26th February 2013 Archive

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  • DHS bigwig 'adamantly opposed' to degree fetishism

    'Security experts don't need college degrees'

    Jobs 26 Feb 00:57

  • Boffin shows pics of germs grown on SPOTTY STUDENTS' MOBES

    Feeding the bacteria on your phone, what could go wrong?

    Science 26 Feb 00:59

  • India launch puts Canadian microsats into orbit

    An asteroid-hunter in a suitcase

    Science 26 Feb 01:29

  • Climate scientists link global warming to extreme weather

    Blame giant, increasingly lazy atmospheric waves

    Science 26 Feb 01:50

  • Ruby 2.0.0 adds syntax sparkle, boosts performance

    First major stable release in five years

    Developer 26 Feb 01:55

  • McAfee dumps signatures and proclaims an (almost) end to botnets

    Claims first truly integrated security package

    Security 26 Feb 02:08

  • BBC World Service in a jam as China blocks broadcasts

    Beeb strongly condemns disruption

    Government 26 Feb 04:03

  • North Korean citizens told: Socialist haircuts are a thing... go get some

    Government proclaims: All your hairs R belong to us

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 06:04

  • Japanese gov builds APT database to study targeted attack info

    Hopes to understand attackers' MO, share info with US

    Security 26 Feb 06:09

  • Who'll do a Red Hat on open-source storage?

    Buy-and-build units just need a brand and a package

    Storage 26 Feb 07:03

  • No mobile signal? Blame hippies and their eco-friendly walls

    Cosy rooms equal less connectivity - new study

    Mobile 26 Feb 07:32

  • Welcome to our Wi-Fi: Devicescape reinvents landing page

    Coffee shop déjà vu for a post-web world

    Mobile 26 Feb 08:04

  • Concerned about sophisticated storage solutions?

    Cloud storage woes and wins

    Storage 26 Feb 08:38

  • Stealthy upstart PernixData mutters incantation... turns flash into SAN

    That's some tri... hey, is that all?

    Storage 26 Feb 09:03

  • Ericsson and SAP Megazord has no need for your PUNY human phonecalls

    Duo sets sights on the machines

    Mobile 26 Feb 09:28

  • Xyratex thrusts a Lustre cluster knuckleduster at Intel's bluster

    Storage biz gobbles HPC wizardry from Oracle

    Storage 26 Feb 10:04

  • Nexus 1 put in orbit to prove 'in space, no one can hear you scream'

    WARP-DRIVE-fitted shrieking mobe strapped to publicity-sat

    Science 26 Feb 10:38

  • Fujitsu to get oldsters out the house and thoroughly caned

    Grandpa can't use a smartphone? Here's a GPS-backed solution

    Mobile 26 Feb 11:03

  • Intel throws open chip ovens to Altera - but who's next: Apple?

    Quit twiddling those thumbs, you've got FPGAs to bake

    Business 26 Feb 11:23

  • US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'

    Girl flirts with pig in 'disgusting' roadside-assistance romp

    Bootnotes 26 Feb 11:43

  • Four firms pitch hi-def DRM for Flash cards

    Next-generation Secure Memory, anyone?

    Tablets 26 Feb 12:11

  • HP shareholders bay for blood in $19 BEELLION writedown aftermath

    Calls to boot two board veterans and auditor next month

    Business 26 Feb 12:14

  • Apple to cough up $100m after kids rinse parents' credit cards on apps

    Compensation offered for virtual fruit spending sprees

    Applications 26 Feb 12:24

  • Black hat greed reducing software vulnerability report rate

    Zero-day market temptation: Cash out or collaborate?

    Security 26 Feb 12:45

  • Trekkies detect Spock's Vulcan homeworld ORBITING PLUTO

    Bid to name space rock completely illogical

    Science 26 Feb 13:24

  • Review: Sony Vaio Duo 11 Ultrabook

    Canny convertible computing - or too clever by half?

    Laptops 26 Feb 13:29

  • Wi-Fi hotspots, phone masts: Prepare to be assimilated by O2's Borg

    Finally, the tech to make mobes work properly is here

    Mobile 26 Feb 13:48

  • Engine Yard plugs multiple IaaS players into back end

    PaaS lets your app skip between clouds

    Cloud 26 Feb 14:04

  • So a health boss, a GM veep and Qualcomm's big cheese walk into a bar

    What happened next is strictly on the record

    Mobile 26 Feb 14:39

  • That Firefox OS mobe: The sorta phone left behind after a mugging

    Why do they bother? asks our man in Barcelona in his conference sketch

    Mobile 26 Feb 15:17

  • Cloudera sends in the auditors – for Hadoop

    Giving enterprises what they want: auditing, backup, and rolling upgrades

    Cloud 26 Feb 15:30

  • Look out! PEAK WIND is COMING, warns top Harvard physicist

    Last out of the windpower future turn out the lights … Oh

    Science 26 Feb 16:04

  • Inside Intel's deal to let FPGA biz Altera use its 22nm TriGate fabs

    As Achronix loses its Chipzilla exclusivity

    Business 26 Feb 16:43

  • Google+ goes single sign-in, exec roasts Zuck's 'frictionless sharing'

    Promises not to 'spray' Web2.0rhea all over stream

    Networks 26 Feb 18:04

  • Google Chrome feature helps you silence noisy tabs

    Canary in the browser-mine for audio popups and errant videos

    Applications 26 Feb 18:19

  • Symantec reports early Stuxnet variant first went live in 2005

    'Very different' code caused gas attack on nuclear program

    Security 26 Feb 19:12

  • Microsoft finally ships Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

    Last chance to block it before auto updates start

    Applications 26 Feb 20:43

  • Mobile data prices rise as capacity crunch bites – ACCC

    Regulator also watches NBN migration practices

    Broadband 26 Feb 21:10

  • Malaysian hackers deface 30+ sites hosted by Melbourne company

    Serversinseconds.com.au and UberGlobal embroiled in hack

    Security 26 Feb 21:14

  • Intel takes on all Hadoop disties to rule big data munching

    'We do software now. Get used to it.'

    Cloud 26 Feb 21:29

  • Stop saying 'Cyber Pearl Harbor,' RSA boss pleads

    Some people aren't getting the message, however

    Security 26 Feb 21:48

  • Attacker exposes ABC forum contributors

    50k IDs and credentials published

    Security 26 Feb 22:32