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Nelson Mandela's island prison hell to become game

Computer game violence continues to raise hackles around the world, having been fingered as a cause of gun violence in the USA and suggested as an underminer of civility just about everywhere else.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Mar 2013

Police accuse Reuters hack of helping Anonymous hackers

The Department of Justice has charged the deputy social media editor of Reuters with helping hackers from Anonymous gain access to the main servers of the Tribune Company in 2010 so that they could deface news sites.
Iain Thomson, 15 Mar 2013

Google makes BigQuery easier to question

Google has updated its BigQuery cloud analytic service to make it attractive to people familiar with SQL.
Jack Clark, 15 Mar 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro sales CANNIBALIZING Surface RT

The bad news just keeps coming for Microsoft's vaunted line of Surface fondleslabs, with sources reporting that sales of the devices continue to disappoint.
Neil McAllister, 15 Mar 2013
Keep Calm and Save Google Reader

Don't buy a Google car: They might stop it while you're driving

Google's decision to shut down its RSS Reader product has set the internet alight with protest and migration plans.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Mar 2013
Mountain Lion

Apple tears itself away from iThings to squash Mac OS X bugs

Apple may be more interested in phones and watches these days than the 20th century legacy product that is the PC, but has nonetheless issued a new update for the operating system it still offers for the antediluvian machines.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Mar 2013

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

After weeks of hypegasmic drum-beating at a level unusual for the South Korean consumer-electronics giant, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S 4 at an embarassingly over-the-top, show-biz–infused gala on Thursday evening.
Rik Myslewski, 15 Mar 2013

NORKS says USA attack took it offline ... as if anyone could tell

North Korea is warning that the US and its allies “should be held wholly accountable” after claiming that a massive cyber attack has taken the country offline over the past two days, despite virtually no one in the secretive state being allowed on the interwebs.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Mar 2013
787 battery fire

Boeing outlines fix for 787 batteries

Boeing has outlined plans to improve the performance and safety features of the batteries used in its 787 aircraft, after two of the planes infamously experienced on-board incidents at Takamatsu and Boston, but has stopped short of offering a thorough explanation for just what went wrong.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Mar 2013

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe

Driving with an illegal or almost-illegal level of blood alcohol is often no more dangerous than taking a call using a hands-free device at the wheel, according to new research by scientists in Australia and Spain.
Lewis Page, 15 Mar 2013

LG: Oi! Samsung's not the only one with eyeball-tracking smartphones

LG announced that its Optimus G Pro smartphone will pause video playback when it detects that its owner has stopped looking at it - just hours before Samsung unveiled the same feature for the Galaxy S4.
Bill Ray, 15 Mar 2013

Crack Bombe squad dismantles Reg encryption in an hour

Crack codebreakers from the Bombe squad took just over an hour to decipher a Reg message encoded on an Enigma machine yesterday.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Mar 2013
John Robinson's Home Lab


A few weeks back VMware’s Mike Laverick told this hack about his home lab and how he used it to further his career. Plenty of you revealed your own home labs in response, so we launched the servers’n’sofas challenge to report on the very best domestic data centres.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Mar 2013

Who's riddling Windows PCs with gaping holes? It's your crApps

Nearly nine out of ten security vulnerabilities in Windows computers last year were the fault of popular third-party applications, as opposed to Microsoft's own software.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2013

Private billion buck HPC player? You're going to have to go public - and SOON

CommentWe heard a whisper that Big Data player DataDirect Networks (DDN) was thinking of going public, although marketing CEO and co-founder [Alex Bouzari recently batted the suggestion away, saying merely that it would "probably make sense at some point in the future". But regardless of the company's intentions, the question remains whether it can reasonably put off a float for more than a few years if it wants to compete seriously in the field.
Chris Mellor, 15 Mar 2013

Reader slain? 'Even the Google apologists on G+ are p****d off'

QuotwThis was the week in which the internet discovered that, astonishingly, everybody on the planet is a fan of Google Reader after Google announced it was switching off the service because no one wanted it. At least, it seemed everybody is a fan of it, judging by the outpouring of rage across the web at the news.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 15 Mar 2013
Lara Croft 2013

Trip the fight fantastic

Game TheoryAfter a gap of five weeks or so since my last column the games industry has suddenly become a whole new animal. The next generation - well, Sony’s at least - has been revealed, and games publishers are finally able to talk about developing for a new breed of consoles without resorting to coded, barely voiced communications.
Mike Plant, 15 Mar 2013
bug on keyboard

Watch out, office bods: A backdoor daemon lurks in HP LaserJets

A range of HP LaserJet printers suffer a security flaw that can leak data and passwords, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) warns. Users have been told to apply the firmware patches issued by HP that resolve the issue.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2013

LOHAN hooks up with top-flight rocketeer

The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team is delighted to announce our audacious ballocket mission now has a top-flight rocketeer on board to handle the power plant for our Vulture 2 spaceplane.
Lester Haines, 15 Mar 2013

OpenSUSE 12.3: Proof not all Linux PCs are Um Bongo-grade bonkers

ReviewThe openSUSE project is back on track. This week version 12.3 of the Linux operating system distribution was unleashed, right on time, as a free download.
Scott Gilbertson, 15 Mar 2013
management intelligence

Googlification of Britain: Forget 'IT worker', we're all just 'digital' now

The central government CIO job vacated by Andy Nelson will not be filled, according to the Cabinet Office. Nelson was cut loose from the decision-making centre and plonked into the same role at the Department for Work and Pensions.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Mar 2013

German reselling giant Bechtle breaks €2bn sales barrier

Bechtle leaped the €2bn sales barrier for the first time last year but soaring staff costs and weakened trade in southern Europe caused a decline in profits.
Paul Kunert, 15 Mar 2013

BOFH: My HELPDESK HELL - lies, phones lines and statistics

Episode 2"I'm just a bit worried about these statistics," the Boss says, lurching into Mission Control with yet another swadge of meaningless numbers.
Simon Travaglia, 15 Mar 2013

UK cops, boffins to crack out war plan against cyber-crims

UK ministers have discovered that computer hacking is no longer the preserve of awkward teens tapping away in their bedrooms - and will now wage war on gangs raiding Brits' online accounts.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2013

EU red-tape slash shock: New tool defuses web shop argy-bargies

Online traders will be able to resolve contractual disputes with consumers based in other EU countries through a new online dispute resolution (ODR) framework after MEPs voted to back the new regime earlier this week.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Mar 2013
iMac monolith

Touch screens and greasy mitts: All you need is glove

Something for the weekend, sir?Currently, my most generous client has conspired to have me surrounded by shiny glass and plastic rectangles between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Working night shifts always seems a little exotic at first for namby-pampy light-lubbers like myself but the novelty eventually wears off as vitamin D levels decline.
Alistair Dabbs, 15 Mar 2013
Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4: A slim stripper with palms hovering over its body

Modern smartphones are little more than promotional vehicles for manufacturer services, and the Galaxy S4 is a perfect example, arriving heavily laden with all the things Samsung thinks we should be doing with them.
Bill Ray, 15 Mar 2013
Screenshot of the Office 2013 installer for Office 365

Beijing IT biz taunts Microsoft: Show us your licence for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 customers could be in for a tricky time in China after a Beijing IT company called on Redmond to prove it has the legal authority to operate in the country or risk being blocked.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Mar 2013

MIT crypto pioneers scoop Turing Award

Two professors from MIT have won the Turing Award for their pioneering cryptography work.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2013

HTTPS cookie crypto CRUMBLES AGAIN in hands of stats boffins

Fresh cryptographic weaknesses have been found in the technology used by Google and other internet giants to encrypt online shopping, banking and web browsing.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2013
SoftLayer's data center

Report: EMC, IBM sniffing around hoster SoftLayer

SoftLayer's public cloud business has IBM and EMC sniffing around for a reported $2bn buyout as both companies look to bolster their own networks.

Google+ architect: What was so great about Reader anyway?

The chief architect for Google+ is asking Google Reader users what they liked about the due-for-execution RSS service.
Jack Clark, 15 Mar 2013

CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses

A sophisticated scheme to use a casino's own security systems against it has netted scammers $33m in a high-stakes poker game after they were able to gain a crucial advantage by seeing the opposition's cards.
Iain Thomson, 15 Mar 2013
VMware's monster VM

Can VMware boost profits by expanding from data centers to clouds?

AnalysisBig cloudy startups build their infrastructure on custom – or, at the very least, cheap – iron, and they use open source software because they like to – and often need to – tweak the systems software to make their workloads hum. And that's a problem for VMware.

Samsung's new co-CEO: 'Windows isn't selling very well'

Samsung says it will continue to produce Android phones even as it puts its weight behind the competing Tizen OS, but there's one software partner the South Korean mobile maker isn't so bullish on: Microsoft.
Neil McAllister, 15 Mar 2013

Schmidt still scanning the skies 50 years after defining the quasar

InterviewFifty years ago this Friday Dutch astronomer Maarten Schmidt revolutionized his field with a paper on quasars, the energy sources that now act as terrestrial guide points in our exploration of the cosmos.
Iain Thomson, 15 Mar 2013

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