22nd February 2013 Archive

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  • Google reveals Glass details in patent application

    Lasers burning images onto your retina? What could go possibly wrong?

    Hardware 22 Feb 00:15

  • Ubuntu Preview alpha arrives for fondleslabs and phones

    Beware – it's for brave Nexus device owners only

    Operating Systems 22 Feb 00:28

  • Emulex under second investor assault

    First Elliott and now Altai

    Business 22 Feb 00:36

  • Open source app can detect text's authors

    Bible, US constitution analysed. Next: your kids school work and your email

    Software 22 Feb 00:43

  • Drone quadracopters throw and catch inverted pendulum

    Let the spear-throwing killbot FUD commence

    Science 22 Feb 00:56

  • Whitman: Absolutely not going to break up HP

    The patient 'showed some improvement' in Q1

    Financial News 22 Feb 01:06

  • Google App Engine update eases cloudy mobile app development

    Cloud Endpoints let Android and iOS apps plug into Google’s backend

    Developer 22 Feb 01:09

  • Hipsters have spoken: Microsoft is 'hip to be square'

    Porcine aviation squadron ready for take off

    Business 22 Feb 01:35

  • Microsoft legal beagle calls for patent reform cooperation

    'Fix what's broken, don't break what's working'

    Government 22 Feb 02:04

  • Ericsson plans NZ fibre facility

    Duct-building in Porirua

    Business 22 Feb 02:56

  • Security report becomes security risk

    Mandiant's report on Chinese hacking used as bait in spear phishing attacks

    Security 22 Feb 03:49

  • Facebook reveals plan for new archival data centre

    Bit barn will hold all the photos you don't care about any more

    Data Centre 22 Feb 04:14

  • Turkish tattooists test talent with QR code ad

    Tattoo parlour hopefuls urged to swap irons for pen

    Software 22 Feb 05:06

  • Build your own 180TB NAS for $US1,942.59 (plus disk)

    Cloud storage outfit Backblaze again open sources design that influences Netflix's storage

    Storage 22 Feb 05:48

  • US woman cuffed for 'booking strippers for 16th birthday bash'

    'Intimate' entertainment endangered teen welfare, cops claim

    Bootnotes 22 Feb 06:09

  • Official: More than 7 million Brits have NEVER accessed the interwebs

    Oldsters, disabled and poor all left behind

    Broadband 22 Feb 07:04

  • Virident gives server flash vendors the fear with 'sharing tool'

    PCIe flash card maker punts Connect software

    Storage 22 Feb 07:29

  • Bill Gates: 'Microsoft didn't MISS cell phone' bandwagon

    Plus: 'Trolls are just trying to hijack somebody else's idea'

    Bootnotes 22 Feb 08:06

  • Delving deep into Microsoft's 'Cloud OS'

    Does Windows Server 2012 deliver on its promise?

    Data Centre 22 Feb 08:22

  • Woman nails 'cheating boyf' on Russian 'Street View'

    Spots paramour pair in Perm panorama

    Bootnotes 22 Feb 08:24

  • 4G in the UK? Why the smart money still says 'Meh'

    Along with the industry

    Mobile 22 Feb 09:04

  • Bundestag holds 'unusual' hearing on German Copyright Act

    Expert: May indicate parliamentary 'push-back' on copyright reform

    Government 22 Feb 09:24

  • Mobile World Congress: Rise of the machines, er, mobiles

    Thursday, 1400 GMT: Chat to the El Reg team back from Barcelona

    MWC 22 Feb 10:04

  • SimCity Classic

    Micromanage your own mock metropolis

    Games 22 Feb 10:28

  • Orange offers €40k for the best bit of NFC bonking

    App compo to drive adoption of the radio comms tech

    Mobile 22 Feb 10:30

  • BOFH: Climb the corp ladder - and use your boss as a bullet shield

    Top tips on getting ahead, BOFH-style

    BOFH 22 Feb 10:59

  • NBC.com HACKED to spread bank account-raiding Trojan

    'No user info compromised' insists US telly network

    Security 22 Feb 11:17

  • Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter hipsters exposed in Zendesk data raid

    Hacker slurps email info from helpdesk biz

    Security 22 Feb 11:43

  • Official: Cloud computing invented by two technophobic old geezers

    Blue sky thinking by mistake

    Hardware 22 Feb 12:03

  • Happy birthday, LP: Can you believe it's only 65?

    From scratchy spinner to flash and now the cloud

    Storage 22 Feb 12:44

  • Brit SAP house G3 Global slurps 2e2's SAP house

    Diagonal moves from Morse to 2e2... to an SME in Weybridge

    The Channel 22 Feb 13:04

  • Bees use 'electrical SIXTH SENSE' to nail nectar-stuffed flowers

    Sparks fly when bumbles see plants for plundering, say Brit bio-boffins

    Science 22 Feb 13:04

  • What's NFC? PayPal lobs Chip and PIN readers at UK small biz

    Just as the world moves to pay-by-bonk

    Small Biz 22 Feb 13:24

  • Privacy warriors slam MEPs over 'corporate-friendly' data law rewrite

    Euro politicos 'undermine trust and confidence', argue campaigners

    Law 22 Feb 13:39

  • Council IT bod in the dock for flogging scrap work PC parts

    Saving disks from scrapyard landed him on the scrapheap

    Government 22 Feb 14:13

  • Pah! Social, file-sharing apps are SAFE compared to biz apps

    Malware threats not where corporates think they are

    Security 22 Feb 14:36

  • Dell and pals pop $51m into all-flash array upstart's wallet

    Healthy chunk o' change for Skyera's B-round

    Storage 22 Feb 14:59

  • BBC's new bosses - the lawyers - strike out Savile probe testimony

    Why the blanks matter the most

    Media 22 Feb 15:29

  • Google given more time to prove to Brussels it's NOT 'abusive' in search

    Almunia sets deadline (of sorts) for second half of 2013

    Government 22 Feb 15:57

  • Who said run rate reselling was 'boring'? Oh... Softcat did

    But Marlow-based dealer still making mint from it

    The Channel 22 Feb 15:58

  • Blackberry Z10 sales fail to impress analysts

    Early forecasts being revised downward

    Phones 22 Feb 16:29

  • PSF warns on angry trademark attacks: Python coders, this is not our way

    Hacktivism and threats 'not who we are or how we act'

    Developer 22 Feb 16:56

  • Is world's first space tourist Dennis Tito planning a trip to Mars?

    Millionaire teases 'historic journey' to Red Planet

    Science 22 Feb 17:14

  • Rackspace cuts network bandwidth prices on its cloud

    Adds tiered pricing with volume discounts for storage capacity

    Cloud 22 Feb 17:19

  • RIAA: Google failing on anti-piracy push

    Six-month report card: FAIL

    Media 22 Feb 19:39

  • Cheap iPhone mini 'makes sense' for world domination

    Morgan Stanley analyst: China won't gobble leftovers

    Phones 22 Feb 19:59

  • Google announces I/O conference registration

    Prepare for Glastonbury-like techie stampede

    Developer 22 Feb 21:10

  • iPhone-maker Foxconn not gonna save Sharp

    Sharp starts making plans to save itself without help

    Business 22 Feb 21:13

  • HTC settles with FTC over smartphone security holes

    Promises to do better next time

    Security 22 Feb 21:55

  • Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE

    Looks like Redmond forgot to renew a security certificate...

    Cloud 22 Feb 22:11

  • Success for Einhorn: Judge blocks vote on Apple's Proposal 2

    Tim Cook faces interesting shareholder meeting next week

    Law 22 Feb 23:35