18th February 2013 Archive

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  • Apple design bloke Ive finally honoured properly - with Blue Peter badge

    Yeah not you, Scott Forstall

    Media 18 05:59

  • ICANN boss Chehade in China charm offensive

    He wants an open and fair internet ... in China?

    Hosting 18 06:15

  • Singaporean men in naked web cam extortion scam

    Pants down with bulging wallets out

    Security 18 06:45

  • Investors toss another $96m into Violin's instrument case

    Forget the gold standard, give us paper backed by Flash

    Financial News 18 06:58

  • Online crims are getting away with it down under

    Just eight per cent of perps charged, five per cent of attacks come from foreign powers

    Security 18 07:05

  • John Lennon's lesson for public-domain innovation

    IP protection hurting, not helping, US and UK

    Developer 18 08:03

  • Wikipedia's Gibraltar 'moratorium' - how's it going?

    World's most interesting territory just gets more interesting

    Media 18 08:32

  • Phone-bonker Bump tells desktop users: We swing both ways now

    Just press that button and your PC will give up the goods

    Mobile 18 08:58

  • Twitter row goes to court, beak says man must cough £17,500

    And say he's sorry. On Twitter of course

    Media 18 10:03

  • Ex-pats take note: China IT salaries set to jump 40 per cent

    It's a tough market but riches await some tech specialists

    Jobs 18 10:28

  • Inside Microsoft's 'Cloud OS'

    Does Windows Server 2012 deliver on its promise?

    Data Centre 18 10:31

  • Crucial question after asteroid near-miss: How big was rock in Olympic pools?

    BBC gets the measure of space boulder 2012 DA14

    SPB 18 10:59

  • Brace for MORE ZOMBIE ATTACK ALERT pranks, warns security bod

    Passwords left on default, kit facing the web, and worse

    Security 18 11:45

  • Ubuntu? Fedora? Mint? Debian? We'll find you the right Linux to swallow

    Go on: Stick a toothpick in the Penguin platter

    Operating Systems 18 12:13

  • Own a drone: Fine. But fly a drone with a cam: Year in the clink

    Eggheads furious as US state mulls ban on 'peeping-tom' craft

    Law 18 12:35

  • Barclays: So sorry about LIBOR... How about some free Wi-Fi?

    1,500 branches to become coffee shops minus the coffee, food and tables

    Networks 18 13:23

  • What do YOU look for in a tech CEO: Smart, sales savvy, his own hair?

    From Apotheker to Ballmer - our guide to who's in charge and who should be in charge

    Management 18 13:48

  • Top Firefox OS bloke flames Opera for WebKit surrender

    Why we'll never switch from Gecko, says Mozilla CTO

    Applications 18 14:24

  • Amazon, eBay, banks snub anti-fraud DNS tech, sniff securo bods

    'Other defences' available, they'll move when they're good and ready - Nominum

    Security 18 14:43

  • Iceland thinks long and hard over extreme smut web ban law

    IP-address blocking and filters proposed to cull violent vids

    Government 18 15:19

  • Russian boffins race to meteorite crash lake as shard prices go sky-high

    Space rock hunters flog fragments at $10,000 a piece

    Science 18 15:28

  • Mega-rotund Dotcom's Mega gobbles up Bitcoin payments

    Virtual currency'll do for premium file-swap accounts

    Bootnotes 18 16:06

  • Acer's Wang: Size of PC shipments to shrink month after month

    'Bottom out' prediction for Q1

    The Channel 18 17:03

  • Hard Man of Facebook: We might just eat those cheap TLC flash chips

    Micron's teensy 3-bit NAND chips could feed FB data centre beast

    Cloud 18 18:04

  • VMTurbo 'invisible hand' control freak grabs more virty servers

    Economic engine to be applied to networks, storage, and public clouds

    Cloud 18 19:03

  • Telstra opens up footy app

    AFL for Optus, Voda customers as well

    Networks 18 21:15

  • Incumbents plan new trans-Tasman cable

    30 Tbps for TNZ, Telstra, Vodafone

    Networks 18 22:33

  • Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'

    'Not satisfied' that Microsoft isn't leading in phones

    Management 18 22:39

  • AMD: Star Trek holodecks within reach

    Exec explains heterogeneous computing to Geordi La Forge

    Hardware 18 23:53