13th February 2013 Archive

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  • $195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

    Too bad it's in an INCONVEEENIENT orbit

    Science 13 00:27

  • TransLattice inks partnership with Amazon's AWS cloud

    Flavors Bezos's cloud with Google-esque database tech

    Cloud 13 00:39

  • Spotted: Android 4.2.2 update for Google Nexus devices

    Minor over-the-air release to arrive in waves

    Mobile 13 00:56

  • Canada cans net surveillance law

    'Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act' is no more

    Policy 13 02:12

  • Vertu-alised Android revealed at an all-too-real €7,900

    Luxury brand’s first smartphone can repel ball bearings

    Hardware 13 03:46

  • Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir

    The tongue-in-cheek (or elsewhere) guide to internet dating

    Media 13 04:57

  • Lenovo, PayPal, launch post-password plan

    Token effort ‘FIDO’ offers open two-factor web authentication scheme

    Security 13 05:54

  • Home Depot pulls out of newly-named RIM, gets in bed with Apple

    10,000 devices, another big drop in a growing ocean

    Phones 13 06:02

  • Google Play privacy SNAFU sends app buyers' details to devs

    Australian coder says if you buy his Android app he'll know where you live

    Security 13 07:03

  • Hands off my disk! VMware gobbles Virsto for software-ruled arrays

    Compute clusters, networks, now storage is going automatic

    Storage 13 07:07

  • LIVE NOW: Never mind Windows 8, speak your brains on Server 2012

    6 months on... how is it for you?

    Servers 13 07:33

  • Intel serves flashy speed to penguins after eating Nevex's cache

    Flash cache for Linux servers

    Storage 13 08:04

  • Recipe for a bad day: 'State-backed hackers are attacking your PC'

    The chilling Google warning greeting journos in Burma

    Security 13 08:26

  • Speaking in Tech: VMware plots to build data centre that RUNS ITSELF

    Virty vendor's Virsto slurp, virtualised vomit, Dell and more...

    Data Centre 13 09:03

  • Eager students, huge racks - yes, undergrad cluster wrestling is back

    Why 2013 is going to be THE year for HPC battles

    HPC 13 09:27

  • 'Strong basis' to claims Nominet board breached duties - legal top gun

    Registry's members hire barrister in row over running of UK's web overseer

    Hosting 13 10:00

  • Data scientists: Do they even exist?

    Data data everywhere, but not a drop to shrink

    Management 13 10:24

  • Capita bosses defend £30m migrant-poking IT deal with Border Agency

    Sending texts from a db sounds like 'money for old rope' to MPs

    Government 13 10:49

  • Register reader Ray revs radio-controlled Raspberry Pi race rover

    Frikkin' laser armament planned for US invasion

    SPB 13 11:08

  • Intel's new TV box to point creepy spy camera at YOUR FACE

    One day we're gonna watch you like it's 1984

    Hardware 13 11:24

  • Get up, shake off the hangover: These 57 Microsoft holes won't fix themselves

    This month's fat security Patch Tuesday has landed

    Security 13 11:44

  • Perky smartphone figures can't stop droop of worldwide mobe sales

    Total sales shrink 1.7% in 2012

    Phones 13 12:11

  • Microsoft! Bing! must! make! Yahoo! more! money! moans! Mayer!

    And Yahoo! apps face cull (yes, Yahoo! has apps)

    Business 13 12:24

  • Micron glues DDR4 RAM to flash, animates the 256GB franken-DIMM

    If only there was an operating system to support it

    Storage 13 12:48

  • Stroppy investor tries to rip 'n' replace STEC's entire board

    Fallen flash star's CEO: You're just trying to auction us off

    Business 13 13:06

  • Rivals to Brussels: Google labelling its own stuff won't help us

    'Could mean more people sucked in, not less'

    Media 13 13:27

  • Opera joins Google/Apple in-crowd with shift to WebKit and Chromium

    Only Redmond left drinking out of own browser plumbing

    Software 13 13:57

  • Big Data: Why it's not always that big nor even that clever

    And as for data scientists being sexy, well...

    Management 13 14:31

  • Cambridge White Space boffins cook up Weightless chips

    White Space networking takes a spin into silicon

    Networks 13 15:13

  • Pan-eurozone distie Exclusive Group sets eyes on €1bn prize

    French-run biz banks a fat 2012, plans to grow

    The Channel 13 15:52

  • Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner

    Sammy Galaxy 'a synonym' for Android mobes

    Phones 13 16:12

  • Review finds Wikipedia UK board needs major leadership overhaul

    Transparency? Isn't that a pub in Gibraltar?

    Media 13 17:10

  • Boffins make bio-chip breakthrough

    Cancer-detecting yogurt now possible

    Science 13 18:30

  • Official: America now a nation of broadband whingers

    It's no utopia, but at least you don't get shot for chewing gum

    Networks 13 19:30

  • Ericsson readies carrier-grade OpenStack for telcos and SPs

    All your mobile service are belong to us

    Cloud 13 20:30

  • More naysayers pour cold water on Dell LBO

    Dell and Silver Lake rumored to contemplate higher bid

    Business 13 21:34

  • Oracle wants another go at Google over Android Java copyrights

    'You wouldn't steal a Harry Potter book...'

    Law 13 22:08

  • USA sinks Atlantic cable plan over Huawei worries

    Huawei not wanted on the voyage

    Networks 13 22:23

  • Soak up CO2 with sponges, says CSIRO

    A football field in a gram

    Science 13 22:28

  • Obama signs Executive Order on critical cybersecurity

    Tells Congress to get its act together

    Policy 13 22:57

  • NSW may fire 610 school tech support officers in March

    Jobs in peril if digital education revolution funding not renewed

    Government 13 23:43