4th March 2013 Archive

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  • Evernote joins the notably hackable club

    Password reset, so sorry, no customer data at risk

    Security 04 Mar 01:54

  • Apple 'insider' explains why vid adapter hides ARM computer

    Cable might actually be worth $49 price tag

    Hardware 04 Mar 02:22

  • Google revs Motorola innovation with Guy Kawasaki hire

    'Apple Fellow' to provide excitement lessons for staid mobes unit

    Business 04 Mar 03:30

  • Huawei CEOs are 'migratory birds'

    Three of them flapping about is better than one

    Business 04 Mar 04:29

  • Japanese govt: Use operator-run app stores, not Google Play

    Info-stealing sexy wallpaper app was downloaded 500,000 times on official site

    Policy 04 Mar 05:08

  • 'Google Maps' of US White Space spectrum goes LIVE

    Mountain view trials database now - before 16Mbps devices are EVERYWHERE...

    Mobile 04 Mar 06:01

  • SpaceX Dragon eventually snared by ISS

    Time to call in the roadies

    Science 04 Mar 06:37

  • O2 pops out vital new feature: Making phone calls from phones

    TU Go VoIP app goes live

    Phones 04 Mar 07:07

  • New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones' nether regions

    iFronts, anyone?

    Phones 04 Mar 07:10

  • NTT Docomo leads 5G push with 10Gbps uplink tests

    Ultra-super-fast mobile data services on the way

    Networks 04 Mar 07:20

  • World spent $3.6 trillion on ICT in 2012 - analyst

    Hardware bods should watch out though, there's CANNIBALS about

    Management 04 Mar 07:34

  • Queen of Tech City says she will decide what Tech City does soon now

    It's not a place, it's a movement. No, not a bowel one

    Government 04 Mar 07:53

  • Belgian boffins find colossal meteorite

    18kg rock is largest Antarctic meteorite find since 1988

    Science 04 Mar 08:14

  • Hey, PCIe flash makers. Look behind you - it's Samsung

    South Korean giant fancies a wodge of NAND cache action

    Storage 04 Mar 08:36

  • Microsoft parts clouds over Bing Maps with massive sat pic upgrade

    Adds ocean floor detail too

    Applications 04 Mar 08:57

  • New class of industrial-scale super-phishing emails threatens biz

    Bulk messages are highly targeted and able to slip past defences

    Security 04 Mar 09:31

  • Logicalis coughs up €24m for 2e2's Euro ops

    Rescue deal for the bit that didn't go titsup

    The Channel 04 Mar 10:04

  • NetApp could use Microsoft to beat off VMware's virtual tool

    You're not the only one with a VSA, you know

    Storage 04 Mar 10:19

  • Need an army of killer zombies? Yours for just $25 per 1,000 PCs

    Bring out your dead - there's a price per botnet head

    Security 04 Mar 10:39

  • BlackBerry Z10: Prices pruned despite eager iPunter interest

    Are enough iPhone and Android fans hopping on board to revive the former RIM?

    Phones 04 Mar 10:59

  • Dell slaps back at HP after Meg's 'uncertainty' diss: You're flip-floppers

    IT firms swap insults in effort to woo partners

    The Channel 04 Mar 11:18

  • Seagate takes 7.2k notebook drives out back - and shoots them

    Disk-only gear killed, clears way for flashy mutants

    Laptops 04 Mar 11:31

  • Pricey mainframes, hyperscale boxes boost Q4 server sales

    Unix machinery, er, not so much

    Servers 04 Mar 11:43

  • WHY would survey-slingers give YOU a free $1,500 Google Glass?

    [email protected] wants sir/madam as a beta tester. Oh ok, carry on then

    Security 04 Mar 12:04

  • EMC touts screeching Hawq SQL performance for Hadoop

    With Hive in one claw and an Impala in the other

    HPC 04 Mar 12:19

  • Ubuntu 13.04 beta touts search privacy - before it hooks in eBay, IMDb etc

    Um Bongo boss Shuttleworth offers 'incognito' mode for your desktop PC

    Operating Systems 04 Mar 12:44

  • US gov cash slash threatens manned trips to asteroids and Mars

    NASA chief warns budget cuts could stall space exploration

    Science 04 Mar 13:13

  • Violin Memory fires PCIe server card salvoes at rival Fusion-io

    Tag teams Toshiba in data-centre storage rumble

    Storage 04 Mar 13:47

  • FoundationDB uncloaks ACID-compliant NoSQL beta

    Lets developers have infinite cake and eat it in ACID-compliant bites

    Software 04 Mar 14:00

  • Tech Data pops champers, aims to rinse nasty FY '13 aftertaste

    Bottle slips from nerveless hands after financials seen

    The Channel 04 Mar 14:17

  • 4G operators move into new homes in the spectrum 'hood

    Another £27m changes hands

    Mobile 04 Mar 14:39

  • Banged-up Brit hacker hacks into his OWN PRISON'S 'MAINFRAME'

    Packet lag signed up for IT classes in the clink

    Security 04 Mar 14:59

  • Inside Lord Sugar's 'you're fired' YouView bust-up with TV baron

    Apprentice head honcho quits telly box biz

    Media 04 Mar 15:29

  • Sony: Can't beat Apple and Samsung, so let's be the Other Guy

    C'mon. We could totally take on Huawei

    Phones 04 Mar 16:03

  • Apple: OK, we tracked your every move... but let's call it a caching bug, m'kay?

    It's a T&C question, not privacy invasion - Apple tells court

    Phones 04 Mar 16:32

  • EMC: No need to swallow an array - just breathe in our storage cloud

    VMAX more about pricing than tech

    Cloud Infrastructure 04 Mar 17:06

  • MapR smashes MinuteSort benchmark on Google Compute

    Puts Hadoop Big Data muncher back on top of Microsoft

    HPC 04 Mar 17:31

  • Mellanox to open up its Ethernet networking stack

    Time for Ethernet to steal something else – open source – from InfiniBand

    Data Networking 04 Mar 18:24

  • AWS promotes Trusted Advisor, its Clippy-in-the-cloud

    'It looks like you're spinning up an instance, need any help with that?'

    Cloud 04 Mar 19:13

  • Global smartphones sales set to outpace standard handsets in 2013

    Some Western vendors living in interesting times

    Phones 04 Mar 20:06

  • Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma

    Rumor mill spins at light speed

    Hardware 04 Mar 21:49

  • IBM builds next-gen cloud control freak on OpenStack

    Riding out of Folsom on a Grizzly to a Smart(er)Cloud

    Cloud 04 Mar 21:54

  • Opposition leader raises ‘your Internet will cost you more’ spook

    NBN will be ‘three times the current price’: Tony Abbott

    Government 04 Mar 21:57

  • Microsoft offers developer tools for its lonely Office Store

    Visual Studio kit for building Office add-ons exits preview

    Developer 04 Mar 22:03

  • White House comes out in favor of legal mobe unlocking

    FCC: Lockdown 'doesn't pass the common sense test'

    Policy 04 Mar 22:05

  • Australia ratifies cybercrime convention

    Think of the children - and the IP owners

    Government 04 Mar 22:06

  • Pirate Bay 'seeks asylum' in, er, 'North Korea'

    Digital backwater an unlikely home for bandwidth-hungry site

    Networks 04 Mar 23:59