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Google Glass to recognize you by your FASHION SENSE

The überhyped Google Glass augmented-reality specs will take a step beyond mere facial recognition technology, and recognize you not only by your features, but by what you're wearing.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Mar 2013

MakerBot demos 3D object scanner that fits on your desk

MakerBot, producer of the Replicator line of desktop 3D printers, took to the stage at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas on Friday to demo a prototype of its first desktop 3D scanner.
Neil McAllister, 09 Mar 2013

Seattle drinking den bans Google Glass geeks

A Seattle bar has issued a preemptive ban of Google Glass to preserve the privacy of its tipplers.
Jack Clark, 09 Mar 2013

On International Woman's Day we remember Grace Hopper

FeatureOnce again some of the world is celebrating International Woman's Day (IWD), and it's time to reflect on great female role models. Ada Lovelace usually grabs most of the attention but I'd like to use IWD as an excuse to pay a tribute to a personal female hero of computing: US Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.
Iain Thomson, 09 Mar 2013

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