12th March 2013 Archive

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  • Enormo-display Apple iPhone prototype surfaces

    'You call that a big-screen phone? This is a big-screen phone!'

    Phones 12 Mar 00:38

  • AWS plugs Node.js into Elastic Beanstalk

    Opens another front in cloud language price war

    Developer 12 Mar 00:54

  • BlackBerry stock spikes on Lenovo buyout mumble

    Chinese CEO says deal 'makes sense'

    Financial News 12 Mar 01:13

  • Amazon makes EC2 stickier with default virtual private clouds

    Software stacks jump across AWS regions, but still can't live migrate

    Cloud Infrastructure 12 Mar 01:16

  • ITU approaches Asia-Pac nations to support new ITRs

    Still seeking allies for an unloved treaty

    Policy 12 Mar 01:23

  • Earthquake killed your network? Satellite-over-balloon to the rescue!

    Softbank upgrades Japanese disaster recovery technology with space link

    Networks 12 Mar 04:13

  • Riverbed rolling script language and SDK everywhere

    GUIs waste so much time

    Data Networking 12 Mar 05:11

  • HP, SAP talking HANA-as-a-service

    New acronym! IMCaaS (In-memory-computing-as-a-service)

    Cloud Infrastructure 12 Mar 05:44

  • Elon Musk's 'Grasshopper' hover rocket scores another test success

    Another hop closer to the reusable-booster future

    Science 12 Mar 06:02

  • Japan's free public VPN project tunnels through Great Firewall

    China and Japan make friends on the interwebs

    Networks 12 Mar 06:50

  • Rise Of The Machines: What will become of box-watchers, delivery drivers?

    Recession + mechanisation = Neo tech Luddites

    Storage 12 Mar 07:03

  • Godzilla wreaks revenge on Pakistani government web sites

    Monster hacker takes out key sites to protest terror attacks

    Security 12 Mar 07:22

  • How UK gov's 'growth' measures are ALREADY killing the web

    A digital landgrab for Google, everyone else can find the EXIT

    Government 12 Mar 07:29

  • Sony chairman Howard Stringer set to retire, explore 'new world'

    First foreign CEO leaves for good

    Business 12 Mar 08:03

  • Hitachi and Siemens data-stalking firm not bugged by security bods' report

    IT monitoring outfit should be more bovvered, claims infosec firm

    Security 12 Mar 08:32

  • Intel's Centrino notebook platform is 10 years old

    The brand and the technology that made the world mobile

    Laptops 12 Mar 09:00

  • Philips pushes out SDK for multicolour Zigbee LED lights

    How many devs does it take to change a light bulb?

    Developer 12 Mar 09:33

  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus: An El Reg deep dive

    Trevor Pott feels the big business end of virtual machine giant

    Virtualization 12 Mar 10:04

  • Czechs check cheques, reject £680m 4G auction

    Watchdog halts spectrum sale, fears high costs'll be pushed onto punters

    Mobile 12 Mar 10:37

  • Computacenter profits tumble after German 'stumble'

    Flat revs, but still divvies out £75m to shareholders

    The Channel 12 Mar 10:59

  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Device - or Bring Your Own Disaster?

    Time to trust the user?

    Management 12 Mar 10:59

  • Comixology cloud fails to Make Mine Marvel

    Free first issue promo frozen after servers kerpowed

    Media 12 Mar 11:10

  • Starlight-sifting boffins can now spot ALIEN LIFE LIGHT YEARS AWAY

    New method filters out glare for rapid chemical analysis

    Science 12 Mar 11:26

  • UK Serious Fraud Office queues up to probe HP's Autonomy allegations

    ...using Autonomy's own software

    Business 12 Mar 11:44

  • Ten ten-inch tablets

    When only five-sixths of a foot will do

    Tablets 12 Mar 12:04

  • Oops, they did it again? Britney Spears, Paris Hilton 'LAID BARE ALL OVER THE WEB'

    FBI boss, Beyonce and Sarah Palin also in toxic doxing

    Security 12 Mar 12:36

  • Stats-crunchers toss ebooks into Blighty's 2013 inflation basket

    Leave Freeview box and champers balanced on sweeties rack by the till

    Media 12 Mar 13:14

  • BT denies spiralling engineer no-shows - Reg readers DISAGREE

    Telco claims missed appointments have fallen

    Broadband 12 Mar 13:32

  • Smartphone users prefer LOVELY apps to fiddly mobe websites

    They'd better load in 2 seconds or less, though

    Mobile 12 Mar 14:03

  • Muso scrapbook Soundcloud gets $50m, corporatespeak makeover

    Megabucks investment? Must talk shite

    Media 12 Mar 14:33

  • Cash-strapped AMD drills for green gold in Lone Star State

    Chip biz flogs campus for $164m, but wants to stay put

    Business 12 Mar 15:16

  • Curiosity's MYSTERY MARS find: NASA reveals THE TRUTH

    Strange dust may today unlock secrets of Martian life

    Science 12 Mar 15:39

  • PayPal privates exposed after breach on SECURITY shop

    Aghast Avast: It was a reseller, not us

    Security 12 Mar 16:03

  • Scalding clouds too hot to touch? Newvem adds heat map to AWS

    Now you can see where you are wasting money and making Bezos richer

    Cloud Infrastructure 12 Mar 17:06

  • AMD releases new 'Elite' laptop chips

    'Richland' APUs a step above last year's 'Trinity' – but not a giant step

    Hardware 12 Mar 18:35

  • On Amazon, cloud service companies put themselves at risk

    It's a risky business to swim in Bezos's petri dish

    Cloud Infrastructure 12 Mar 19:12

  • Curiosity succeeds – Mars was wet enough for life!

    David Bowie still waiting for an answer

    Science 12 Mar 19:33

  • France demands Skype register as telco

    Emergency calls, interception and tax

    Networks 12 Mar 21:43

  • Taiwanese giant Quanta sold one out of every seven servers last year

    'Hyperscale serving came to us, and we own it'

    Servers 12 Mar 21:59

  • Medicos hack iPhone into lab 'scope

    Peering into poop to spot worm eggs? There's an app hack for that

    Phones 12 Mar 22:10

  • Retailer challenges Visa penalty fees in data security dust-up

    Claims it was charged despite 'no evidence' of breach

    Business 12 Mar 22:31

  • Dell floats Boomi master data management into the cloud

    Agent in the sky to assure on-premise data reliablity

    Cloud Infrastructure 12 Mar 23:26

  • Dell, Canonical tag team on Ubuntu Server tune-up for PowerEdgies

    Expanding official support from cloudy boxes to general-purpose workhorses

    Servers 12 Mar 23:50