8th February 2013 Archive

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  • Teradata rides big data wave in Q4, does better than expected

    Which, if big data is all it is cracked up to be, shouldn't be possible

    Servers 08 Feb 00:32

  • LibreOffice 4.0 ships with new features, better looks

    Slowly closing the gap with Microsoft Office

    Applications 08 Feb 00:58

  • Google Drives into web hosting

    Simple service from the cloud

    Cloud 08 Feb 01:32

  • Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus phones to arrive in February

    Dev version for now, but first phones will ship in October

    Operating Systems 08 Feb 02:08

  • Motorola complaint against Microsoft narrowed

    Judge invalidates chunks of patents

    Law 08 Feb 02:29

  • Facebook glitch briefly crashes several sites

    No, you can't log on with Facebook Connect … bitch

    Cloud 08 Feb 02:39

  • Shatners talks space, acting with fellow Canuck on ISS

    Science fiction meets science reality

    Science 08 Feb 02:43

  • TDD LTE gaining momentum in 4G push, says ZTE

    Some carriers could move from FDD

    Networks 08 Feb 03:48

  • Electric cars stall in USA, Australia

    Better Place between a rock and a hard place

    Financial News 08 Feb 04:38

  • Taiwan's Polytron promises see-through phones

    Has anyone seen my mobile? I can't find it anywhere!

    Hardware 08 Feb 05:42

  • Good news! UK IT jobs up. Bad news? They're with a bunch of bankers

    Contractors doing best of all

    Jobs 08 Feb 07:02

  • EU: We'll force power plants, Apple and pals to admit hack attacks

    New rules on reporting breaches proposed in cyber-strategy

    Security 08 Feb 08:03

  • Quantum backs up 156TB backup box over EMC's back lawn

    Squeezes out second-largest array plus new top-end tape library

    Storage 08 Feb 08:34

  • Psst, wanna block nuisance calls? BT'll do it... for a price

    The phone that's not at home to spammers

    Networks 08 Feb 09:03

  • NetApp fattens up FAS array beasts to flog to data ranchers

    Embiggens high-end range for biz-critical apps

    Storage 08 Feb 09:32

  • 'You get burned out on Facebook after a while'

    Plus: 'The only risk is the power of the Force'

    Bootnotes 08 Feb 10:04

  • Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip

    '666' ID code will 'sell his soul to the devil'

    Bootnotes 08 Feb 10:24

  • Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday

    FIFTY-SEVEN gaping holes closed this month

    Security 08 Feb 10:44

  • JBoss is juicy, but Vert.x could bring sexy back to Red Hat

    Linux shop man on app servers, business and keeping devs interested

    Developer 08 Feb 11:05

  • Paper computers: Not mere pulp fiction

    That’s torn it

    Vintage 08 Feb 11:10

  • Huge rock-hard marble erection shocks Japanese kiddies

    Parents demand underpants for Michelangelo's David dead ringer

    Bootnotes 08 Feb 11:28

  • About to outsource your IT? Read this first

    Some of you just might be changing suppliers soon

    CIO 08 Feb 11:48

  • Bioshock Infinite, Devil May Cry, SimCity

    The latest videogame releases reviewed... and more

    Games 08 Feb 12:04

  • Adobe muzzles TWO zero-day wild things with emergency Flash patches

    Critical block for active Win and Mac attacks

    Security 08 Feb 12:14

  • Blighty evades Fujitsu's staff-slashing samurai sword

    Continental Europe lacking ninja skills, unfortunately

    The Channel 08 Feb 12:34

  • Eyes in the sky: UK.gov's CCTV code to IGNORE MILLIONS of cameras

    'Surveillance by consent' but operators WON'T BE sanctioned for cockups

    Government 08 Feb 12:44

  • 'Disturbed' Dell investors could tank private buyout

    But Michael and the VCs unlikely to raise offer - report

    Financial News 08 Feb 13:04

  • El Reg contemplates the ultimate cuppa

    Builders' brew with two sugars? You tell us...

    SPB 08 Feb 13:17

  • 11-YEAR-OLD code wizard hacks Greedy RuneScape geeks

    Kid's .NET Trojan offers hard coin but teleports passwords

    Games 08 Feb 13:44

  • 'Depression-era grandma' Apple responds to bolshy investor

    Board to 'evaluate' the proposal

    Financial News 08 Feb 13:59

  • Björk gives up trying to Kickstart Android music app

    Elfin chanteuse's educational album/app mashup stays on iOS

    Applications 08 Feb 14:28

  • 2e2 cloud cash fiasco puts NHS IT and biz 'over a barrel'

    What's that sound? Ah, it's rivals circling overhead

    The Channel 08 Feb 14:58

  • Nemo cancels Microsoft's Surface Pro launch

    No launch like a snow launch

    Tablets 08 Feb 15:19

  • Boffins find RAT-SIZED bug-muncher links man to beast

    But don't you see what that means, you dull-witted animal?

    Science 08 Feb 15:27

  • The business mullet: Cool or tool?

    When testosterone dresses itself....

    CIO 08 Feb 16:04

  • BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed

    Because it'll all be on iPlayer first - trust approves trial run

    Media 08 Feb 16:27

  • George Bush's family emails, pics ransacked - and spewed online

    Read my lips: no new hacks... oh wait

    Security 08 Feb 17:04

  • Atomic Weapons Establishment ditches 2e2 in funding row

    Not riding this bomb down

    The Channel 08 Feb 17:27

  • Ebook price-fixing: Macmillan settles with DoJ, Apple fights on

    Cheaper electronic reads from today...

    Government 08 Feb 17:58

  • LinkedIn proves not all social IPOs were bubbly

    Financial results humiliate Facebook, Groupon, Zynga

    Financial News 08 Feb 20:30

  • Google to splurge $82m for exclusive airport exec enclave

    Teams with UK firm to erect a place to park its privates – jets, that is

    Business 08 Feb 22:16

  • Google exec defends search snooping, location tracking

    Apple's Maps app, however, could get you killed

    Media 08 Feb 22:17

  • Intel stuffs more dough down Big Switch Network's trousers

    Here's $6.5m more – now that is a respectable SDN wad

    Data Networking 08 Feb 22:28

  • HP clamps down on student labor in Chinese factories

    Workers must be allowed to leave, too

    Business 08 Feb 22:29

  • Remember that Xeon E7-Itanium convergence? FUHGEDDABOUDIT

    Intel backtracks on 'Kittson' Itanium plans, including shift to 22 nanometers

    Servers 08 Feb 23:53