13th March 2013 Archive

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  • Devs tease early screenshots of Ubuntu Touch Core Apps

    Canonical's mobes and slabs may actually be useful soon

    Developer 13 Mar 00:44

  • Boffins build robo-CHIMP for DARPA challenge

    Four hands, four tracks, and big iron inside

    Hardware 13 Mar 00:51

  • Oracle’s cloud slowly condenses

    Vaporous apps are rising as point products for social big data mobility

    Cloud 13 Mar 03:37

  • Japan to trial emergency 'calls' by Twitter in disaster zones

    Social networks could be used to trigger call-outs

    Networks 13 Mar 04:09

  • Take a temp job in Oz and become office pariah

    Temporary visas for skilled workers at center of political storm

    Jobs 13 Mar 06:05


    Naval cetaceans with guns on heads 'seeking females'

    Science 13 Mar 06:06

  • Twitter's Chinese foe is home to social media zombies

    More than half of Sina Weibo accounts inactive or unoriginal

    Networks 13 Mar 06:35

  • NetApp modifies benchmark system and - shock - comes out TOP

    Maybe it shouldn't be called 'Doing a Dot-Hill' any more

    Storage 13 Mar 07:09

  • Coca Cola in the dock over illegal China GPS map claims

    Sugar Daddy says GPS logistics tools were commercially available

    Policy 13 Mar 07:14

  • Sepaton lures Feds with TOP SECRET backup BEAST

    Adds encryption to its new 80TB per hour deduping monster

    Storage 13 Mar 08:03

  • Infinite loop: the Sinclair ZX Microdrive story

    The rise and fall of a 'revolutionary' storage technology

    Vintage 13 Mar 08:26

  • Cluster padawans vie for place in Shanghai super showdown

    Spotlight on undergrads' HPC coding skills

    HPC 13 Mar 08:58

  • Disk drive kingpin WD whips out wallet for upstart Skyera

    It's not the first time it has given flash firm a cash injection

    Storage 13 Mar 09:34

  • Perish the fault! Can your storage array take a bullet AND LIVE?

    Sysadmin Trevor's gentle guide to protecting your data - and your career

    Storage 13 Mar 10:03

  • Outages plague Hotmail and Outlook users

    'Taking longer than we thought to fix', whimpers Redmond

    Cloud 13 Mar 10:28

  • Black Tuesday patchfest: A lot of digits plug security dykes

    Adobe joins Redmond in game of vuln Twister

    Security 13 Mar 10:58

  • GoDaddy gone, daddy: Websites go titsup in server assault

    Globo-hosting biz battles DDoS attack

    Networks 13 Mar 11:17

  • Eric Schmidt trousers his monstrous package at Google

    Extra big reinforced pants needed to contain massive wads

    Financial News 13 Mar 11:39

  • Every SECOND there are EIGHT more Seagate drives in the world

    There's now one for every four humans alive today

    Storage 13 Mar 12:04

  • Rugby club doomed by 2e2 disaster rescued by Manx reseller

    Balls still taken in hand after integrator disintegrates

    The Channel 13 Mar 12:30

  • Google to pay laughably minuscule fine over Wi-Fi slurp across US

    Quick rummage down back of sofa for $7 meeellion

    Mobile 13 Mar 12:52

  • IT chiefs choose Choose-YOD over full fat BYOD for now

    BYO: Sounds great but security corkage wipes out saving

    CIO 13 Mar 13:27

  • Microsoft unveils even more tempting Kinect offering: Open source

    This has people up in arms, in a good way

    Games 13 Mar 13:58

  • JPMorgan Chase is latest US bank in MYSTERY web savaging

    Islamic 'Cyber Fighters' back for more dotcom beatings?

    Security 13 Mar 14:31

  • Foundering OCZ snatches megabuck lifeline in white-knuckled grip

    Can the money tugboat tow this leaky ship off the reef?

    Storage 13 Mar 15:03

  • VMware and partners to build uber-vCloud to take on Amazon

    Project Zephyr wasn't just whispers on the wind

    Cloud 13 Mar 15:23

  • eBay: Our paid Google advertising was a total waste of money

    The buck stops there. Well, 75¢ of it does anyway

    Media 13 Mar 15:54

  • Speaking in Tech: Cloud, yes. Doughnuts, yes! Five-mile run, NOO!

    Balancing loads: not just apps, but stuffed bellies on fun-runs too

    Cloud 13 Mar 16:26

  • Public-sector biz Civica UK flaunts fit figures to keep sugar-daddies sweet

    Will 3i float or flog outsourcing champ?

    The Channel 13 Mar 17:05

  • Oracle acquires Nimbula, buys way into open clouds

    Ellison & Co. to serve up cloud control freak with lashings of open source

    Cloud 13 Mar 17:06

  • Report: Amazon dominates global cloud spend

    IBM and BT follow, Google and Microsoft struggle

    Cloud 13 Mar 20:46

  • Adobe thinks outside box, nixes retail Creative Suite packaging

    Downloads only for Photoshop and family

    Applications 13 Mar 20:52

  • Father of Android Andy Rubin steps down for Chrome OS boss

    Pichai building one OS to rule them all?

    Business 13 Mar 21:06

  • EMC launches its cloudy Federation with Pivotal big data spinoff

    Just don't call it The Family, Wall Street tells CEO Tucci

    Cloud 13 Mar 22:16

  • Oz Bank share price dives after reveal of IBM/Oracle plan

    National Australia Bank investors don't like the look of its IT plans

    CIO 13 Mar 22:59

  • Photonic router vendor exits stealth-mode, sparks hypegasm

    Integrated photonics comes of age?

    Networks 13 Mar 23:15