25th January 2013 Archive

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  • China wants eight new Lenovos by 2015

    Government decree says local firms should merge to reach global scale

    Business 25 Jan 00:18

  • Fujitsu launches 'Athena' Sparc64-X servers in Japan

    And Larry has slapped the Oracle labels on them, too

    Servers 25 Jan 00:35

  • Lenovo considering RIM buyout to boost mobile biz

    'We are looking at all opportunities'

    Business 25 Jan 00:53

  • Opportunity celebrates nine years on Mars

    Rover has lasted 36 times longer than planned mission

    Science 25 Jan 01:09

  • NASA joins ESA dark stuff hunt

    Euclid mission heading to L2 in 2020

    Science 25 Jan 01:22

  • Activists urge Skype: Tell us who is spying on us

    Microsoft mum on privacy, security policies

    Security 25 Jan 02:11

  • Belkin buys Linksys from Cisco

    Tie-up means Cisco's not entirely free of low-end business

    Business 25 Jan 04:34

  • Alien space rocks EXPLODE in fireball over Japan

    Vid: Were the Mayans just a few weeks out?

    Science 25 Jan 04:58

  • Microsoft acknowledges the long and winding road ahead

    Still blames OEMs for lack of touch

    Business 25 Jan 05:30

  • Fedora project may expel MySQL

    Devs don't like Oracle's direction, prefer more open MariaDB

    Operating Systems 25 Jan 05:47

  • Waiter! There's a phone in my soup

    'iBowl' makes lunch less lonely

    Bootnotes 25 Jan 06:02

  • Michael Dell and the Curse of the Exploding Batteries

    First his laptop, now his personal jet may belch fire

    Hardware 25 Jan 06:04

  • Sympathetic Scots scoff-house offers hard-up Apple fanbois a discount

    Understands their Cupertino habit will leave them penniless

    Small Biz 25 Jan 07:01

  • RoboVM stirs up another helping of Java for iPhone

    Apple unlikely to get cross over this compiler

    Developer 25 Jan 08:02

  • Hotel chain De Vere checks out of server rooms and into the cloud

    Tips on how consolidation can save more than just cost

    Business 25 Jan 08:27

  • Ministry of Fun builds crack team to juice up bumpkin broadband

    BDUK consultants, Whitehall mandarins sent to the sticks

    Broadband 25 Jan 09:05

  • Tiny tech ZigBee harnesses puny power of the press

    Batteries? Where we're going we don't need batteries

    Networks 25 Jan 09:29

  • 'We are not concerned about your patents at all' - Jobs

    Plus: 'Not only is this a pain, it's actually losing me wages'

    Business 25 Jan 10:04

  • Shiny, shiny! The window's behind me...

    Has the matte-screen lobby finally given up?

    Hardware 25 Jan 10:23

  • Now Spanish sperm takes a kick to the cojones

    Male fertility falling, shock study shows

    Bootnotes 25 Jan 10:43

  • LOHAN premieres intimate REHAB vid

    Lid blown on shed-built hypobaric rocket motor test rig

    SPB 25 Jan 11:03

  • Amazon: IVONA bevy of 'all natural' blabber babes to beat Siri

    Look out, Apple - Voice of Kindle now owned by book-slingers

    Financial News 25 Jan 11:17

  • Panasonic: We'll save Earth by turning CO2 INTO BOOZE

    Scrub air of greenhouse gas, get plastered to celebrate

    Science 25 Jan 11:38

  • Have Brits fallen for Netflix, or do they still LoveFilm?

    Stream engine: Internet television in the UK

    Media 25 Jan 12:02

  • Cisco and NetApp fatten up Flexpod, chuck it at cloud biz

    Also fling out ExpressPods for branch offices

    Cloud 25 Jan 12:16

  • Twitter must unmask racist French twits or face $1,300-a-DAY fine

    Paris court demands easier abuse report system too

    Media 25 Jan 12:36

  • Silly gits upload private crypto keys to public GitHub projects

    Amazing what you can find searching for 'BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY'

    Security 25 Jan 12:47

  • Boffins baffled over pulsar with 'split personality'

    No explanation for its changing behaviour

    Science 25 Jan 12:55

  • Facebook DIES ON THE VINE hours after Twitter tie-in

    Has 'find friends' ferret had a fall ... bitch?

    Media 25 Jan 13:22

  • Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst

    Market dying... literally

    Hardware 25 Jan 13:43

  • Broadband ESSENTIAL to life, titsup ISPs must cough up - court

    Aber nur in Deutschland, ha ha. Entschuldigung Engländer!

    Broadband 25 Jan 14:04

  • Samsung posts RECORD profits, but execs drip cold sweat over 2013

    Can't have a 75% profit spike every year, eh?

    Financial News 25 Jan 14:32

  • Brit 2.5-tonne nuke calculator is World's Oldest Working Computer

    Elderly giant takes 10 seconds to divide a number

    Hardware 25 Jan 15:02

  • NFC Forum: We're not just about paying by bonk, you know

    Special interest groups show other ways to make the tech pay

    Mobile 25 Jan 15:32

  • Scottish Power blows a fuse after Twitter hijacking

    'Leccy biz 'really sorry' after customers lured to villains' lair

    Media 25 Jan 16:04

  • Apple 'dismayed' to find over 100 kids building its iDevices

    Stops doing biz with worst offender - report

    Software 25 Jan 16:27

  • IT box'n'services floggers to learn coding as biz want apps

    @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *file? Screw this, we're outsourcing

    The Channel 25 Jan 16:58

  • Climate shocker: Carry on as we are until 2050, planet will be FINE

    Doubled CO2 means just 1.9°C warming, say Norwegian researchers

    Science 25 Jan 18:02

  • Don't like your cell network? Legal unlocking ends TONIGHT in US

    Land of the free big corporate operator

    Mobile 25 Jan 19:03

  • Boeing 787 fleet grounded indefinitely as investigators stumped

    Short circuit may be culprit for flammable flights

    Science 25 Jan 19:41

  • Juniper carbon copies sales and profits in Q4

    SDN, security, and cloud will drive the future – and maybe servers

    Financial News 25 Jan 20:41

  • Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case

    Apple's lawyers: It's 'insane'

    Law 25 Jan 20:51

  • Meet قلب, the programming language that uses Arabic script

    Visualizing code in a whole new way

    Developer 25 Jan 23:26