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Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt to unload 42% of his Google stake

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has announced plans to sell off nearly half of his stake in the online ad giant over the next 12 months.
Neil McAllister, 09 Feb 2013

Curiosity photographs mysterious metal object on Martian rock

Image analysis of shots taken by the Curiosity rover's MastCam last month appears to have revealed a shiny metal object sticking out of a rock on the Martian surface.
Iain Thomson, 09 Feb 2013

Big Windows updates may ship this summer – and every summer

Rumors that a major feature update for Windows 8 will arrive this summer have been flying around for months. But if the latest buzz is to be believed, what Microsoft is actually cooking up could be something much bigger than your typical Service Pack.
Neil McAllister, 09 Feb 2013

Ethernet at 40: Its daddy reveals its turbulent youth

FeatureWhen Bob Metcalfe, the prime mover behind the invention of Ethernet, recently visited the site of that invention, Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), The Reg had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss the history of Ethernet, its advantages over Token Ring, and IBM's perfidy.
Rik Myslewski, 09 Feb 2013

Microsoft needs to keep visible under waves of Blue

AnalysisRemember Microsoft's Blackcomb? Nor do I: it never happened. For years, Blackcomb was the code name for a “next” version of Windows after Longhorn. Longhorn became Windows Vista and when that lumbered out the working title for Windows 7 became Vienna.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Feb 2013

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