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Facebook turns billion-dollar profit into tax refund

Bloomberg is reporting that Facebook has managed to parlay a billion-dollar profit for 2012 into a tax refund of US$429 million.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Feb 2013

Australia cuts Microsoft bill by AU$100m

Australia has reduced the amount of money it pays for Microsoft products by AU$100m (£66m, $103m), according to the nation's Chief Technology Officer John Sheridan.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Feb 2013

Brand-new black hole found in supernova remnant

NASA has released images from the Chandra X-Ray observatory which appear to show a distorted supernova remnant harbouring the youngest black hole ever observed.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Feb 2013

Obama says patent trolls 'extort money', pledges reform

US President Barack Obama has used a “Fireside Hangout”, captured on YouTube, to label patent trolls as leeches who extort money from their victims.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Feb 2013

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