27th February 2013 Archive

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  • Apple patents situational awareness for oblivious fanbois

    Get ready for a sensitive iPhone that responds to your surroundings

    Software 27 Feb 00:05

  • Visa to devs: Please take contents of our wallet

    Make shopping fun like first-person-shooters to repel PayPal, Google

    Business 27 Feb 00:46

  • Adobe squashes TWO critical Flash vulnerabilities with emergency patches

    Two out of three threats are dangerous, being used in wild

    Security 27 Feb 00:57

  • Revolution weaves predictive analytics into Hortonworks Hadoop

    Teaching an elephant to prognosticate like a pirate – R!

    Cloud 27 Feb 01:22

  • Outsourcing your own job much more common than first thought

    Verizon finds canny computer worker's business plan

    Security 27 Feb 01:42

  • Yet more world+dog patent suits, this time over encryption

    Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etcetera

    Law 27 Feb 02:48

  • Networks go over the top to meet the enemy

    For those in the communications industry a lesson: talk to each other

    MWC 27 Feb 03:54

  • New social network is for DEAD PEOPLE

    'Immortalize the loved ones who are no longer with you'

    Networks 27 Feb 06:02

  • World+Dog don't care about climate change, never have done

    It's the economy, stupid - and it always was

    Science 27 Feb 06:14

  • Microwaves thrash fibre on speed... if you like two-nines uptime

    Radio network between stock exchanges hits 357 million MPH

    Data Networking 27 Feb 07:02

  • Google: Our 'freedom of expression' should trump punters' privacy

    'Right to be forgotten' is overrated, huffs search giant

    Law 27 Feb 08:02

  • EU web chief: Europe's slow on 4G, but 5G GLORY WILL BE OURS

    Steelie Neelie pledges €50m to design ultra-fast networks

    Mobile 27 Feb 08:32

  • Commvault disgorges ginormous flood of biz data-furtling software

    After 2 years of silence, we heard a rumbling... then - OH MY GAAAAH

    Storage 27 Feb 09:03

  • Brit firm PinPlus flogs another password 'n' PIN killer

    Enter the matrix

    Security 27 Feb 09:27

  • Wheeeee... CRUNCH: DDN pushes out monster Hadoop appliance for biz

    Big Data ingester and digester

    HPC 27 Feb 10:03

  • Veteran distie Northamber swings to loss, sales dive by 22%

    Blames Comet demise, UK economy, IT vendors and bank interest rates

    The Channel 27 Feb 10:32

  • Nokia wants to build the Google of human behaviour - and share it

    Really, really, really Big Data to work out who's doing what, when and why

    Mobile 27 Feb 10:36

  • Google squishes login-bypass bug that opened door to hijackers

    Two-step account authentication sidestepped

    Security 27 Feb 11:03

  • PayPal founder sets up mobile payment service verified by FACEBOOK

    2-click buy-now-pay-later system

    Mobile 27 Feb 11:23

  • Brit biz stops coked-up moist pocketstrokers ruining your pub lunch

    Spray-on mobe coating coming to a store near you, probably

    MWC 27 Feb 11:44

  • Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...

    ...or small tablets that want to be phones...

    Mobile 27 Feb 12:03

  • MasterCard tries to zap PayPal with own-brand mobe wallet

    MasterPass eyes lead in pay-by-mobe race

    Mobile 27 Feb 12:17

  • Investors fight off rivals to stuff money in Nexenta's pockets

    SDN is H.O.T.: 9 VCs join oversubscribed $24m funding round

    Financial News 27 Feb 12:31

  • It's the Peer 2.0: Martha Lane Fox now a crossbench baroness

    Arise, Baroness Dotcom. Fancy some peer-to-peer networking?

    Government 27 Feb 12:45

  • iPhones, 'droids go to WAR: US soldiers invade TOP-SECRET cloud

    Chiefs stop short of letting BYOD tech onto classified networks

    Government 27 Feb 13:04

  • Pro-Assad hackers break into AFP Photo wire Twitter feed


    Security 27 Feb 13:17

  • APT1, that scary cyber-Cold War gang: Not even China's best

    More B-team than elite team, say security experts

    Security 27 Feb 13:47

  • Microsoft unwraps sysadmin-friendly Office 365 for biz update

    Desktop Office apps included

    Cloud 27 Feb 14:03

  • AVG holds first Partner Advisory Council in Blighty

    'We thought we were engaging with the channel, clearly we weren't'

    The Channel 27 Feb 14:23

  • EyeSight tries to please MWC crowd with touch-free fingering

    Next-gen interface tech for TV, PC and mobe

    Mobile 27 Feb 14:32

  • Colombian boffins reconstruct flight path of Russian meteor

    Trajectory apparently began in near-Earth asteroid group Apollo

    Science 27 Feb 14:46

  • Hey, software snobs: Hardware love can set your code free

    The two go hand in hand when scaling data-crunching systems

    CIO 27 Feb 15:25

  • Live from New York, it's Speaking in Tech

    'Proper' snapshots, backup bugbears and, um, Pretty Woman moments

    Storage 27 Feb 15:53

  • Anonymous leaks 'Bank of America secrets' in spy revenge hack

    Hacktivists enraged by suggestion financial giant snooped on them

    Security 27 Feb 16:34

  • Judge bins Apple's plea to slash $368m FaceTime patent damages

    iPhone maker told to spend face time with slighted VPN biz

    Law 27 Feb 17:03

  • Rackspace swallows ObjectRocket for MongoDB smarts

    Looking to scale up cloudy NoSQL database services

    Financial News 27 Feb 17:34

  • cPanel: Reset your root passwords! Hackers broke into our system

    Website tools biz hits red alert after help-desk server pwned

    Security 27 Feb 18:06

  • Apprenda adds Java to its .Net PaaS

    Touts single- to multi-tenant conversion features

    Cloud 27 Feb 18:30

  • MiniDuke miscreants whip out old-school tricks to spy on world+dog

    The '90s called... they want their malware back

    Security 27 Feb 19:03

  • Samsung Wallet slavishly copies inspired by Apple Passbook

    Iconic imitation: The surest form of flattery

    Applications 27 Feb 19:19

  • Spook-clouds ahoy! Panzura cloud storage cleared for restricted data

    Goal: Help government agencies trim IT staff

    Cloud 27 Feb 19:58

  • The server racket recovers from the Great Recession

    Hyperscale data center vigor makes up for enterprise skittishness

    Servers 27 Feb 20:26

  • Sony lifts skirt on Firefox OS with developer ROM for Xperia E

    Ubuntu's not the only half-baked mobile OS around

    Developer 27 Feb 20:44

  • Music industry raises NBN fears as legal digital sales take off

    Fast broadband will kill us

    Business 27 Feb 23:07

  • Apple, Facebook, Google: Same-sex marriage 'a business imperative'

    HP's Whitman and top GOPpers also prod Supremes on marriage equality

    Law 27 Feb 23:12

  • Canonical scraps in-person Ubuntu planning, heads for cloud

    Future developer meetings to be held on Google+

    Operating Systems 27 Feb 23:15

  • 'New' Canadian BlackBerry security scare emerged in 2011

    Hypegasm points to crisis for democratic process, not deadly new flaw

    Mobile 27 Feb 23:32

  • Vint Cerf: 'The internet of things needs to be locked down'

    Your air conditioner is a national security threat

    Security 27 Feb 23:58