19th February 2013 Archive

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  • The cheap 3D craft pen that scribbles over 3D printing hype

    $75 tool turns doodles into actual things

    Hardware 19 00:03

  • Turnbull says NBN Co could offer FTTN with optional fibre-for-cash

    Coalition comms spokesman cites BT Openreach's FoD as decent model

    Broadband 19 00:09

  • Google misses privacy-policy deadline, incurs EU wrath

    Regulators plan "coordinated repressive action" before summer

    Policy 19 01:11

  • Intel pits QDR-80 InfiniBand against Mellanox FDR

    And hints at integrated networking on future CPUs

    Data Networking 19 01:58

  • Dell's Ubuntu dev laptop gets much-needed display boost

    Cranked up to Full HD, with better viewing angles

    Laptops 19 02:27

  • LogMeIn uncloaks cloud storage bypass

    'Cubby' offers peer-to-peer syncing through, but not always on, a cloud

    Cloud 19 04:00

  • Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE


    Science 19 05:23

  • Indian government censors own web site after court order

    ISPs given blacklist in wake of defamation case

    Government 19 05:33

  • Baby-boulder bowling burglar breaks Boulder Apple Store's $100k glass door

    Nicked kit surprisingly worth LESS than knackered entrance

    Law 19 06:02

  • You can help fix patent laws … now!

    International patent harmonisation effort wants your input

    Law 19 06:52

  • iPad? Pah. Behold the EYEPAD, patented by Sony for the 'PS4'

    Totally different from Apple because it glows

    Games 19 07:04

  • Nursing watchdog fined £150k for confidential unencrypted DVD loss

    'Highly sensitive' discs for 'fitness to practise' hearing vanish

    Security 19 08:03

  • Virtual Instruments plans probe 'n' sniff tools for Ethernet networks

    But Arista bloodhounds are hot on its heels - analyst

    Data Networking 19 08:29

  • Dutch MP must cough €750 for hacking into medical lab

    'Public interest was served' but he didn't need to access so many files

    Security 19 09:04

  • GreenBytes rips code from virtual-desktop array's chest, serves to small biz

    vIO is VDI for SMEs in 100-seat bundles

    Virtualization 19 09:33

  • Wind-up bloke Baylis winds up broke, turns to UK gov for help

    Africa radio man says Brit inventors need more patent protection

    Government 19 10:05

  • Burger King's tweets fried after hijackers pimp Big Macs

    Who knew 'whopper123' wasn't a secure password?

    Media 19 10:27

  • Cameron to ink cyber deal with India, protect Brit outsourced data

    UK will also share infosec expertise and threat intelligence

    Security 19 10:55

  • Tesco dials 999 after Clubcard vouchers are 'nicked' online

    Detectives put on scent of alleged account breachers

    Law 19 11:18

  • Alibaba takes ANOTHER swing at Google with search engine launch

    Round two of the Android - Aliyun ding dong

    Applications 19 11:46

  • Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge

    Google laptops from Acer and Samsung go head to head

    Laptops 19 12:03

  • EE's revenues dip, but smartphones lure in 200k new contracts

    4G not the promised goldmine, though

    Financial News 19 12:43

  • MIT boffin teases space-station probe's DARK MATTER DISCOVERY

    Just double-checking the numbers, says Nobel-prize winner

    Science 19 12:54

  • TransLattice 3.0 dreams of multi-cloud nirvana

    All these clouds are yours – except Azure, Oracle, Google...

    Cloud 19 13:25

  • Tilera etches '*ss-kicking' 72-core system-on-chip for network gear

    Current Tile-Gx Plan B fits market needs better than Plan A

    Servers 19 14:03

  • Microsoft: You want Office for Mac, fanboi? You'll pay Windows prices

    Hikes up prices by 17% to push users towards Office 365

    Applications 19 14:46

  • Python-lovers sling 'death threats' at UK ISP in trademark row

    Cops called after venomous vigilantes 'DDoS site, scream down phone at staff'

    Hosting 19 15:33

  • Chinese PLA soldiers 'mastermind cyber-espionage Cold War'

    NYT-hired security biz claims scores of US corps hacked by state-sponsored crew

    Security 19 16:04

  • Amazon ditches 'neo-Nazi' security firm over alleged harassment of workers

    Etailer ends contract after documentary about guards at 'holiday camps'

    Law 19 16:36

  • HP cranks up bandwidth on BladeSystem sheaths, adds pretty platinum stripe

    Three-rank memory and 40GE downlinks for blades to match

    Servers 19 16:44

  • Software update knocks out Space Station communications

    And you thought Patch Tuesday was bad

    Science 19 19:03

  • Amazon releases OpsWorks, muscles into cloud management

    'Do not be alarmed, cherished partners'

    Cloud 19 19:35

  • HP brings wired and wireless nets under single SDN umbrella

    Shiny stackable OpenFlow and hybrid wired/wireless switches

    Data Networking 19 19:53

  • Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'

    Claims single OS running across all client form factors

    Operating Systems 19 20:27

  • Apple and world HACKED by Facebook plunderers

    Use a Mac? Have Java? You might have been pwned

    Security 19 20:32

  • Pirate Bay reports pirating anti-piracy group to police

    'Bring it on,' say the accused

    Media 19 21:50

  • Telstra shed fried in fire

    Oh, yes, it was an exchange

    Networks 19 22:17

  • ACCC consulting on NBN POIs, again

    Who is using what, where

    Networks 19 22:35

  • Apple updates iOS, does not fix passcode-bypass hack

    Version 6.1.2 should fix battery-draining Exchange bug, however

    Phones 19 22:48

  • FlashRay shines out from Sunnyvale

    NetApp's journey to Mars

    Storage 19 22:54

  • Amazon preparing 'disruptive' big data AWS service?

    Seattle hunts for folk comfortable with exabyte-scale analytics

    Cloud 19 23:09

  • Nature pulls ‘North Korean radioactivity’ story

    Streisand Effect anyone?

    Science 19 23:10

  • Dell's PC biz craters as servers and networking chug along

    Enterprise: More than a third of sales, more than half of margins

    Data Centre 19 23:26

  • Microsoft to link Lync voice and IM to Skype by June

    Mobile apps with voice and video over IP coming soon(ish)

    Software 19 23:33