 03:15

  • Bill Gates offers big bucks for better condoms

    Blue screen of family planning

    Science 26 Mar 03:47

  • CERN re-opens 'Animal Shelter for Computer Mice'

    Is the large hadron collector warping time?

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 04:25

  • US democracy activists lose case against Baidu and China

    Manhattan court is not the place to sue a country, says judge

    Law 26 Mar 05:09

  • Security damn well IS a dirty word, actually

    Wash your mouth out with TLS 1.2

    Data Centre 26 Mar 05:58

  • Wireless charging on the Galaxy S4: Samsung goes VHS not Betamax

    'A harmless fling', sniffs jilted Qualcomm

    Mobile 26 Mar 07:02

  • Join us now for all the storage whispers: Heard about the XtremIO buy?

    CEO cheeks positively aflame, they do say

    Storage 26 Mar 07:33

  • No Skype traffic released to cops or spooks, insists Microsoft

    The numbers on Redmond's plod-spy squealing dealings

    Security 26 Mar 07:58

  • Brocade's fat pipes a-singin' the Fibre Channel song

    And FCoE? Yes, what about it? Exactly

    Storage 26 Mar 08:32

  • Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault

    Make networks admit price changes? Noooo!

    Mobile 26 Mar 08:53

  • Whoops! Tiny bug in NetBSD 6.0 code ruins SSH crypto keys

    'Random numbers are too important to be left to chance'

    Security 26 Mar 09:28

  • iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close

    Why are we giving these playthings of the Devil to kids?

    Hardware 26 Mar 10:00

  • Inside Adastral: BT's Belgium-sized broadband boffinry base

    Drive-by bragging rights

    Broadband 26 Mar 10:28

  • Roomba dust-bust bot bods one step closer to ROBOBUTLERS

    Crisp packets, used tissues no problem for 10-GFLOPS brain

    Hardware 26 Mar 11:00

  • The battle for control at the firm that brought SSD to the enterprise

    What have you done for us lately, moan hedgies

    Storage 26 Mar 11:31

  • Fortinet nabs wily Coyote and its slice of security appliance cake

    Or perhaps we mean pie. Made of meaty customers, anyway

    Security 26 Mar 11:56

  • Google turns South African schools into White Spaces

    Trying to get the government on-side

    Mobile 26 Mar 12:23

  • Experts doubt Anonymous Mossad spy outing claims are kosher

    Tinker, tailor, soldier, cobblers

    Security 26 Mar 12:56

  • BT scores £146 meellion more UK.gov cash to fibre up Balamory

    BDUK? BTUK, more like. And no, it won't be here in 2015

    Broadband 26 Mar 13:58

  • Are you in charge of a lot of biz computers? Got Java on them?

    Your ass is 94% hanging in the breeze, my friend

    Security 26 Mar 14:56

  • 'End the commercial-in-confidence CROOKS' CHARTER', gov told

    Rip the cloak off the ripoff deals, advise Cabinet Office

    The Channel 26 Mar 15:54

  • Angry commentard mobs to feel Facebook jackboot in site tweak

    So much for free speech, eh?

    Media 26 Mar 17:04

  • Rivals may form alliance against Michael D in struggle for Dell

    Does beefy investor doubleteam spell a quell for el Dell?

    The Channel 26 Mar 17:36

  • Dragon capsule makes fiery entrance, safe splashdown

    Second SpaceX mission ends well

    Science 26 Mar 18:34

  • Oracle's new T5 Sparcs boost scalability in chip and chassis

    Also aims brawny M4 – scratch that – M5 CPU at big-iron workloads

    Servers 26 Mar 20:00

  • Business intelligence startup tarts up Hadoop for managers

    Platfora puts lipstick on the elephant

    Applications 26 Mar 20:43

  • Foundry Networks CIO charged in $29m insider trading scam

    Loose lips sink careers

    Financial News 26 Mar 20:46

  • T-Mobile US announces 'no BS' rate plans, iPhones, LTE

    New BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung mobes coming, too

    Mobile 26 Mar 21:28

  • Slime mould mashup models fiendish computing problem

    A travelling salesman walks into a blob...

    Science 26 Mar 22:06

  • Ellison aims his first Oracle 'mainframe' at Big Blue

    T5 takes the lead from Power and x86, Big Larry claims

    Servers 26 Mar 23:10

  • Swedish linguists nix new word after row with Google

    Online ad giant said 'nej!' to 'ogooglebar'

    Bootnotes 26 Mar 23:15