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BlackBerry: Aaah, Microsoft, we meet again.. for another deathmatch

What is it with technology giants plonking award-winning pop vixens into top jobs to tout their new gear? Are they a mere distraction or underrated business executives?
Gavin Clarke, 03 Feb 2013

Telcos splash political donations in Australia

Two telecommunications companies, Macquarie Telecom and Singtel Optus, have appeared in the list of companies making donations to Australian political parties during financial year 2011/2012.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Feb 2013
The Register breaking news

Wikileaks reveals Icelandic FBI shenanigans

Whatever WikiLeaks eventually thinks of the movie being made about Julian Assange, it’s proving expert in the business of buzz-generation.

Rent-seekers target school laptops in Oz election year

School, parent and teacher lobbies around Australia are gearing up to persuade the government to continue funding the laptops-in-schools program due to expire in June 2013.