1st February 2013 Archive

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  • Quantum crypto still not proven, claim Cambridge experts

    Thirty years of experiments still haven’t proven quantum entanglement

    Science 01 00:15

  • UK cookies cop changes own policy to ‘implied consent’

    Information Commissioner’s Office says deadly threat to privacy now well understood

    Policy 01 01:09

  • Apple loses bid to ban US sales of aging Samsung smartphone

    Not the best week for Apple's legal team – but pity is not in order

    Law 01 01:24

  • Apple blocks Java on the Mac over security concerns

    Will no one rid us of this turbulent software?

    Security 01 02:04

  • Microsoft teases IE10 for Win7 with Blocker Toolkit

    Could it finally be ready to ship?

    Software 01 02:05

  • Google begs for secrecy as it files Glass design with FCC

    Chocolate Factory doesn't want pics, manual, seen in public

    Hardware 01 03:18

  • Symantec: Don't blame us for New York Times hack

    AV giant says AV isn't enough these days...

    Security 01 04:53

  • Facebook finds new way to wring hundreds from users

    A gift card? For me? You shouldn't have, Mark!

    Networks 01 05:13

  • India's most trusted brand Nokia hit with £1.5bn tax bill

    Good and bad news for well-loved but allegedly finance-finessing Finns

    Financial News 01 05:26

  • Axed staffers hijack HMV Twitter account: 'We're tweeting LIVE from HR'

    Marketing director: 'How do I shut down Twitter?'

    Media 01 06:05

  • Chinese web company faked Microsoft patch to force download

    Chinese government slams firm for anti-competitive practice

    Law 01 06:34

  • Biz data-furtler CommVault reveals unexpected riches

    Who says you need more than one product?

    Storage 01 07:08

  • Sick software nasty uses child abuse pics to extort infected victims

    Pay €100 'fine' to rid PCs of horror images

    Security 01 08:04

  • Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus

    Fondleslabs and ultrabooks? Only if you've got deep pockets and short attention spans

    Laptops 01 08:33

  • Bring out your dead: Reg readers reveal filthy, filthy PCs...

    Computers' hellish interiors reveal further horrors

    Hardware 01 09:03

  • HP reels in late for LTO-6 party, yells: Tape is BA-ACK

    'Tape storage is experiencing a resurgence'

    Storage 01 09:34

  • Brussels reviews Google's plan for not being abusive and dominant

    'OK, let's check if this can work. No, don't Google it'

    Government 01 10:02

  • We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

    Rectangular tables protected, no word on rounded corners

    Business 01 10:34

  • Google's Glasses: The tech with specs appeal?

    Don’t push that into my face...

    Hardware 01 10:47

  • It's a CLUSTERPLUCK: Isilon array gobbles 4TB drives

    Third more in same space

    Storage 01 10:59

  • The problem with deploying storage for a private cloud is...

    block challenges and find solutions

    Storage 01 11:06

  • Plunging BT sales hit every branch of the biz on way down

    Even Openreach couldn't save it this time. Pesky watchdogs blamed

    Networks 01 11:23

  • Oh, Sony, you big tease: Mystery PlayStation reveal date set

    Gamers, Wall St a-quiver in anticipation of a PS4 glimpse

    Games 01 11:38

  • Space Shuttle Columbia disaster remembered 10 years on

    What really happened to the mission that grounded NASA's orbiter fleet?

    SPB 01 12:00

  • Samsung's squillionaire supremo scuttles siblings' shares snatch

    Lee Kun-Hee wins lawsuit at heart of chaebol power struggle

    Business 01 12:19

  • 'Why can't we say we're happy to be RIMmed on a daily basis?'

    Plus: 'Keep hairdryer four, five inches from the iPhone'

    Bootnotes 01 12:37

  • Pub o' clock comes early for C&W biz customers silenced by titsup phones

    Inbound calls swallowed by black hole

    Networks 01 12:59

  • Stricken giant 2e2 may be sold off in one by Monday - sources

    Most staff paid for January, implored to stay aboard

    The Channel 01 13:28

  • Hungry Daisy Group scoffs The Net Crowd

    Yum yum, tasty IP'n'data nourishment

    The Channel 01 13:29

  • Facebook's Google, Bing events snub: It's a BUG, NOT a FEATURE

    Soon as we fix it, everyone is welcome ... bitch

    Networks 01 14:01

  • Ball-gazer on 2013: More like Crystal Maze for channel biz

    BYOD, buyouts, VDI - Will you start the fans, please?

    The Channel 01 14:15

  • Filthy! old! blog! bug! blamed! for! Yahoo! webmail! hijacks!

    Unpatched WordPress flaw clears way for inbox takeovers

    Security 01 14:29

  • Windows Server 2012 kicks ass: discuss

    Reg commentards weigh in

    Servers 01 14:42

  • First the NYT, now the Wall Street Journal: But are hacking attacks from China new?

    If this is a surprise, where have you been for a decade? Mars?

    Security 01 15:23

  • HP workers halt legal fight against bosses over 29,000 job cuts

    Disagreements settled, negotiations resumed

    The Channel 01 15:49

  • Cloud doctors, DevOps and unconferences: Pass the Vicodin

    Get past annoying 'unpanel' tweeters and they're actually quite useful

    Storage 01 16:11

  • US IT services sector takes some job hits in January

    Ousted tech guys may be able to get jobs down the mines

    Jobs 01 16:37

  • Rotund Mega baron Dotcom offers bounty for breaking his crypto

    Can you burst the bulging cloud locker for €10,000?

    Security 01 16:57

  • Linux boot doesn't smash Samsung laptops any more

    Penguins console tearful owners of shiny new bricks

    Laptops 01 18:02

  • Samsung mocks Apple lawsuit in SuperBowl teaser ad

    But who besides insiders will get the joke?

    Media 01 18:05

  • Michael Dell to buy himself on Monday?

    Big Mike wants Wall Street to stop playing with his ball

    Business 01 20:31

  • Oracle loses appeal in HP row over Itanium

    Next up: How much will it have to pay?

    Business 01 21:53

  • Nokia shares $1.35bn EU graphene research grant

    Handy if that whole WinPhone business doesn't work out

    Science 01 22:56