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The cheap 3D craft pen that scribbles over 3D printing hype

How many printers do you have in your house? And how many pens? I would bet the ratio is at least a dozen pens to every printer, if not more. So is there any reason the ratio of 3D-pens-to-printers is going to be significantly different?
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Feb 2013
NBN Co Logo

Turnbull says NBN Co could offer FTTN with optional fibre-for-cash

Australia's shadow Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he sees no reason NBN Co could not offer a “fibre-on-demand” (FoD) service that would see those offered xDSL connections under a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) scheme offered the chance to pay for a fibre optic cable to be connected to their premises.
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 2013

Google misses privacy-policy deadline, incurs EU wrath

Google has been told by a group of EU regulators that it faces "a coordinated repressive action" before this summer, due to the fact that the online search advertising giant has ignored their order to make changes to and provide information about its privacy policies.
Rik Myslewski, 19 Feb 2013

Intel pits QDR-80 InfiniBand against Mellanox FDR

As Joe Yaworski, fabric product marketing manager at Intel, put it to El Reg, the next frontier of system innovation will be in fabrics. As we see it, that frontier may also be the front line of the InfiniBand war between Mellanox and Intel – with one upcoming battle being the former's 56Gb/sec interconnects versus Intel's new QDR-80.
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Ultrabook

Dell's Ubuntu dev laptop gets much-needed display boost

Proving that last year's skunkworks Project Sputnik effort wasn't a one-off experiment, Dell has upgraded its Ubuntu Linux–powered XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop to include a new, higher-resolution screen.
Neil McAllister, 19 Feb 2013

LogMeIn uncloaks cloud storage bypass

By now you know the prosumer cloud storage schtick: an agent on your device monitors a designated folder and copies everything in it to the cloud, from where any other device running the service's agent and logged in with the same account sucks down that file so it is available locally.
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 2013
Particle collision in the Large Hadron Collider

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE

That Higgs Boson we all got excited about last year because it would reveal the mysteries of the universe?
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 2013
Barbed wire surrounding communications tower

Indian government censors own web site after court order

The Indian government has effectively censored one of its own web sites after its Department of Telecommunications told ISPs to block access to over 70 URLs in response to a court ruling that they contained defamatory content.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Feb 2013

Baby-boulder bowling burglar breaks Boulder Apple Store's $100k glass door

An intruder stole Apple kit worth over $60,000 from the Apple Store in Boulder, Colorado, but caused more financial damage by breaking the door, reports ABC News Denver.
Anna Leach, 19 Feb 2013

You can help fix patent laws … now!

While Barack Obama frets about patent law and trolls attack even helpful government e-health initiatives, IP experts around the world are quietly working on something that might just help: a survey!
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 2013

iPad? Pah. Behold the EYEPAD, patented by Sony for the 'PS4'

Sony has filed for a patent in Europe on the EyePad, a fondleslab with glowing edges that could be a controller for the PlayStation 4.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Feb 2013

Nursing watchdog fined £150k for confidential unencrypted DVD loss

The UK's data protection watchdog has fined the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) £150,000 after it deemed its failure to encrypt sensitive personal data stored on DVDs that were lost to be a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.
OUT-LAW.COM, 19 Feb 2013

Virtual Instruments plans probe 'n' sniff tools for Ethernet networks

Fibre Channel networking probester Virtual Instruments is going to expand into Ethernet-based file network probing and analysis, according to the 451 analysis group. The analysts also reckon an IPO is coming but said that Ethernet switching speed freak Arista is set on entering Ethernet network analysis too, giving VI real competition in the Ethernet space.
Chris Mellor, 19 Feb 2013

Dutch MP must cough €750 for hacking into medical lab

A Dutch MP has been fined €750 (£650, $1,000) after he was convicted of illegally accessing the systems of a Dutch medical laboratory.
John Leyden, 19 Feb 2013

GreenBytes rips code from virtual-desktop array's chest, serves to small biz

Thin-client accelerator GreenBytes has separated its software from its virtual desktop appliance hardware so customers can use anybody's flash to store machine images.
Chris Mellor, 19 Feb 2013

Wind-up bloke Baylis winds up broke, turns to UK gov for help

Trevor Baylis, the brains behind the wind-up radio and a shoe-powered phone charger, has called on the UK government to back Blighty's inventors.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Feb 2013

Burger King's tweets fried after hijackers pimp Big Macs

Pranksters hijacked Burger King's official Twitter feed on Monday and turned it into a advertising stream for arch-rival McDonald's.
John Leyden, 19 Feb 2013

Cameron to ink cyber deal with India, protect Brit outsourced data

Prime Minister David Cameron will step up UK co-operation with India on cyber security on Tuesday in a bid to better protect data stored on Indian servers as well as share intelligence on breaking threats.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Feb 2013

Tesco dials 999 after Clubcard vouchers are 'nicked' online

Tesco has called the cops after Clubcard vouchers were allegedly swiped from its customers' online accounts.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Feb 2013

Alibaba takes ANOTHER swing at Google with search engine launch

Google’s odds of clinging onto market share in the hugely competitive China search market just got longer after local e-commerce giant Alibaba entered the fray with a search engine under the banner of its Aliyun cloud division.
Phil Muncaster, 19 Feb 2013
Chromebooks: Acer vs Samsung

Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge

Too slow, too expensive, too limited. That was the verdict of most hacks and punters on the early Google Chromebook laptops.
Alun Taylor, 19 Feb 2013

EE's revenues dip, but smartphones lure in 200k new contracts

UK telecoms giant EE's first annual results are in, showing cost savings and revenue growth wiped out by regulatory changes, but customer numbers are up - even if it's not 4G that's attracting them.
Bill Ray, 19 Feb 2013

MIT boffin teases space-station probe's DARK MATTER DISCOVERY

A top astroboffin has hinted that an upcoming paper will reveal a major breakthrough in dark matter research.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Feb 2013

TransLattice 3.0 dreams of multi-cloud nirvana

Distributed database TransLattice has a dream of scalable multi-cloud data for all, but competition among providers may quash it.
Jack Clark, 19 Feb 2013
Tilera GX chip wafer

Tilera etches '*ss-kicking' 72-core system-on-chip for network gear

It is not just difficult to design and manufacture a chip for workloads that will be run many years in the future, it is damned near impossible. This is because so many shifting alternative technologies will materialize between the time you make your plan and when it is executed. Any chipmaker has to be both flexible and patient - an equally difficult feat for both upstart processor vendors and incumbents. Tilera, still very much in startup mode nine years after its founding, is getting traction with its many-cored Tile-Gx system-on-chips and is rolling out a new model with 72 cores on a single die.

Microsoft: You want Office for Mac, fanboi? You'll pay Windows prices

Microsoft has increased the price of Office for Mac by up to 17 per cent, another move in the software giant's territory battle with Apple in the personal computing market.
Anna Leach, 19 Feb 2013

Python-lovers sling 'death threats' at UK ISP in trademark row

UK webhosting outfit Veber has called the police after fending off abuse in the wake of its attempt to trademark "python" in Europe. The small biz said it came under fire from fans of the popular Python programming language.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Feb 2013

Chinese PLA soldiers 'mastermind cyber-espionage Cold War'

Chinese military spies, holed up in ho-hum Shanghai tower blocks surrounded by restaurants and massage parlours, have siphoned hundreds of terabytes of data from computers at scores of US corporations.
John Leyden, 19 Feb 2013

Amazon ditches 'neo-Nazi' security firm over alleged harassment of workers

Amazon has ditched a security firm accused of mistreating temporary workers at one of the etailer's German warehouses in Bad Hersfeld.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Feb 2013
The BladeSystem c7000 Platinum edition chassis populated with blades

HP cranks up bandwidth on BladeSystem sheaths, adds pretty platinum stripe

When Hewlett-Packard launched the BladeSystem blade enclosures nearly seven years ago alongside its "blade everything" strategy, no one but Google was doing custom, high-density machines and it looked like blade servers would be the corporate platform of choice. And so HP built the c7000 chassis, and its smaller "Shorty" c3000 sibling that followed it to market, for the long haul. But the advent of faster server and storage networking is putting a strain on the backplanes in the existing BladeSystem enclosures, and so HP's engineers went back to the drawing board and rejiggered that passive backplane to offer more bandwidth, thus positioning the c3000 and c7000 Platinum editions for another couple of years at the very least.

Software update knocks out Space Station communications

A software update took down the main communications system for the International Space Station on Tuesday, leaving astronauts reliant on 1960s technology to phone home to systems administrators.
Iain Thomson, 19 Feb 2013

Amazon releases OpsWorks, muscles into cloud management

Amazon has launched a free add-on for its fleet of cloud services that lets developers better manage and automate their application stacks – a move that stabs at the heart of many of Amazon's technology partners and some of rivals.
Jack Clark, 19 Feb 2013
The wireless card for the HP 10500/7500 modular switches

HP brings wired and wireless nets under single SDN umbrella

Wireless networks are becoming as important as wired ones for companies, and if you want to manage both and provide both wireless and wired functionality, it makes sense to mash up a hybrid switch that has physical and ethereal ports and is all managed by the same software stack. If you can slap a "software-defined networking" label on it and say "cloud" and "BYOD" a few dozen times, then the marketeers are happy. And that is precisely what HP's Networking division is doing.

Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'

Furthering its plans to broaden the reach of the Ubuntu Linux distribution from PCs and servers to mobile devices, Canonical on Tuesday unveiled its new user "experience" layer for tablets.
Neil McAllister, 19 Feb 2013

Apple and world HACKED by Facebook plunderers

Apple, Facebook and "hundreds of other companies" have had their Mac computers hacked in a sophisticated campaign mounted by an unknown adversary.
Jack Clark, 19 Feb 2013

Pirate Bay reports pirating anti-piracy group to police

The Pirate Bay has lodged an official police complaint against the anti-piracy group that copied its famous pirate ship logo.
Iain Thomson, 19 Feb 2013

Telstra shed fried in fire

A bushfire on Kangaroo Island in South Australia has destroyed a Telstra street-side exchange.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Feb 2013

ACCC consulting on NBN POIs, again

Having determined during 2012 the suburbs and towns in which Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) POIs – points of interconnect – would be located, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is now delving deeper into POI locations as well as interconnect procedures.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Feb 2013

Apple updates iOS, does not fix passcode-bypass hack

Apple released iOS 6.1.2 on Tuesday, an update that it says will fix the battery-draining Exchange bug — which it very well may do – but the update does not fix the finger-dancing hack that allows you to bypass an iPhone's passcode, launch the Phone app, and access all of its contacts, phone-history information, and the like.
Rik Myslewski, 19 Feb 2013

FlashRay shines out from Sunnyvale

NetApp has unveiled FlashRay, its all-flash array work-in-progress that is the focus of its Mars project. The product should become available some time in 2014 and will enter beta test in the middle of this year.
Chris Mellor, 19 Feb 2013

Amazon preparing 'disruptive' big data AWS service?

ExclusiveAmazon Web Services looks set to launch a "disruptive" big data service that is sure to put the frighteners on traditional IT vendors.
Jack Clark, 19 Feb 2013

Nature pulls ‘North Korean radioactivity’ story

Prestigious science journal Nature has had to scramble to kill a story that it says turned out to be mistaken.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Feb 2013
Image of 'smiley face' crater photographed by NASA's Messenger Mercury orbiter

Dell's PC biz craters as servers and networking chug along

If you want a proxy for what people think about the proposed $24.4bn buyout deal of Dell by company founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, don't look at the company's stock price, look at its financial results for its fourth quarter.

Microsoft to link Lync voice and IM to Skype by June

Microsoft kicked off its first-ever Lync Conference in San Diego, California, on Tuesday by announcing a series of planned upgrades for its Lync unified communications platform, including new mobile apps and interoperability with Skype.
Neil McAllister, 19 Feb 2013

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