28th February 2013 Archive

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  • SGI rejigs financing ahead of possible asset sale

    NUMAlink shared memory interconnect not for sale, but could be licensed

    HPC 28 Feb 00:13

  • Apple CEO Cook's investor-meeting reveal: 'Dog bites man'

    'Great stuff coming', unhappy with stock drop ... snxxx

    Business 28 Feb 01:03

  • Big Data tools cost too much, do too little

    SHOCKING REVELATION: Fashionable technology is high maintenance

    Cloud 28 Feb 01:24

  • Super-fast super-massive black hole spins at nearly light-speed

    NuStar boffins peek through the clouds at NGC 1365

    Science 28 Feb 01:32

  • German boffins turn ALCOHOL into hydrogen at low temp

    Tricky chemistry unlocks methanol's energy potential

    Science 28 Feb 01:52

  • Larry Ellison buys airline

    'Island Air' can ferry Oracle boss to private island

    Business 28 Feb 02:26

  • Jimmy Wales: 'I'm Wikipedia's monarch'

    Off with their heads

    Media 28 Feb 02:39

  • NetApp's FlashRay to zap Symmetrix with fibre channel

    Flash-for-VDI is wimpy startup play, says CTO's man Bercovici

    Storage 28 Feb 04:35

  • Intel beckons SMBs aboard Big Data bandwagon

    Small fry firms can be Big Data fish with Hadoop

    Small Biz 28 Feb 04:48

  • Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

    Epic battle in Ohio: Fall of the Machines™

    Bootnotes 28 Feb 06:03

  • Google builds web games using Chrome on mobes as controller

    Mutant offspring of Wii U and Daley Thompson’s Decathlon

    Games 28 Feb 06:52

  • First, servers were DEEP-FRIED... now, boffins bring you WET ones

    Super-cooling liquid shaves 97% off data centre cooling costs

    Servers 28 Feb 07:02

  • GSMA: Help us, OneAPI proxy, you're our only hope

    Mobile operators fight off OTT players with an 'Exchange'

    Mobile 28 Feb 08:04

  • Emulex eats 87% of Endace for Ethernet examinations

    Elliott says no thanks

    Storage 28 Feb 08:35

  • So much noise on WinMob, but Microsoft's silent on lovely WinPhone

    When it had a terrible OS, it wouldn't shut up

    Mobile 28 Feb 09:04

  • EMC intros self-service VMAX CE for cloud-slingers

    New model prods service providers to move that AAS

    Cloud 28 Feb 09:31

  • 4G, quad-core, pah. Now connect the next billion bods to mobile web

    What Nokia, Mozilla and telcos are up to beyond the West

    MWC 28 Feb 10:04

  • Apple assimilates France, Sweden and pals into iCloud

    Europeans - lower your shields and surrender ...

    Media 28 Feb 10:44

  • Take that, freetards: First music sales uptick in over a decade

    Industry parties like it's almost 1999, pirates face extinction

    Media 28 Feb 10:59

  • Squillionaire space tourist offers oldsters a holiday to Mars

    Who fancies an all-expenses-paid 501-day trip?

    Science 28 Feb 11:16

  • Upstart Aerospoke flings NoSQL ninja star into data-centre rings

    Ouch! Right in the topology

    Data Networking 28 Feb 11:31

  • 25% of Groupon share value WIPED OUT after rates slashed

    Voucher bazaar forced to cut fees to lure wary merchants

    Financial News 28 Feb 11:44

  • Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware

    Infection spread from cops to traffic gear - report

    Security 28 Feb 12:06

  • Air-to-ground rocket men flog top-secret mobe-crypto to Brad in accounts

    US Army supplier touts spy-phone tech to suits

    Mobile 28 Feb 12:24

  • HP: We will never sell 100 per cent through the channel

    But execs plan to push more business towards partners

    The Channel 28 Feb 13:04

  • Spectra: Tape is dead? We installed 550PB of the stuff in 6 months

    Amazon beauty could be behind unexpected growth

    Storage 28 Feb 13:13

  • Nominet tosses plan for shorter .uk domains in the bin (for now)

    Clear-as-mud proposal to skip the .co in .co.uk

    Networks 28 Feb 13:25

  • Let software take the strain off your data centre

    Provisioning made easy

    Data Networking 28 Feb 13:44

  • Mobile tech bods beg devs: C'mon, where's that KILLER app?

    Can you code? Phone gear makers need YOU

    Mobile 28 Feb 13:49

  • Mobe networks test-drive punter-tracking kit to sling 'better' ads

    They know what and where you browsed last summer

    Mobile 28 Feb 14:28

  • Stargazers spot first-ever planet forming in dusty disc

    Gas giant growing by accretion

    Science 28 Feb 15:00

  • Not so fast with the bubbly, Capita: IT Services has bad economic wind

    Turnover up at group level, operating profits down

    The Channel 28 Feb 15:26

  • Micron whips out new SSD, runs to data centre, yells: I'm GOING IN

    SAS version of SATA SSD

    Storage 28 Feb 16:03

  • Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

    Judge demands action from BT, Sky, Virgin Media, O2, EE and TalkTalk

    Law 28 Feb 16:42

  • ParAccel plugs SQL queries into its analytics engine

    Thar be money in them old SQL hills, boys!

    Applications 28 Feb 17:17

  • Chinese Army: US hacks us so much, I'm amazed you can read this

    PLA, USA finger each other harshly in cyber mud-slinging

    Security 28 Feb 17:23

  • Wikileaker Bradley Manning pleads not guilty to 'aiding the enemy'

    Accepts charges of misuse of information

    Security 28 Feb 19:24

  • CloudBees in PaaS THREESOME with Cloud Foundry tie-up

    Java cloud caught in VMware love-in seeks 'other relationships' as well

    Developer 28 Feb 20:09

  • Browser makers open local storage hole in HTML5

    Bad implementation of disk space limits

    Security 28 Feb 21:59

  • SHIELD Act proposed to make patent trolls pay

    Bipartisan bill goes Nick Fury on the lawyers

    Government 28 Feb 22:43

  • Australian Bureau of Meteorology apps to map future rain

    Third-party ads to commence this month

    Government 28 Feb 23:28

  • Groupon CEO Mason sent packing as shares continue to plummet

    'I was fired today and you all know why'

    Business 28 Feb 23:51