4th February 2013 Archive

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  • Analyst says vendors offer pretend reference customers

    Microsoft's 'Contoso' may be more real than some users

    CIO 04 Feb 01:16

  • Blobs that swarm spark ‘it’s alive’ hypegasm

    The mathematics of flocking

    Science 04 Feb 01:44

  • Euro boffins plan supercomputer to SIMULATE HUMAN BRAIN

    €1.19b for in-silico experiments to build robots driven by simulated people

    Science 04 Feb 04:03

  • Schmidt slams China as world's most prolific hacker

    Google exec chairman has nothing to lose in book-based rant

    Security 04 Feb 05:18

  • Under cap-and-trade, flying is greener than taking the bus

    Don't bother saving 'leccy either: It'll have no effect

    Science 04 Feb 05:59

  • Nordic telco CEO strolls in aftermath of Uzbek spectrum doodah

    Under the table doings with Presidente's daughter: Bad

    Mobile 04 Feb 06:26

  • Twitter clients stay signed in with pre-breach passwords

    OAuth means apps can connect despite reset of passwords made unsafe by breach

    Security 04 Feb 06:56

  • UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

    Justice Minister Tom McNally talks to The Register

    Government 04 Feb 07:01

  • Brit boffins GANG-RESEARCH tiny LEDs for 1Gbps network

    Itsy bitsy teenie weenie LEDs to go all beamy

    Science 04 Feb 08:04

  • BT to end traffic throttling - claims capacity is FAT

    'Totally' devoted to you. BUT always remember to read small print

    Broadband 04 Feb 08:28

  • Ten 3D printers for this year's modellers

    The shape of things to come

    Hardware 04 Feb 09:00

  • No solace in view for Quantum

    Company struggling break free of red tape ink

    Storage 04 Feb 09:26

  • US giant Juniper bites off webby arm of Basingstoke's security boys

    Webscreen sale nets $10m for Brit security player Accumuli

    The Channel 04 Feb 10:02

  • Ofcom ploughs up UK spectrum fields, reseeds them with 4G

    Used to be all 2G round here, far as the eye could see

    Mobile 04 Feb 10:18

  • Wham SAN, thank you ma'am: Adapter biz smacks biggest rival

    Emulex outsells QLogic

    Storage 04 Feb 10:43

  • Oracle blocks security hole with quick, hot 'n' premature Java update

    Rushed out 2 weeks early

    Security 04 Feb 11:07

  • Samsung: Never mind Steve Jobs, let's snap off a piece of stylus biz

    Demand for vibrating tool is 'expected to rise' - South Korean firm

    Financial News 04 Feb 11:23

  • Schoolgirl's Hello Kitty catonaut soars to 93,000ft

    US student sends her fave feline to SPAAAAACE

    SPB 04 Feb 11:42

  • BlackBerry 10: Good news, there's still time to fix this disaster

    The Z10 is hard work, a fair bit is missing, but not a write-off. Yet

    Mobile 04 Feb 12:10

  • NFC SD crew gives up: No one wants our safe bonking tool

    When it comes to secure mobe transactions, 2 options are enough

    Financial News 04 Feb 12:17

  • Android gets tipsy on Wine, runs WINDOWS apps

    It's not an emulator, but it will run on fandroid's kit

    Mobile 04 Feb 12:37

  • 'Online sex abuse of children is growing trend', warn Brit net cops

    Spike in 'unfiltered' smartphone usage among kids blamed

    Government 04 Feb 13:05

  • Biz rivals tussle over customers, former staffers of fallen 2e2

    Headhunters pursuing us, say axed workers

    The Channel 04 Feb 13:16

  • World's 'most green' supercomputer in red-hot battle between Intel, Nvidia

    Uni boffins demand more bang for their watt

    HPC 04 Feb 13:37

  • Tick-tock, TalkTalk: Users face fourth day of titsup broadband

    'Network error'? You're 'avin a bubble bath, mate

    Broadband 04 Feb 13:53

  • BANG and the server's gone: Man gets 8 months for destroying work computers

    Must cough £1,000 for dousing server room with Cillit

    Law 04 Feb 14:26

  • Private clouds creep into the enterprise

    But don’t forget the networks

    Data Centre 04 Feb 14:42

  • Report: Over 1.5 MILLION UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030

    Fuel cell cars on roads in 2015. Boom - ahem - to follow, says quango

    Hardware 04 Feb 15:03

  • Netflix tempts binge viewers with House of Cards pilot freebie

    Outer Spacey: Doh! ... You have to install Silverlight

    Media 04 Feb 15:33

  • 'Broke' Estonian suspect pleads guilty to DNSChanger click fraud scam

    Cybercrooks netted $14m after infecting 4m machines

    Security 04 Feb 16:02

  • Dutch tech services outfit Imtech takes €100m write-down

    'Possible irregularities' at Polish sub ruin 2012

    The Channel 04 Feb 16:18

  • Daisy, Computacenter turn down purchase of stricken 2e2

    We've talked the talk, now we're walking the walk

    The Channel 04 Feb 16:36

  • Unlucky for you: UK crypto-duo 'crack' HTTPS in Lucky 13 attack

    OpenSSL patch to protect against TLS decryption boffinry

    Security 04 Feb 16:58

  • Google frenches Gallic media with €60m and some 'help'

    Have some cash and forget all about that nasty link tax

    Financial News 04 Feb 17:27

  • Cisco revs up Nexus switches to 40GE with fresh ASICs

    Other tweaks, SDN promises, and a VPN tunnel for control freaking public clouds

    Data Networking 04 Feb 18:24

  • Oracle ponies up $2.1bn for Acme Packet to bully its way into unified comms

    Larry takes on Cisco, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, and others

    Data Networking 04 Feb 18:44

  • Hard drive sales to see double-digit dive this year

    Optical drives may disappear entirely

    Storage 04 Feb 20:11

  • HP jumps on Chromebook bandwagon with 14-incher

    As big as a laptop, as powerful as a web browser

    Laptops and Tablets 04 Feb 20:49

  • Apple loses bid to 'cut in line' in Samsung patent dust-up

    Court: 'No, Mr. Cook, you have to wait your turn like everybody else'

    Law 04 Feb 21:03

  • Kirk to beam up chat with ISS astronaut on Thursday

    William Shatner to boldly go to the land of his birth

    Science 04 Feb 21:10

  • Australia joins hunt for corporate tax dodgers

    Name and shame plan floated in election year

    Law 04 Feb 21:20

  • Day of the Trifid: VPAC fires up new HPC cluster

    $AU1.2m buy adds 45+ TFLOPS

    HPC 04 Feb 21:53

  • Anon claims ‘d0x’ on bank execs

    4k logins published in Operation Last Resort

    Security 04 Feb 23:23

  • Opscode guts Chef control freak to scale it to 10,000 servers

    Facebook likes – and uses – Chef, just like Amazon and Google

    Servers 04 Feb 23:29