14th March 2013 Archive

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  • Redmond to skip Patch Tuesday for Windows Store apps

    All updates, all the time for touchy-feely tiles

    Applications 14 Mar 00:38

  • VMware NSX mashes up Nicira and homegrown network virt

    Virtualizing entire data centers, including admins for systems and networks

    Data Networking 14 Mar 00:48

  • US national vulnerability database hacked

    Malware infection forces government vuln catalog offline

    Security 14 Mar 01:17

  • Google shreds Reader in new round of 'spring cleaning'

    Petition under way, 'Downfall' vid too

    Networks 14 Mar 01:26

  • Micro-drum acts as quantum memory

    NIST puts qubits in a spin

    Science 14 Mar 02:30

  • Fake fingers fool Brazilian biometrics

    Whole new frontier for giving someone the finger

    Security 14 Mar 05:02

  • Euro satellite ‘heard’ Japanese megaquake in SPACE

    Infrasound waves travelled 270 kilometers into the heavens

    Science 14 Mar 05:32

  • Plucky Swede glides spaceplane to Earth from edge of stratosphere

    Not quite 'to his feet', but top footage

    SPB 14 Mar 06:02

  • Groupon deal spam slapped by Australian regulator

    When 'unsubscribe' means 'we'll still send you email'

    Law 14 Mar 06:32

  • Blue Coat, Skype and QQ named despots' best friends

    Reporters Without Borders slams "enemies of the internet"

    Security 14 Mar 06:42

  • Flashman and the Mountain of Disk

    Data, data everywhere and only a tiny drop of SSD

    Storage 14 Mar 07:03

  • Bromium launches security-through-virtualisation tech in the UK

    Xen dads' spookware uses VM swarms to isolate foulness

    Virtualization 14 Mar 07:29

  • Applications to run more white-space Local TV stations invited

    Button 8 placement perhaps to reflect number of viewers

    Broadband 14 Mar 07:57

  • What's most important? Bandwidth over kilo-miles, or milli-watts?

    Big Blue boffins, AT&T brainboxes beg to differ

    Broadband 14 Mar 08:26

  • Bye-bye Telinco - death warrant finally issued by TalkTalk

    How long until they come for YOU@*.co.uk?

    Hosting 14 Mar 08:58

  • These mobile devices just aren't going away. What'll we do, Trevor?

    I'm a busy man, lads, but pull up a chair for a bit

    Mobile 14 Mar 09:28

  • Ten pi-fect projects for your new Raspberry Pi

    Set the cig-pack sized micro to work doing something useful

    Hardware 14 Mar 10:05

  • BT pockets more gov broadband millions. This time: Lincolnshire

    Another fibre job that won't be completed until 2016

    Broadband 14 Mar 10:25

  • Attention, CIOs: Stop outsourcing or YOU will never retire

    Youth must have its fling, says biz forum chief

    Management 14 Mar 10:44

  • Scality commits to Big Data, puts a RING on Hadoop elephant

    Also adds plug-in for OpenStack's Cinder

    Storage 14 Mar 11:04

  • HOT SWEATY RACKS blamed for Outlook.com, Hotmail MELTDOWN

    Firmware cock-up cooked servers in data-centre oven

    Cloud Infrastructure 14 Mar 11:18

  • AdBlock Plus BLOCKED from Google Play

    Apps 'for rooted phones only' still on shelf of software shop - for now

    Mobile 14 Mar 11:36

  • SimCity 4

    Well, burgher me backwards

    Games 14 Mar 12:04

  • Oracle pinches Nirvanix's marketing VP

    Joins ex-boss Scott at San Fran hangout

    Storage 14 Mar 12:14

  • Software seer shows companies path to cheaper databases

    DBSeer cuts through clouds with predictive database performance model

    Cloud 14 Mar 12:47

  • Copper load of that: Ofcom claims HUGE jump in 'average' broadband speed

    What do you mean you don't believe it?

    Broadband 14 Mar 13:15

  • We shall CRUSH you, puny ROBOT... with CHESS

    Zugzwang, overlords: Chess puzzle acts as CAPTCHA

    Security 14 Mar 13:38

  • Freeview telly channels face £240m-A-YEAR shakedown by Ofcom

    Watchdog keeps death of broadcast TV by 2026 on track

    Government 14 Mar 13:55

  • And for BlackBerry's next trick: Sawing Android, iOS IN HALF

    'Secure' biz app and data on mobes to fall under BES spell

    Mobile 14 Mar 14:48

  • $1.5k per complaint. Up to 1,900 gTLDs. Brand owners, prepare to PAY

    ICANN's new regime won't account for 'typosquatting', says expert

    Hosting 14 Mar 15:12

  • First Samsung Galaxy S4 review leak: Stop FONDLING, start FINGERING

    No need to stroke screen, claims embargo-busting journo

    Phones 14 Mar 15:39

  • EMEA server market struggles to find its footing

    Decline in Q4 not as bad as in Q3, at least

    Servers 14 Mar 16:03

  • Google sidelines Maps bloke, shifts him from 'A' to 'X'

    Jeff Huber loses geotag

    Applications 14 Mar 17:09

  • Downed US vuln catalog infected for at least TWO MONTHS

    Adobe software vulnerabilities blamed for NIST NVD infection

    Security 14 Mar 17:55

  • Aaron Swartz prosecutor accused of 'professional misconduct'

    Lawyers claim he hid evidence and abused plea bargaining

    Law 14 Mar 19:10

  • Apple's marketing honcho Schiller attacks Android, Samsung

    Iffy data right before Galaxy S IV intro? What a coincidence...

    Phones 14 Mar 19:17

  • OpenSUSE 12.3 ships, project back on track

    OpenStack, Secure Boot, and kernel 3.7 among upgrades

    Operating Systems 14 Mar 20:03

  • Netflix cracks wallet to spur open source cloud development

    $200,000 of prize money for devs building 'the missing piece of AWS'

    Developer 14 Mar 20:23

  • New nuke could POWER WORLD UNTIL 2083

    Salt reactor runs on nuclear waste

    Science 14 Mar 20:51

  • Foxtel cries wolf at the threat of fast broadband

    IFPI script gets the megaphone treatment

    Networks 14 Mar 21:37

  • Modder hacks SimCity for unlimited offline play

    DRM the only reason for game launch disaster?

    Games 14 Mar 22:03

  • Report says #Facebook #to #adopt #hashtags

    Get ready for a SHIFT-fight with Twitter

    Networks 14 Mar 23:06