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A screengrab of greyed-out wifi button on iOS6, credit Jong186 on Apple forums

Apple buys indoor mapper WiFiSLAM

Apple has acquired mapping company WiFiSLAM, in a move one hopes can only improve the quality of its inaccurate and oft-derided maps service.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Mar 2013
pic of toddler and baby with compression results

Nokia deflates Google's video codec thought bubble

Nokia has published an IETF patent declaration that could spell trouble for Google's hopes to pitch VP8 as a new standard codec.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Mar 2013

India may can low cost Aakash tablet project

The Indian government may pull the plug on its ambitious but misfiring plan to put a low-cost Aakash tablet in the hands of 50 million students across the country.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Mar 2013
lutetium rare earths element

Japan's rare earth discovery bad news for China's monopoly plans

Japan is celebrating the find of an “astronomically” high level of rare earth deposits at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a discovery which will further undermine China’s failing attempts to control the global supply of the substances.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Mar 2013
Eufa Euro 2012 app QR code

Chinese graves use quick response codes to recall the dead

Japan’s reputation as a global technology trend setter has received some rather unlikely validation: after graves in the country started sporting QR codes, the little squares of encoded data have now appeared in cemeteries in China. The codes are placed to provide links to information about the deceased.
Phil Muncaster, 25 Mar 2013

No, really: Austrians develop hi-tech jewellery made out of concrete

A Viennese designer has just snagged a prestigious international award for his new line of jewellery, which uses a new high-tech process to fashion the ornaments out of concrete.
Lewis Page, 25 Mar 2013

Maybe don't install that groovy pirated Android keyboard

A mobile software developer has turned an popular third party Android mobile keyboard called SwiftKey into a counterfeit package loaded with a trojan as a warning about the perils of using pirated or cracked apps from back-street app stores.
John Leyden, 25 Mar 2013
MLC Only big

Flash card latency: Time to get some marks on benches

Fusion-io flash cards outperformed a slew of competitors in a Marklogic NoSQL benchmark reported by StorageReview - for which much thanks.
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2013

Help save the endangered QUANTUM OWL, pleads Reg man

Tin rattlerI’m sitting in Faraday’s lecture theatre where electricity was first demonstrated, taking part in yet another Royal Institution near-death experience.
Dominic Connor, 25 Mar 2013
David and Goliath in the Valley of Elah

It's a BYO-slingshot party in the Silicon Valley of Elah

Blocks and FilesSilicon Valley is the new Valley of Elah, the place where David slew Goliath by using a disruptive innovation. Today's Silicon Elah is the holy ground of Clayton Christensen's venture capitalists' bible, The Innovator's Dilemma, and its incredibly powerful idea of disruptive innovation.
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2013

The UK Energy Crisis in 3 simple awareness-raising pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, we’re about to save you reading 3,000. The UK is running out of gas. Very rapidly indeed. So much so, that shortly after Easter cuts and rationing may be introduced, with industrial users and hospitals getting preferential treatment.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Mar 2013

Bulging Kelway: Too big to get out of the obvious exits

Phil Doye acknowledges that 21 years after setting up reseller Kelway, he still doesn't have a key for the exit.
Paul Kunert, 25 Mar 2013

New-age tech marketing secrets REVEALED

Sysadmin blogTraditional marketing is all about risk management. Say nice things about your product. Do whatever you can to prevent people from saying bad things about your product. Run down the competition, but do so without being obvious about it. Never under any circumstances admit you're wrong. This "control the message" marketing philosophy is showing rapidly diminishing returns, especially when marketing to technologists.
Trevor Pott, 25 Mar 2013
The Lovell Telescope, credit Mike Peel; Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester

Reg man goes time travelling at iconic observatory

Geek's Guide to BritainThere are two ways to approach Jodrell Bank. From the north you fly through the WAGish end of Cheshire, with towns like Wilmslow and Alderley Edge housing Manchester and Liverpool’s finest and their harems. I prefer coming from the south, under the Twemlow Viaduct, a 105ft high, 500 yard long symphony of red brick, completed in 1842.
Joe Fay, 25 Mar 2013

Indie array-flogger tries to tempt flash mob with COLD HARD CASH

According to upstart Pure, other vendors' flash arrays don't deliver the advantages they are supposed to. Standing out from the crowd is what a new flash array start-up has to do, and having a marketing message saying it's a top tier all-flash array (AFA) vendor alongside EMC, NetApp and SolidFire is all very well but Pure doesn't have the brand power of EMC and NetApp nor the cloud provider niche concentration of SolidFire.
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2013

isoHunt loses appeal against search ban

Canadian file-sharing website isoHunt has lost an appeal against a court injunction that required it to filter out searches for copyrighted material. Canadian national Gary Fung, who operated the site, was ordered to filter searches for BitTorrent downloads in 2010. He was also prohibited from using the terms in the website's web-page metadata.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Mar 2013
Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

Apple share-price-off-a-cliff: Told you that would happen

I was allowed to write this piece because in November I wrote to our glorious editor after a London Quant's Group seminar to say that the price of Apple shares would tank sooner rather than later.
Dominic Connor, 25 Mar 2013

Fujitsu sloshes £800m into lukewarm UK pension bathtub

Fujitsu has announced plans to pump £800m into its British business. The Japanese tech giant was last seen dropping out of the race for £530m in taxpayers' cash to install broadband in Blighty's countryside.
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Mar 2013
Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The gaming habits of Reg readers revealed

A recent research study carried out by Freeform Dynamics we looked at the activities of Register readers with respect to smartphones, tablets, gaming and TV viewing.

South Korea data-wipe malware spread by patching system

South Korea's data wiping malware that knocked out PCs at TV stations and banks earlier this week may have been introduced through compromised corporate patching systems.
John Leyden, 25 Mar 2013

Branson, Berners-Lee, Google, £2m: LET'S SAVE THE WORLD

Google is waving £2m in front of charities, promising to donate dollops of the dosh if the orgs develop tech that improves people's lives.
Team Register, 25 Mar 2013
Woman says oops after data breach... or spome other mistake, possibly. Illustration by Shutterstock/sergey sobin

Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski

Official British National Treasure Stephen Fry has responded to El Reg teasing last week with an emotional defence of his TV voice-over work, in two impassioned audio burps this weekend.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Mar 2013

Next from Microsoft: 'Blue', the Windows 8 they hope you don't hate

VidWindows Blue - the supposedly leaked sequel to Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system - will apparently look a lot more like Windows Phone 8 and allow users to further personalise their computers.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Mar 2013

Watch the skies: SPACE HEDGEHOG plunges to Earth in Oxfordshire

Reg readers in the Leamington Spa area are asked to keep an eye out for a knitted hedgehog which may have fallen from the skies thereabouts, and is currently the focus of a frantic search and rescue operation.
Lester Haines, 25 Mar 2013
management cloud4

ElasticHosts: EIGHT resellers signed up for our white-label cloud

ElasticHosts lured one UK reseller to its white label cloud programme in each of the months since it launched last summer - eight in total.
Paul Kunert, 25 Mar 2013
Dell logo in crosshairs

Dell buy: Icahn puts more cash on table than Blackstone or Mike D

As El Reg expected, the deals offered separately by private equity firms Blackstone Group and Icahn Enterprises to take over IT giant Dell are not as generous as some have been arguing the company is worth. And, ironically, the company backed by activist investor Carl Icahn is offering considerably less than Icahn himself had argued that Dell was worth only a few weeks ago.

Yahoo! makes Brit teen app maker VERY RICH with Summly buy

Yahoo! has agreed to buy Summly - an app created by a 17-year-old Londoner that summarises news stories for smartphones, which only launched last November after Nick D'Aloisio spent two years raising over $1m in funding.
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Mar 2013

TD Azlan set to rock up at EMC, murmur sources

EMC is to sign up TD Azlan as its third UK distie with a specific focus on the small biz space, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 25 Mar 2013
Music stave

Quantum: No! Object storage CANNOT exchange data with tape!

Quantum introduced object storage to its StorNext data virtualisation product last week, saying data could be automatically moved between primary disk, object storage and tape. But actually there is effectively a wall between tape and object storage.
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2013
Shows an enhanced form of Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Gartner magicians mumble, fling bones, scrawl new disk pentacle

Gartner's magicians have thrown their animal bones and precious relics up in the air and discerned a new pattern in the way they landed; general-purpose disk arrays.
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2013

Nanowires boost photovoltaics sunlight capture by 15X

A team of European researchers has discovered that a single nanowire can concentrate the amount of solar energy delivered to a photovoltaic cell by a factor of up to 15, a breakthrough that could improve the efficiency of electricity-producing solar cells.
Rik Myslewski, 25 Mar 2013

NASDAQ's $62m apology for Facebook snafu approved by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a $63m settlement by NASDAQ OMX Group for the downtime its exchange suffered during the Facebook IPO which left traders unsure if their requested trades had gone through.
Iain Thomson, 25 Mar 2013
management big_data1

Oracle grabs Tekelec for telco assault

Oracle has added another network-focused tech company to its business as Ellison & Co. try to takeover the IT stacks of telecommunications companies.
Jack Clark, 25 Mar 2013

Rug tugged from under 2e2 after it racked up £50m loss - report

Brit IT biz 2e2 went under because its financial reports were flawed, it plunged nearly £50m into the red and its backers refused to throw good money after bad.
Paul Kunert, 25 Mar 2013

West Virginia seeks Google Glass driving ban

The next time Sergey Brin visits West Virginia, he'd better think twice before getting behind the wheel. Lawmakers in that state have proposed a new law banning the use of Google Glass and similar headsets while driving.
Neil McAllister, 25 Mar 2013
SGI logo hardware close-up

Oil giant Total shells out €60m for world's fastest private super

Total Group wants to do a better job finding oil lurking in the Earth's crust, and these days that means getting more computing power to turn the jiggling of the planet into pretty 3D pictures that show where the Black Gold might be hiding. To that end, Total is paying Silicon Graphics €60m over the next four years to build the largest privately owned supercomputer in the world – and to keep it in that position.

Florida fisherman bags two-headed MUTANT SHARK

Updated PixA Florida fisherman found an unpleasant-looking surprise in the belly of a bull shark he had just caught; a two-headed fetus ready to be born.
Iain Thomson, 25 Mar 2013

Lightspeed variable say intellectuels français

French researchers have proposed a mechanism by which the observed speed of light might not be the constant we think it is: it could, in fact, vary at the attosecond level.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Mar 2013

Microsoft splashes coat of paint on Windows 8 comms apps

UpdatedMicrosoft has announced that it will make updates to Windows 8's built-in Mail, Calendar, and People apps available via the Windows Store beginning on Tuesday, March 26.
Neil McAllister, 25 Mar 2013

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