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Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS

PicsCanonical says that Ubuntu 13.10 will include "a complete entry-level smartphone experience" when it ships in October. Anyone brave enough to try out the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview, however, will quickly discover that the current incarnation of Ubuntu for phones and tablets offers considerably less than that.
Neil McAllister, 23 Feb 2013

Free Riak database acts like depressed teenager to assure data reliability

Basho's NoSQL Riak database has been given an upgrade that makes it question its own integrity at all times – a tedious trait in people, but a handy one for assuring data preservation in massively distributed information stores.
Jack Clark, 23 Feb 2013
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Microsoft brings Azure back online

Microsoft has managed to repair its Windows Azure cloud, after an expired SSL certificate downed storage and other services for people across the world.
Jack Clark, 23 Feb 2013

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