20th March 2013 Archive

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  • Adobe reports great re$ult$ but loses CTO Kevin Lynch to Apple

    Harry Potter and the Contract of Cupertino

    Business 20 Mar 01:42

  • Report: BlackBerry BYOD-ware doesn't pass UK.gov security test

    But is 'likely' to in future, says GCHQ

    Mobile 20 Mar 01:44

  • Google adds validation to DNSSEC

    One small step by one giant foot

    Networks 20 Mar 01:45

  • Breakneck star orbits black hole at record speed

    Two million km/h SPEED DEMON

    Science 20 Mar 02:02

  • EMC2 is now EMC II, too

    Aye aye, skipper, it be time for a name change

    Storage 20 Mar 04:22

  • Kinky Android X-ray app laid bare as malware

    Symantec warns it'll try to extort victims

    Security 20 Mar 05:16

  • Google turns Street View into Mountain View

    Takes camera up Everest way...

    Networks 20 Mar 05:56

  • Dear gov cyber-ninjas, try NOT to KILL PEOPLE. Love from the lawyers

    Stick nuke plants and hospitals on no-go list too - war manual

    Security 20 Mar 07:02

  • Virgin Media boss to Osbo: Bung city fibre cash into small biz

    ISP boss reckons UK.gov should spend £75m getting offline firms online

    Broadband 20 Mar 08:03

  • Bolshy Balch Hill blasts STEC bosses after talks break down

    Increase in ops spend = NO profits - activist investor

    Storage 20 Mar 08:27

  • SCADA honeypots attract swarm of international hackers

    'Industrial control systems' faced attacks from US, China...and, er, Laos

    Security 20 Mar 09:03

  • Speaking in Tech: Smash that Kickstarter piggy bank and MAKE IT RAIN

    We chat to Google-style storage startup man about how to, er, crowdfund

    Small Biz 20 Mar 09:34

  • Whatever happened to telepresence? From $2.5m deals to free iPad apps

    It's the tech that made Microsoft feel the love for open standards

    CIO 20 Mar 10:03

  • The Register Guide to Windows Server 2012: Holistic storage

    A short extract from our ebook

    Data Centre 20 Mar 10:14

  • ICO clamps down on nuisance calls, slaps £90k fine on Glasgow firm

    Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Give us a roast spud

    Government 20 Mar 10:36

  • Reg live natter with GNOME superstar Miguel de Icaza

    Let your fingers do the talking ...

    Operating Systems 20 Mar 11:03

  • Feds cuff ex-NASA boffin at airport amid state-secret leak scare

    Bloke allegedly had one-way ticket to China with a bag full of disks

    Government 20 Mar 11:23

  • Another MYSTERY evacuation: Google UK empties swanky offices

    Gather round kids, no nipping off for a pint

    Developer 20 Mar 11:43

  • That Osbo bloke - he's on your Twitters. 'What a c**k'

    Thin-lipped chancellor joins blabber site ahead of bleak budget

    Government 20 Mar 11:57

  • The Lynx effect: The story of Camputers' mighty micro

    The cat from Cambridge that clawed its way to the top... almost

    Vintage 20 Mar 12:19

  • LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit

    Our spaceplane's rocket motor heater gets the heatshrink treatment

    SPB 20 Mar 12:37

  • South Korean TV and banks paralysed in disk-wipe cyber-blitz

    Too early to blame network meltdown on Norks

    Security 20 Mar 13:03

  • Corporate IT bod? Show 'em what it costs and management WILL pay

    If you don't do it, pricy outsourced crew will

    Jobs 20 Mar 13:25

  • Brit Bill Gates writes ANOTHER open letter to HP board

    Pleads for Big Reveal at AGM

    The Channel 20 Mar 13:43

  • Twitter patents sending messages, promises not to sue everyone

    Do no evil - we've heard THAT one before

    Law 20 Mar 14:03

  • Osborne slashes growth forecast by half in bleak economy statement

    'I will be straight with the country, we're screwed'

    Government 20 Mar 14:33

  • Mobile kingpins to marketing mavens: Bonking is brilliant, wanna try?

    But first, let's loosen you up with a little jazz

    Mobile 20 Mar 15:04

  • Riak cloud storage's secret sauce splashed all over the web

    NoSQL biz Basho attempts to woo developers with code

    Applications 20 Mar 15:24

  • 1,600 to lose jobs during ST-Ericsson breakup

    Joint venture less joint, less venturous

    Mobile 20 Mar 16:04

  • One-time wannabe governor charged for Facebook share Ponzi scheme

    What's worse, real Facebook shares or pretend ones?

    Law 20 Mar 16:25

  • Acer's tiny raft of profit smashed onto rocks by Gateway and co

    PC maker dives into the red thanks to $120m write-down

    The Channel 20 Mar 16:58

  • Amazon boss salvages Apollo engines from watery grave

    Bezos bags historic rockets from 3 miles down

    Science 20 Mar 18:40

  • Hadoop whisperer Concurrent slurps VC money

    'In crisis there is opportunity'

    Business 20 Mar 19:07

  • Nvidia gets into the server biz with Visual Computing Appliance

    Tier one server makers embrace Grid for their own appliances

    Servers 20 Mar 19:58

  • Nvidia welds together ARM-Kepler ceepie-geepie system for the impatient

    Development board for CPU-GPU hybrid apps, or nodes in a parallel cluster perhaps

    HPC 20 Mar 20:19

  • Microsoft starts to roll out Windows 8 in embedded flavors

    Full and cut-down Windows for dumber devices

    Operating Systems 20 Mar 21:30

  • Nvidia and ARM: It's a parallel, parallel, parallel world

    Big changes coming to the CUDA programming model

    Developer 20 Mar 21:34

  • Oracle's hardware wing keeps on bleeding

    Cloud blots out Sun

    Financial News 20 Mar 22:25

  • Cisco slip puts hardware at risk

    Borg announces weak password feature

    Security 20 Mar 22:46

  • Samsung: We're doing smart watches too

    Patent lawyers uncork the champagne world-wide

    Phones 20 Mar 23:15

  • Voyager goes off a (helio) cliff

    Tiny traveller still telling tales

    SPB 20 Mar 23:47