8th March 2013 Archive

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  • 'We the People' seek to double NASA budget – at least

    Is 1% of the total US budget too much to spend on space?

    Science 08 Mar 00:15

  • Google, MPEG LA kiss and make up in WebM patent spat

    Open source VP8 codec now officially legit

    Media 08 Mar 00:20

  • Safety authorities to hold hearings into Boeing 787's battery woes

    Investigators still stumped, fleet still grounded

    Hardware 08 Mar 00:31

  • OLPC rebuts 'kids with laptops read less' study

    Tests didn't look at overall OLPC impact, found kids weren't getting good at PC use

    Hardware 08 Mar 00:50

  • Georgia Tech proposes terabit NFC antenna

    Graphene to handle sum-millimeter radio waves

    Networks 08 Mar 01:40

  • Pwn2Own: IE10, Firefox, Chrome, Reader, Java hacks land $500k

    Google's Chrome OS withstands attack in security contest

    Security 08 Mar 02:04

  • Red Hat: We still love Java 6, even if Oracle doesn't

    Says it's taking over leadership of OpenJDK 6

    Developer 08 Mar 02:15

  • Irish Senator suggests net users register passport and IP address

    Committee hearing on abuse of social media also offers pay-to-post as troll-stopper

    Policy 08 Mar 03:07

  • Photoshop fakery exposed by fake Photoshop tool

    Free download restores models' flaws

    Software 08 Mar 04:02

  • Google sends Street View car into Fukushima dead zone

    Displaced residents of Namie can't go home, can at least Google it

    Networks 08 Mar 04:08

  • World's 'smallest' mobe unveiled in Japan

    Forget phablets, this tiddler has a one-inch screen

    Phones 08 Mar 05:42

  • IBM moves Power Systems manufacturing from Minnesota to Mexico

    A return to Guadalajara, where the weather and supply chain are better

    Servers 08 Mar 05:57

  • Canuck rumps resist Street View arsebusters

    Blue moon shines bright in Nova Scotia

    Bootnotes 08 Mar 06:02

  • Red wine may be ELIXIR OF YOUTH

    Boffins isolate ageing-retardant catalyst in bottom of bottle

    Science 08 Mar 06:11

  • Cheeky Boston fires up x86-to-ARM porting cloud for server apps

    Chuckles about 'ARM as a service' and AaaS all around

    Servers 08 Mar 06:32

  • Review: Supermicro FatTwin

    Trevor likes his servers hot and dense

    Servers 08 Mar 07:03

  • Tech titans: Give it a rest with the SEP injunctions, wouldja? - economists

    Standard-essential patent owners should be more FRANDly

    Government 08 Mar 07:32

  • The DIY spy-in-the-sky: From kites to octocopters

    A beginner's guide to aerial surveillance

    SPB 08 Mar 08:03

  • Dot Hill: Performance isn't everything... check out our, er, cheap capacity

    Storage array pusher gets creative with SPC benchmark rankings

    Storage 08 Mar 08:29

  • Congratulations, freetards: You are THE FIVE PER CENT

    Keep calm and carry on pirating, fellas

    Media 08 Mar 09:03

  • Single IPv6 packet KILLS Kaspersky-protected PCs, fix emerges

    Windows PCs frozen to death by firewall bug

    Security 08 Mar 09:36

  • 'Seriously Kelly? I may as well call YOU the unelected networks tsar'

    Plus: 'Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more?'

    Bootnotes 08 Mar 10:04

  • Malware devs offer $100 a pop for 'active' Google Play accounts

    Underground market is full of Android wrongness

    Security 08 Mar 10:37

  • Kovio gets help convincing world to buy into printed NFC

    Symphony Teleca follows Android into supporting Kovio tech

    Mobile 08 Mar 11:03

  • Microsoft preps UPDATE EVERYTHING patch batch

    Latest turn of the Hamster Wheel of Pain

    Security 08 Mar 11:19

  • Virgin Mobile doffs its cap: Web speed limit axed after outrage

    For now, at least, as telco scrambles to fix dicky network

    Mobile 08 Mar 11:44

  • Chaos Theory causes password entry pandemonium

    Justin Bieber’s balls are the key to login loghorrea

    Laptops 08 Mar 12:04

  • Google AXES another 1,200 employees from Motorola workforce

    'In markets where we're not competitive and we're losing money'

    Business 08 Mar 12:24

  • Cisco Gold partner Cisilion boosts fiscal 2012 profits

    Services comes good, competition hit hardware and software margins sales

    The Channel 08 Mar 12:30

  • LOHAN seeks rocketeer for explosive relationship

    GSOH, love of travel, Level 2 certificate...

    SPB 08 Mar 12:38

  • BAN SMUT, rage MEPs: Purpose of internet must be EXTERMINATED

    Euro grumble-flick block bid bashed as attack on freedom

    Broadband 08 Mar 12:59

  • Advanced Computer Software gulps down Computer Software Holdings

    Kerching! ACS splashes £110m cash in buyout of CSH

    The Channel 08 Mar 14:04

  • Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

    Is Microsoft listening, though?

    Operating Systems 08 Mar 14:04

  • Leaked: The 'secret OAuth app keys' to Twitter's VIP lounge

    Rogue apps could pose as micro-blogging site's Very Important Programs

    Networks 08 Mar 15:03

  • US economy defies Fiscal Cliff, creates plenty of IT services jobs

    Computer manufacturing hits the skids a bit

    Management 08 Mar 16:10

  • Yahoo! webmail! hijacks! are! back!...

    Didn't! they! fix! that?!

    Security 08 Mar 16:56

  • Private equity crew prep CDW IPO after $7.3bn buyout - report

    Hah! They said we paid too mu.. Oh crap...

    The Channel 08 Mar 17:31

  • Dear Facebook: I heard the news today, oh boy

    A lucky man who hoped to catch the ad gravy train

    Media 08 Mar 17:44

  • Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster

    Officer pulls piece from intimate hidey-hole

    Bootnotes 08 Mar 17:46

  • HTC slays Nokia's two-headed Android patent dragon in Germany

    'Another major setback' chortles mobe rival

    Mobile 08 Mar 18:04

  • Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers' products

    Partners: Cloud kingpin playing the copycat game

    Cloud 08 Mar 19:25

  • Study: Megaupload closure boosted Hollywood sales 10%

    Based on Tinseltown's figures, that is

    Media 08 Mar 19:37

  • Microsoft backs law banning Google Apps from schools

    For God's sake, think of the children!

    Cloud 08 Mar 21:34

  • Apple ordered to surrender coveted docs in iOS privacy lawsuit

    'We no longer trust you,' says court

    Law 08 Mar 22:47

  • PayPal enters 21st Century with developer tools refresh

    REST-based APIs, mobile SDK among first wave of updates

    Developer 08 Mar 23:04

  • Amazon slashes DynamoDB prices

    NoSQL flash-backed database gets cheaper

    Developer 08 Mar 23:20