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$195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

The pint-sized – in astronomical terms – asteroid that's scheduled to buzz the Earth this Friday may have a street space value of about $195bn.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Feb 2013

TransLattice inks partnership with Amazon's AWS cloud

Distributed-database company TransLattice has sailed into Amazon's AWS Partner Network, giving developers confidence that they'll get the most out of their database when running it on the AWS cloud.
Jack Clark, 13 Feb 2013

Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

Owners of Google Nexus devices have reason to hover anxiously over their System Updates screens once again, with reports surfacing that the Chocolate Factory has slowly begun rolling out the latest update to Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean".
Neil McAllister, 13 Feb 2013
USA, Canada - which one is which?

Canada cans net surveillance law

Canada’s Conservative government has decided not to proceed with its attempt to pass the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, also known as Bill-C30, after community opposition to the proposed law’s surveillance measures.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Feb 2013
Vertu Constellation Quest

Vertu-alised Android revealed at an all-too-real €7,900

Vertu, the luxury phone brand Nokia last year sold to a private outfit EQT, has revealed its first Android-powered smartphone.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Feb 2013

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir

FeatureAnother year, another Valentine's Day – that annual event when restaurant, retail, and romance businesses try to make every uncoupled person feel wretched about themselves, and put otherwise successful relationships under enormous pressure to make February 14 a "special" day.
Iain Thomson, 13 Feb 2013

Lenovo, PayPal, launch post-password plan

Lenovo, PayPal and lesser-known fellow travellers Agnitio, Infineon Technologies, Nok Nok Labs and Validity, have cooked up a new authentication standard for websites and an alliance to push it to the world.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Feb 2013

Home Depot pulls out of newly-named RIM, gets in bed with Apple

Home Depot is the latest US company to drop BlackBerry, handing out 10,000 iPhones to executives and other management staff and wiping out 3 per cent of BlackBerry's share price in the process.
Bill Ray, 13 Feb 2013
Google Play Store

Google Play privacy SNAFU sends app buyers' details to devs

Dan Nolan, an Australian software developer, has claimed that Google Play sends those who sell apps in the online bazaar personal details of app buyers.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Feb 2013

Hands off my disk! VMware gobbles Virsto for software-ruled arrays

Virtualisation leviathan VMware has bought storage hypervisor maker Virsto. It means VMware can now aggregate servers, networks (thanks to its Nicira acquisition) and now storage into an abstracted pool of resources - providing the three pillars VMware needs to build software-defined data centres that can run themselves.
Chris Mellor, 13 Feb 2013

LIVE NOW: Never mind Windows 8, speak your brains on Server 2012

Live ChatWindows Server 2012 was part of a Microsoft launch wave that included Windows 8 and Office 2013.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Feb 2013

Intel serves flashy speed to penguins after eating Nevex's cache

Intel has launched its Cache Acceleration Software (CAS), the renamed Nevex CacheWorks software, integrating it with its DC S3700 SSD and and 910 Series server flash card.
Chris Mellor, 13 Feb 2013

Recipe for a bad day: 'State-backed hackers are attacking your PC'

Several Burmese journalists and foreign correspondents have been warned by Google that their Gmail accounts may have been compromised by “state-sponsored attackers”.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2013

Eager students, huge racks - yes, undergrad cluster wrestling is back

2013 promises to be the breakout year for student cluster-building competitions – the most popular high-performance-computing-related sport in the entire world.
Dan Olds, 13 Feb 2013

'Strong basis' to claims Nominet board breached duties - legal top gun

Directors of UK domain-name registry Nominet have come under fire from a group of Nominet members who have also threatened to take legal action against the board. The group commissioned a legal opinion in connection to claims that certain recommended changes to the non-profit's governance had been deleted from an "independent" review.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Feb 2013
spiders crawl through tunnel of binary numbers

Data scientists: Do they even exist?

Open ... and ShutBig Data is all the rage. Now if only someone had to clue what to do with it.
Matt Asay, 13 Feb 2013

Capita bosses defend £30m migrant-poking IT deal with Border Agency

Outsourcing giant Capita's CEO has defended his company's £30m migrant-chasing contract with the UK Border Agency - and insisted it is not, as one MP delicately put it, "money for old rope".
Anna Leach, 13 Feb 2013

Register reader Ray revs radio-controlled Raspberry Pi race rover

Pics and vidAs geeks worldwide continue to come up with inventive ways to deploy the hit Brit minikit Raspberry Pi, and the publication of a 101 uses for a...* guide is surely just a matter of time, Reg reader Ray Brooks has been in touch to show off his prototype carbot powered by the diminutive ARM-compatible computer.
Lester Haines, 13 Feb 2013

Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

Intel has confirmed it will be selling a set-top box direct to the public later this year, along with a streaming TV service designed to watch you while you're watching it.
Bill Ray, 13 Feb 2013

Get up, shake off the hangover: These 57 Microsoft holes won't fix themselves

A bumper Microsoft Patch Tuesday has rolled out 12 security bulletins that collectively address a hefty 57 vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2013
Intel announces its reference platform for smartphones in emerging markets

Perky smartphone figures can't stop droop of worldwide mobe sales

Worldwide mobile phone sales fell 1.7 per cent in 2012, a shrinkage of 30 million units from 2011. Increasing smartphone sales were not enough to compensate for the fall in feature phone sales, according to a Gartner report. Total global sales to end users for 2012 were down 30 million units to 1.75 billion from 1.78 billion in 2011.
Anna Leach, 13 Feb 2013

Microsoft! Bing! must! make! Yahoo! more! money! moans! Mayer!

Yahoo! chief exec Marissa Mayer has complained that cosying up to Microsoft to use its Bing search engine hasn't given her company the market share or money she was hoping for.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Feb 2013
Micron HDIMM

Micron glues DDR4 RAM to flash, animates the 256GB franken-DIMM

Micron is developing a DDR4-compatible hybrid DRAM-NAND stick to blast data at processors faster than the PCIe bus used by rival flash cache products.
Chris Mellor, 13 Feb 2013

Stroppy investor tries to rip 'n' replace STEC's entire board

It's a proxy war: activist investor Balch Hill wants to bounce troubled SSD supplier STEC's board - which includes its CEO and its founder - and populate the boardroom with seven of its own nominees.
Chris Mellor, 13 Feb 2013

Rivals to Brussels: Google labelling its own stuff won't help us

A Microsoft-backed lobby group that is fighting Google's alleged dominance of the search market in Europe has claimed that any concession by Brussels competition officials that involves labelling could do more harm than good for the ad giant's rivals.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Feb 2013

Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

Opera Software is throwing in with Apple, Google and open-sourcers by dumping its browser’s proprietary HTML rendering engine for WebKit and Chromium.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Feb 2013
ISC Compucolor II. Source: Oldcomputers.net

Big Data: Why it's not always that big nor even that clever

You may not realize it, but data is far and away the most critical element in any computer system. Data is all-important. It’s the center of the universe.
Dave Mandl, 13 Feb 2013

Cambridge White Space boffins cook up Weightless chips

UK White Space pioneer Neul has got its Weightless protocol into silicon, ready for devices which will then drain batteries as slowly as they'd leak energy when not in use.
Bill Ray, 13 Feb 2013

Pan-eurozone distie Exclusive Group sets eyes on €1bn prize

Exclusive Networks, a pan-European IT distie, has announced fat revenue growth of 30 percent in its annual report for 2012.
Anna Leach, 13 Feb 2013
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

Samsung's soaraway successful Galaxy smartphones are starting to overshadow their Google-built Android operating system. That's in the mind of the public at least, who can't tell the difference between an Android mobe and a Samsung Galaxy, according to Gartner.
Anna Leach, 13 Feb 2013

Review finds Wikipedia UK board needs major leadership overhaul

A Wikimedia UK board member who had only been in the role for four months resigned late last year after raising conflict-of-interest issues at the organisation, which is one of the 39 local chapters founded to support and promote the projects of the San Francisco-based Wikimedia Foundation*. But it was only weeks after the resignation, when international press coverage attracted the personal attention of Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales, that the organisation invited an external review of its work.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Feb 2013

Boffins make bio-chip breakthrough

MIT boffins have made a breakthrough in biological computing that paves the way for cancer-detecting yogurts and other gloopy marvels.
Jack Clark, 13 Feb 2013

Official: America now a nation of broadband whingers

AnalysisIn popular mythology, the British are a nation of whingers, while Americans get on and fix things. This was certainly my experience of crossing the Atlantic to live in the USA. When a London Tube train came to an unexpected halt, you would brace yourself for a malevolent explosion of spittle. The exhalation was a short hand for "I told you so", and meant that anyone who had begun the day with the most cynical view possible had just been vindicated. There. Told you so.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Feb 2013
The Ericsson Blade System for telcos and SPs

Ericsson readies carrier-grade OpenStack for telcos and SPs

Ericsson is going with OpenStack, and in fact joined the consortium that is steering its development a year ago. The company and now previewing a tweaked version of OpenStack that will run on its network iron.
Dell chairman and CEO, Michael Dell

More naysayers pour cold water on Dell LBO

Dell, the company, might want to be more like IBM, but this leveraged buyout takeover bid that Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners have put together is starting to smell more like the Hewlett-Packard acquisition of beleaguered Compaq more than a decade ago.

Oracle wants another go at Google over Android Java copyrights

Oracle has asked a US Federal Circuit Appeals Court to overturn an earlier decision in the database giant's billion-dollar intellectual property lawsuit against Google, with an audacious brief that compares Google's use of Java in its Android smartphone OS to an author selling counterfeit Harry Potter books.
Neil McAllister, 13 Feb 2013

USA sinks Atlantic cable plan over Huawei worries

The planned trans-Atlantic Hibernia Networks cable project is in limbo due to American concerns at the involvement of Chinese government-linked vendor Huawei.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Feb 2013

Soak up CO2 with sponges, says CSIRO

Australian science outfit the CSIRO is claiming a win, demonstrating a material it says offers a new approach to carbon capture: a sponge.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Feb 2013

Obama signs Executive Order on critical cybersecurity

President Obama made space in his State of the Union address to mention online security and revealed that he has signed an executive order named "Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity."
Iain Thomson, 13 Feb 2013

NSW may fire 610 school tech support officers in March

The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities has written to staff, advising them that 610 Technical Support Officers (TSOs) in the State's schools may lose their jobs in March if the federal Digital Education Revolution program is not offered renewed funding.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Feb 2013

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