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ZTE to build smartphones with Intel's new 'Clover Trail+' Atom

Chinese handset-maker ZTE has announced a "strategic collaboration" with Intel with the goal of creating a phone built around Chipzilla's new Atom Z2580 processor.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Mar 2013

Facebook builds 'McDipper' – memcached for flash

For some things you need DRAM, but for everything else there's flash.
Jack Clark, 06 Mar 2013
The second rev of the Oracle Database Appliance, with the X3-2 moniker

Oracle revs Database Appliance to X3-2 – and nearly to Exadata

If you are looking for a server appliance that is pretuned to load an Oracle database on, then Ellison & Co have a new Database Appliance X3-2 they want to introduce you to.

New evidence: Comets seeded life on Earth

Ever since its formation, the Earth has been bombarded by comets, and scientists think they now have evidence that these cosmic missiles could have carried the building blocks for life along with them when they impacted.
Iain Thomson, 06 Mar 2013

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

Gnome project cofounder and current Xamarin CTO Miguel de Icaza says he's done wrestling with Linux on the desktop, and that he now uses Apple kit exclusively for all of his workstation needs.
Neil McAllister, 06 Mar 2013
Close up of elephant's face. Photo by Shutterstock

Google in the dock over elephant ivory ads

Google has been accused of inadvertently promoting the slaughter of endangered whale and elephant species after environmentalists found tens of thousands of ads for ivory and other products on its Japanese shopping site.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Mar 2013
Cosmic rays hitting Earth

Indian atomic boffins draw up plans for 50,000 TONNE magnet

Indian engineers are drawing up plans to build the world’s biggest magnet, four times the size of the one used at CERN, as part of a massive particle physics project to be housed in a 1,300 metre deep cave.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Mar 2013

EMC loses half a BEEELLION on VCE ... but it's NOT what it seems

CommentEMC has lost a cool half billion dollars on VCE, the converged server-storage-networking biz it founded with Cisco, VMware and Intel.
Chris Mellor, 06 Mar 2013

Pirate Bay to world: We're not really off to NORKS

The Pirate Bay has admitted that its claim to have relocated its servers to North Korea was a hoax, and then had a pop at those who believed the file-sharing site the first time around.
Phil Muncaster, 06 Mar 2013

First C compiler pops up on Github

If you have a nostalgic turn of mind, there's a new posting over on Github that you'll just love: the earliest known C compiler by the legendary Dennis Ritchie has been published on the repository.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Mar 2013

Want a promotion? Study economics, says HDS economist

Want to get noticed by the higher-ups in your workplace? Forget about a new certification or home lab, an appreciation of economics and its application as a tool to define precise metrics about just what it costs to operate your employer's IT kit will see you get ahead.
Simon Sharwood, 06 Mar 2013

No.10 guru: UK tech scene is AN EXPLODING CHEESE

Rohan Silva - Downing Street's backroom adviser credited with hyping east London's Silicon Roundabout of tech startups - has given a rare interview. Speaking to WiReD UK, the "senior policy adviser" to the Prime Minister attempted to find a metaphor for the phenomenon.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Mar 2013

Germans Joyn in the operator-backed rival to Skype

Deutsche Telekom has jumped aboard the Joyn bandwagon, joining Telefonica to extend interoperable VoIP and other IP services to eighty per cent of Germans - and pushing security alongside functionality.
Bill Ray, 06 Mar 2013

Boffins implant almost-cellphone in the BRAIN

It's not really a cellular phone, but a wireless sensor that Brown University researchers developed to help capture brain-waves. But since nobody else can resist the link-bait headline, why should The Register?
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Mar 2013

O2 flogs new GPS mobile-based telecare to sick and elderly

O2 has launched the first of its mobile-based telecare services in the UK. Most of the services currently provided by pendant alarms are attached to landlines and their reach extends to the user's garden. But research shows that people feel trapped in their homes by alarms which connect to a landline, and as a consequence exercise less and become unwell sooner, so the
Simon Rockman, 06 Mar 2013
A server rack full of storage nodes

Storage management tools: Why won't it let me... GRRRR

CommentIs it important to manage an individual device very well, or the entire estate at a much higher level?
Glyn Bowden, 06 Mar 2013

So everyone's piling into PCIe flash: Here's a who's who guide

Blocks and FilesThe PCIe flash card suppliers are heading towards a battle royale: there's too many of them for a commoditising hardware business.
Chris Mellor, 06 Mar 2013

Bank whips out palm-recognition kit - and a severed hand won't work

Italian banking group UniCredit has developed a commercial biometric payment system based on Fujitsu PalmSecure palm vein reader technology.
John Leyden, 06 Mar 2013

HP pulls its Köck out of Germany, slides him into European PCs

Eric Cador - the boss of HP's PC and printer biz in Europe, the Middle East and Africa - is hanging up his boots after 28 years service. The senior veep will be replaced by fellow Hewlett-Packard exec Herbert Köck, insiders told The Channel.
Paul Kunert, 06 Mar 2013
Steam screenshot

Proto Steam box may feel your arousal, hints Valve daddy

Game developer Valve will be pushing out prototypes of its living room download-and-play games box sometime in the next “three to four months”, company chief Gabe Newell has revealed.
Tony Smith, 06 Mar 2013

HP shareholders advised to give chairman Ray Lane the boot

Two leading proxy advisors are trying to convince HP shareholders to boot out several directors over the ill-fated acquisition of Autonomy, including chairman Ray Lane.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Mar 2013

Misco does well but parent globocorp suffers full year losses

Giant reseller Systemax, better known in the UK as the parent of Misco, continues to review the operations after swinging to losses caused by the collapsing US consumer market and charges incurred by major restructuring on both sides of the pond.
Paul Kunert, 06 Mar 2013
Volvo/Ricardo Project Sartre public test

Honk if the car in front is connected

FeatureConnecting cars to the internet and to each other seems to be inevitable, whether or not you approve - and plenty don’t. Let’s face it, though, everything else is connecting to the internet, so why not your favourite drive? By 2017, according to ABI Research, a market watcher, some 50 million connected cars will be sold every year. Penetration of factory-installed safety and security telematics in new cars will this year reach 15.7 per cent of all vehicles sold. Like it or not, it’s all part of the humongous Internet of Things, and it’s happening now.
Manek Dubash, 06 Mar 2013
European Union Flag

Europe tickles Microsoft with €561m fine for browser choice gaffe

UpdatedMicrosoft has been fined €561m ($731m, £484m) by the European Commission for breaking an agreement to offer Windows users alternative web browsers to Internet Explorer.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Mar 2013

Open Garden releases v2.0 of 'crowd-sourced' mobile wireless app

Startup Open Garden has a new Android version out, allowing anyone to create a mesh network without rooting, and share that network with the world too.
Bill Ray, 06 Mar 2013

Google to offer 'same-day delivery' Amazon Prime killer - report

Google is reportedly prepping a new shopping delivery service to compete with Amazon's Prime subscriber service, called "Google Shopping Express".
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Mar 2013
Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi

Carrie Fisher dusts off THAT bikini for Star Wars VII

Carrie Fisher has confirmed she'll be resurrecting Princess Leia for the forthcoming Star Wars VII, teasing that fans will once again be treated to 'the bagel buns and the bikini' which defined the character.
Lester Haines, 06 Mar 2013

TalkTalk bigwig parks knighted-rear in cursed YouView chair

Retail genius Sir Charles Dunstone will chair the YouView consortium until a permanent appointment can be made. Sir Charlie co-founded The Carphone Warehouse and is chairman of budget ISP TalkTalk.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Mar 2013

PC World ordered to rip up promo for next-day repair promise

PC World has been ordered by the UK ads watchdog to pull claims it offers a next-day collection service for repairs under its Care Plan Premier warranty.
John Leyden, 06 Mar 2013
Licensed under creative commons (Kafa4Prez) http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en

Penguins, only YOU can turn desktop disk IO into legacy tech

Blocks and FilesWith the advent of flash-based storage memory, the prospect of banishing disk IO waits forever from transaction-based or other IO-bound server applications is close to becoming a reality. But what about desktops?
Chris Mellor, 06 Mar 2013
Boxer defeated. Pc credit: Sergey Barkov via SXC

PC market to spend ANOTHER year soaked in blood, warns IDC

The invasion of tablets, a lack of momentum for Windows 8 and tight household and business budgets will ensure the global PC market bleeds for another year.
Paul Kunert, 06 Mar 2013

'Million-strong' zombie army devours Raspberry Pi's crunchy base

The charity behind the tiny Brit computer Raspberry Pi apparently came under fire from a million-strong botnet army last night. Zombie machines were instructed by unknown assailants to launch a massive denial-of-service attack on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's website.
John Leyden, 06 Mar 2013
Ambuj Goyal, general manager IBM storage

New IBM storage chief Ambuj Goyal: I like all-flash and I cannot lie

Just two months into the job and IBM's newest storage general manager Ambuj Goyal is putting his stamp on the business.
Chris Mellor, 06 Mar 2013
OpenStack logo

Do you need to command an OpenStack cloud? Hello, Rackspace

Once you get a complex piece of software like OpenStack built, the next thing you have to do is make it easier for system administrators to use.
management cloud2

Google house Ancoris swallows Google house Appogee

Integrator Ancoris has hoovered up fellow Google specialist Appogee for an undisclosed sum to slurp its cloud app development skills.
Paul Kunert, 06 Mar 2013

VPS.net cloud hoster has a hiccup

Customers of cloud hoster VPS.net are having problems, after a routine SAN upgrade went wrong and forced a haphazard equipment migration in the company's Chicago data center.
Jack Clark, 06 Mar 2013
Screenshot of the Office 2013 installer for Office 365

Microsoft about-face: Office 2013 license IS transferable now

UpdatedIn a reversal of its previously announced policy, Microsoft says it is altering the terms of the retail Office 2013 license to remove the clause that permanently tied each installation of the suite to a single PC.
Neil McAllister, 06 Mar 2013

DOJ gives T-Mobile - MetroPCS merger the nod

The proposed merger of Deutsche Telekom's US subsidiary T-Mobile and regional carrier MetroPCS looks likely to go ahead, after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed its waiting period for objections to pass without making a comment.
Iain Thomson, 06 Mar 2013

Redmond slashing Win8, Office OEM rates for small devices

Microsoft is reportedly offering its OEM partners discounted rates on its Windows 8 and Office 2013 software, in a move designed to encourage production of more Windows-powered tablets and ultraportables.
Neil McAllister, 06 Mar 2013
Dell chairman and CEO, Michael Dell

Fund manager says Dell board has no skin in the buyout game

Southeastern Asset Management (SAM), the largest shareholder of Dell outside of the company's founder, Michael Dell, is complaining about the leveraged buyout deal that was announced a month ago. And the special committee of Dell's board members has fired back, saying that the deal is fair and so is the process that is being used to evaluate it.

RBS and NatWest FAIL downs services across UK

UpdatedThirsty NatWest and RBS customers across the UK are finding it difficult to get the last round in tonight, as the banks' systems have failed.
Jack Clark, 06 Mar 2013

Dotcom plans Mega IPO as case grinds on

As a New Zealand court takes evidence so secret even Kim Dotcom's lawyers are barred from attending, the Megaupload founder has taken to Twitter to tout plans to take his latest venture public.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Mar 2013

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